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Beenie Man Unapologetic, Insist He Balance Dancehall Genre

Beenie Man is standing firm by his controversial statement that he balance the dancehall genre.

The self-proclaim dancehall king came under fire last month for an interview he did with Hot 97 radio in New York City.

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“I am the balance in dancehall music,” Beenie Man said. “Because everytime the music goes like this I got to bring back on track.”

But the Grammy-winning dancehall kingpin says he will not take back that statement. Speaking with Zip FM radio, Beenie explain why he made the statement and added Bounty Killer to the mix.

“People take it out of context, I am still the balance of dancehall, me and Bounty Killer is the balance of dancehall because without we there are no dancehall,” Beenie Man insist.

“Put fun and joke aside, if Beenie Man and Bounty Killer out of dancehall where dancehall is now. Despite what other artists want to take it as or what the want to say we have to be here to balance dancehall. If all the young artists take over dancehall and you take out Beenie Man and Bounty Killer where dancehall is when the two of us come out of dancehall. So people need to be realistic and don’t take things out of context,” Beenie Man added.

Beenie Man also explained why he is the most relevant artist in dancehall currently while speaking about his tour in the United States.

Do you think Beenie Man balance dancehall music?

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  1. The real point is people like alkaline need to call themselves what they really are, pop musicians..

  2. Beenie the baby need to stop this madness now cause him not saying nothing in dance hall, for a while now him don’t have a hit song that mek me want to bruk out ah good dance move…….Masicka ah dweet fi me right now.

  3. Beenie’s brain is either getting old and starting to shrivel or someone must be lacing his weed with whatever that STAR guy breathes in with high force thru nose.

  4. Whether true or not, it is just a really arrogant thing to say. If Beenie is really the balance, then just gwaan do your ting and gwaan balance the music… Why yuh have to go and TAKE credit? And not just take credit, but try to discredit others as well? Leave other people name outta yuh mout mi yute.

  5. Rahtid. True Beenie man is a good deejay buh eem cyaan bring such a argument yah. Mi kno sey right now a just a hype eem a look far.

  6. Zimm zimma who got the keys to my beema who am I

  7. Beenie and Bounty just orchestrate fake feud all the time to 1 up each other and act like they don’t plan it, to keep their names floating around still. Beenie has his style, but hasn’t made any notable songs and Red Bull was due to Fambo, he made his mark in history music books.. but relevancy in current space is below what he thinks. Who has he buss??

    • Sir beenie and bounty have an extensive catalog Of Music Which One Could Sit And Listen To While These So Called djs Will Make You Puke.