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Vybz Kartel Also Suing TVJ For Defamation

Vybz Kartel is not only suing outgoing police commissioner Owen Ellington, but also TVJ.

The embattled dancehall star is going after the local TV station claiming that they seriously damaged his reputation when they broadcast comments made by the top cop in Jamaica.

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In court documents obtained by Urban Islandz, Adidja Palmer, Kartel’s government name, contends that on or about April 10, 2014, Owen Ellington made some damning statements which seriously damaged his career as a professional musician.

In April of this year, Owen Ellington did an interview with TVJ’s All Angles where he said that Vybz Kartel lead a gang that was responsible for well over 100 murders.

Kartel accused TVJ of being negligent and reckless in the publication of the interview which was hosted by journalist Dionne Jackson-Miller. The court docs states that the defendant Owen Ellington failed to retract the words and TVJ did nothing to disassociate itself from them.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones are currently serving life sentences in prison after being convicted for the murder of their former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The men will have to serve an average three decades before being eligible for parole.

It is still unclear how much money Vybz Kartel is suing for.

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  1. Him also said that kartel is a informa thats more damaging than 100 murders

  2. His he allowed to get vagina behind bars?

  3. Bwoy, what a way him brite like Marning Star! Relevancy by any means necessary, him seh! Still mi haffi admire feem persistence in at least convincing his fans of “innocence” by way of distraction. Dem will convince too, cah a dem same one who see feem picho wid him hood inna batty and claim seh a punash. A dem seh LOYALTY! LOL!

  4. Kartel has enough time on his hands to do what he wants…as long as it’s in the confinements of prison,,he can sue the UNIVERSE…carry

  5. Lmao well this man find a new trick. Say what you like bout him…he knows how to keep tongues wagging. Honestly he need siddung. The money he wasting on lawyer his kids go need. The little media attention he might get not worth it. Typical jail house activity still. Sue everybody. Nothing else to do. All you have is time

  6. Kartel, suing who? It’s evident he did the crime. Now he is serving, much deserve needed time.

  7. Every time he initiates a lawsuit, the justice system should add 3 years to his current sentencing.

  8. Kartel corrupt the police dem corrupt lawyer corrupt judge corrupt they are all thieves and crooks. They handle Kartel bad and give him an unfair trial, but Kartel is a grown man fi know say when you see trouble you run. I dont know how him get him get himself in a this mess. He is very talented and ok in life why him never just cool himself and keep him backside quiet.

  9. Kartel is a fish, and him lawyer dem a bait. I guess with 35 years in jail to serve, Kartel have nuff time on his hands. Dude better start conserve his money and stop mek lawyer bleed him dry.

  10. Daddy Devil needs to sue his lawyers.

  11. Get em, fam!

  12. Good for him, how can this man going to go on tv and say kartel killed more them a 100 people…..i would be suing to.

    • Maybe he made such a statement because he can prove it… Did you put much thought in the that?

    • He said Kartel LED a gang that was responsible for over 100 murders, not that he did the killings himself…doesn’t sound hard to prove to me especially since nuff ppl praise him as a god based off his music alone….SHEEPLE

  13. This lawsuit is going nowhere. waste of time and money.