Foota Hype Arrested, Demarco Posted Bail

Foota Hype made dancehall headlines this week following an arrest in Kingston.

The veteran sound system selector was hosting his weekly Gyallis Wednesday at Lime Light Night Club in Half-Way Tree. But law enforcement came in and ordered him to turn the music off because the event was well above the cut off time permitted.

Cops say Foota refused and was very disrespectful. Officers told Urban Islandz that they booked him for disorderly conduct.

Demarco, who was at the event supporting the selector, went to the station to post bail for his friend.

Foota Hype made headlines this year after his ex-fiancee Ishawna came out publicly about their split.


  1. Jamaica needs law and order I respect the police in doing a great job. Less dance hall more work and contributions to society, I call for longer sentences for law breakers.

  2. Foota is a hot head ..everyone knows that, I thought the box would set him on right track. I would never want to go to event and have him destroying party with his cow bawling and slow transitions.

  3. dem police deh a di devil jah know

  4. If no violence and crime police should stop locking off music .