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Beyonce Crying On Stage Telling Fans About Jay Z Cheating [VIDEO]

Beyonce has forgiven Jay Z for cheating on her in the past but clearly she is still feeling some type of way.

During recent her performance in Philadelphia for her On The Run tour stop in the city, Beyonce openly started crying on stage while performing her single “Resentment.”

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The pop diva got really personal with her fans during the performance while hinting at possible infidelity on the part of her rapper husband.

“Forgiveness is the key to love, if you can’t forgive then you won’t die with the person you love,” Beyonce told her fans.

The “Resentment” singer then performed the much talked about emotionally charged single, rocking a white pants and a wedding veil.

Unlike the previous performance of said single, Beyonce did not change up the lyrics.

Peep the performance below.

There are also rumors circulating online claiming that Beyonce and Jay Z marriage is on the rocks and the two could be heading for a divorce after their joint tour ends in September.

The tour continues tonight and tomorrow with two shows at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


  1. <3

  2. Beyonce has a choice to divorce him or not you just have to follow your heart

  3. BeyonceLawsuite

    I cant stop laughing at the stan comment my momma went through this and my teenage sex life really suffered.

  4. So she didn’t say that you just lied so we would click the article – no wonder no one takes this site seriously.

  5. Bey always come off really fake..heifer please.

  6. When are people going to learn to stop believing the crap that the media puts out as news? Why would a couple announce that they are going on a joint tour, then release news that once the tour is done so is their marriage? 2+2 does not = 4 in that situation. I see why Bey and Jay are so private with certain details of their lives and the best thing they did was to be immensely private while they built the foundation of their friendship and relationship. Had they built those things in the spotlight and with the media in their business they would probably be like so many other celebrities, divorced, crazy, and bitter. Now I see why she wore the fake baby bump, she did not want anyone to know how far along she was, so when she went to have her baby the media would not know and would not be able to attempt to get a picture. They did not have to deal with what Vince and Tamar had to deal with when she had baby Logan. Bey does not really have a relationship with her father after what he did to her mother, do you really think that she would stay in a relationship with a man who cheated on her or is cheating on her? If Jay was cheating someone would have some proof by now and someone would have said something by now because people have so much animosity towards Bey and Jay for some odd reason. It’s a shame that people have such a hard on for Bey and Jay, but they need to just learn to mind their own business and to stop making things bigger than they really are when it comes to them.

  7. Ralph Nickerson

    Are you people really b****ing about bad journalism while reading a “blog”?

  8. Stupid, it’s part of the act, she cries at all the shows on the tour with this song. Jay follows with song cry.

  9. Do you people see Beyonce and Jay Z these days? Do you see how well they are doing these days? How could they lie about all of that . Nobody knows what’s going between Jay and Bey but Jay and Bey ! And that’s all there is to it ! It could be nothing ! We should be praying that they stay together because they have great history and Blue .

  10. Publicity stunt. I will never believe anything authentic comes out of these two mouths. They are full of schemes.

  11. Yes, I'm That Leah

    It’s stupid. Do you guys really think Jay would go on tour with her to be embarrassed this way?

  12. I don’t know whats going with Bey and Jay but clearly some things are not going good. I went to the concert with my bestie and you can see and feel her emotions. I agree with her forgiveness is a good thing. I hope this couple work things out or their new born child

  13. This is a sad mess. I was skeptical when I read the title but after seeing they stated this about the Philly show, all I could do was laugh. I was actually at this concert celebrating my best friend’s birthday. This story is fabricated and certainly not enough to determine or “confirm” that Jay-Z cheated. The only people that would know is the couple and the alleged mistress. Smh @ the folks that call themselves journalists when all they do is spread gossip about people. Is this really what writing has been diminished to? Done.

  14. Stupid rumours. It’s none of your business! Not one comment on the quality of the performance, how beautiful her voice was, how beautiful she looked! Stop gossiping and sort out your own lives.

  15. You know what Beyonce. Get up, be strong and divorce that man!
    My parents went through the same thing and my mum says it was the best feeling ever!
    My mums saying, “You can forgive, but you’ll never forget and sometimes it’s better to just let go”
    There are plenty of better men out there!

    Btw this article doesn’t mean she isn’t going to have a divorce. People forgive but divorce because sometimes the marriage is never the same.