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Vybz Kartel Files Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Against Police Head Owen Ellington

Vybz Kartel is not going down without a fight. Attorneys representing the embattled dancehall star has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against outgoing Police Commissioner Owen Ellington.

Kartel’s lead attorney, Tom Tavares-Finson, told ZipFM, that the documents have ben signed by the incarcerated deejay but he had dated them which he shouldn’t have. So he will have to re-sign new docs which will be filed in the next couple of days.

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It is unknown how much money Vybz Kartel is suing Owen Ellington for, but sources told Urban Islandz it is in the millions.

“The commissioner is part of a wider conspiracy to bring down Vybz Kartel and this lawsuit will send a clear message to this corrupt authority,” the source told us requesting anonymity.

In April of this year, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington revealed in an interview with TVJ’s All Angles that Vybz Kartel lead a gang that is responsible for well over a 100 murders.

“Vybz Kartel lead a gang that was responsible for well over a hundred murders,” Owen Ellington said. “We have been telling the country this for a very long time. And everytime we move against this gang we were criticized, we were contemned and we were accused of being malicious.”

Ellington recently announced his retirement from being the top cop in Jamaica after just four years on the job.

After Vybz Kartel conviction in February, Ellington defended the police force from widespread criticism of their handling of evidence presented in the high profile murder trial.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security section of the Horizon Remand Center. He will be eligible for parole in 35 years, while his three co-convicts Shawn Storm Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones will have to wait 25 years for parole.

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  1. this woman doing the interview is a b***h if a man killed a member of your family is the police fault i dont think so. is the people of jamaica who is keeping quite and being buy out by these gand leaders . No measures can stop crime but i think the commissioner an his team is only helping to decrease it

  2. God bless you son, I know I have heard of people who know him having not said any nice things about him. His character that he displays is very unbalanced and getting so many women pregnant also. I will never forget one interview he did when there were some people upset with him. He claims they were just mad because he slept with their mother, their grandmother, their sister, their aunt and niece and the whole chabang.

    I mean who says stuff like that, obvi he has no class or respect. But God bless you Dan for identifying his unbalance character.

  3. Vybz Kartel is the biggest. Waste man artist come from out a Jamaica, this youth no set no example for the younger generations. Mi gladd mi never was a f*****ng dunce head. Mi no very bright but mi know wrong from right mi know good from bad mi no have nothing to prove I could be like one of the baddest man but I never trouse to follow that road and him have jamaica people in is hands he lead dem a stray, saying he don’t believe in to god, right now only god can save him, the ring Weh him have on can’t save him not or never, where I go to school I have friends live in port more and the things they talk about him not good and he don’t do any thing good for port more youths more than to buy them guns slave dem turn dem into yes man like shorn storm andre St John

  4. Everyone knows that the whole thing against Kartel was a conspiracy. The while trial was a joke. A straight up lie. The crooked Jamaice justice system really showed their ignorance with that one. He should be suing the whole freaking island.

    • Video, voice notes, text, perjury, witness intimidation, jury tampering, witness who was there and skin bleaching!
      And you say it’s a conspiracy?
      How can you say it’s a lie when it’s mostly kartel who put himself, with his own words, in jail?
      Have you heard the word circumstantial?
      Yu an your free kartel eediots a Mek Jamaica look foolish, yo

      • You’re dumb as hell. The cell phone was tampered with from the beginning and that is where they got the majority of the so called ‘circumstantial evidence’ from. So you think that is okay. Sure you do because it’s Kartel. Let it had been you or Bounty Killer and I’m sure you would be yelling its a set up. Bye Felicia

        Btw- Bye Felicia is a term we use in the US to fan off irritating disgusting ass gays.

      • So it wasn’t his voice on the phone an was not him in the video?
        The phone was not tampered with, someone pressed it by accident and it called out!
        Experts from the phone company testify to that!
        You call me gay, but your a groupie!
        Man like u is the problem what’s bringing down black people!
        Your just a wasteman who thinks u a gangster!
        An who’s bigger gays than u Americans?
        Stay in soddom, all u lot good for is nastiness. We Jamaicans are not like you!

      • Roflmao @ your American comment. Damn Bay you don’t play;)

      • I never heard that gay term either. And how did gay come up thou…

      • Humble(he/she/it) refereed to Bay using the gay term. (scroll up above)

      • As they say, man who talk bout fish is a fisherman
        Man who talk bout batty…lol

      • …men who talk about fish could be marine biologists, chefs, or even own an aquarium.

        Men who talk about batty could be policemen, doctors, or possibly dancehall artists.

      • I live in the U.S. and I’ve never heard of the term ‘bye Felicia’ . Which state did this term originate?Then again I probably would never associate with the kinds of people who would have this term rolling off of their tongue.This sounds like black American urban culture is there snap-of- a- finger and a hair toss to go along with the “bye Felicia” ?!I want to make sure I get it right. roflmao Referring to a straight man using a gay term is the best you could do?! Or should I say the worst?!

      • Me thinks this ‘Murican has lost too many of his marbles.

        When someone says that they’re leaving and you could really give two sh!ts less that they are. Their name then becomes “felicia”, a random b!tch that nobody is sad to see go. They’re real name becomes irrelevant because nobody cares what it really is. Instead, they now are “felicia”.

        “hey guys i’m gonna go”
        “bye felicia”
        “who is felicia?”
        “exactly b!tch. buh bye.”

        -Urban Dictionary

      • Bye Felicia sounds like a cat call if you ask me finger-snap-hair-toss- Sashay! Shantay! Sounds like something a chick would say.

      • Yeah, it does sound something like what RuPaul would say. Do you think this guy Humble wears his skirt long, or short when rocking his Payless sandals?

      • I see a corset that is pulled very tightly.I see breast protruding.I see what looks to be an upskirt, I’m unable to tell if any underwear is being worn.shoot he/she/it has on what appear to be gladiator style sandals. 🙂 Let’s hope that he/she/it is prepared for combat . What do you see?

      • I see a VERY short and tight skirt, so short I see BA–S…LMFAO

      • I see no balls 🙂 * grabs a magnifying glass and leans in for a closer look*

      • Look to your left, on the table you will see a fast-food coffee cup. Pop the lid open and take a peek inside. In it you will find his balls floating in vinegar. I had to remove them, his voice was a little bit too deep for my liking.

      • I see him/she/it suspended from the ceiling bound in the reverse prayer position with pink rope. A dripping wet bright orange ball-gag prevents he/she/it from crying out and begging for any sort of mercy. I see a 14″ leather flogger hanging on the wall…I move towards it, pick it up and sweep the air with a couple of hard practice swings before I lay it to flesh.

      • Thanks, now I get it. I heard it before between friends, messing with each other. But I didn’t really get it, and didn’t ask.

      • The saying comes from Friday the movie. People dug deep for that term. He Chris Tucker said it to the annoying crackhead. I hated that movie and didnt know either and I’m from NYC.

      • Damn you from the city too? roflmao I don’t see that term being used in anywhere in the city. It seems like a derogatory and homophobic term I hope Humble won’t complain when he is refer to as a N.roflmao

      • I see it use more on blogs than anything!

      • I think it depends on ethnic makeup of your neighborhood. I hope I don’t sound racist roflmao any who I’m an Afro Caribbean and I would hear that word on the train “what’s up my N” etc besides, nyc is very gay friendly so his homophobic “bye Felecia” is less likely to be used. I think he probably lives in a bubble. roflmao

      • That is a broad generalization. I gather it depends if you feel the need to assimilate to the trends within your environment. NYC as a whole is not as g@y friendly as people assume. I am African American and I don’t partake in throwing around epithets I see everyone and their mother using such epithets to me its like someone its a trend that needs to end. I live around Spanish people and I don’t feel the need to assimilate lmao half of them assume they know me anyway. I come and go some people arent pressed for friends.

      • I think most of NYC is very gay friendly. How can someone not be it’s in your face 24/7.Let’s agree to disagree. I practically lived everywhere in the city. I lived in Chelsea, Saint Marks Pl, Inwood( the heights), Harlem,Astoria, Flatbush etc. I’m very open minded and I don’t give two shyts who’s doing what with whom, I don’t give two syhts about interracial relationships etc and when I hear people throwing around the N word and in the same breath throwing around a gay slur, and then complaining when the N word is used on them I go tsk tsk tsk.

      • I was born and raised in NYC. Your view and age can also shape your view. Born and raised in SI, lived in LI, ENY Brooklyn, Harlem, Gun Hill Road Bronx and now East Tremont. I am from an era where g@y relations werent on display and those people in my family are disgusted with the current in your face tactic. I don’t care what their likes or dislikes are until my male child is uncomfortable in a public place because of excessive PDA. Shocking that you stated your not hung up on race, I am hung on my race for I love being black!

      • It’s funny that you assume that I am a self hating black. The thing is I was born and raised in my country.(island) Now in the islands we have people from different ethnic background. Now my reality growing up wasn’t the white man this or that. We aren’t segregated like you guys in the U.S. so when I see people well, human beings I don’t see race I see well ,human beings do you get what I’m saying?

      • Did they really try to censor my words I will try again because there was no profanity in my post, not to mention I’m very chilled. I was born and raised in my country (island) so my reality was a lot different from your reality. Here’s the thing in the islands (Caribbean) we aren’t segregated like you guys in America. We have people from different ethnic background so we aren’t concerned about the white man this or that. You assume that I’m a self hating black because I don’t share your views etc. I’m not concerned about black issues (issues affecting only blacks) or women issues (issues affecting only women) I’m more concerned about human issues(issues affecting human beings) Let’s agree to disagree. 🙂

        When I see people I see well, human beings, personality etc I don’t see race. Am I making sense? I’m not inclined to help a black person more so than any other person. Am I making sense?

      • I am going to need you to re-read my post I stated my view about my love for being black. Did not mention anything about your pride or lack there off. Please don’t reach so hard. Have a good day. YOu would be surprised what people who are not from your island know about them I love all people but my people are always in my heart Africa, WI, Brazil, black people, I love my black people!! Sorry you do not share in the same sentiment but it means nothing to my day to day!

      • Know about Island people? Would their views on island people be based on something they experience first hand while living among then in the islands or are they going off of what they heard? Who think they’re more refined more so than African Americans. When I make comments about A.A. I am going off of real world experience living among them. Most of all my A.A. friends are very hypersensitive about race and I’m not and it also means nothing to my day to day! I love people regardless of their ethnic background. have a great day!

      • You don’t know us all you are making assumptions based off the people you come in contact with. We are not one in the same we are individuals. I know Island people who were born and raised in their respective island and tell are willing to discuss their personal issues. I have also come in contact with African who are willing to do the same. I am on a personal quest to know of my culture prior to the ensl@vement and introduction of wh!te supremacy! You do the same!

      • Ok with all that being said put everything and ask yourself would you want to be friends with Vybz Kartel? Forget about the accusations of murders and missing bodies etc. I do agree he was given an unfair trial yes, but he is not a saint. He has terrorized a lot of people because of fame and fortune and ignorance.

        But why would anyone want to be friends with someone who has gang tears on their face or who is in a gang and intimidate people. Not to mention sleep with so many women and get them pregnant. A lot of his so called friends only liked him for his money and look where it got them. Some are dead and some are behind bars.

  5. Kartel, do your time an done!
    Nobody believes your innocent, not even you!

  6. Addi just do yuh rass time and stop the foolishness.Yuh rass guilty.

  7. I think kartel will be found hanged (an apparent suicide) in his cell before this suit ever gets heard in a court of law.
    It sure as f#ck don’t take a rocket scientist to know he’s in the belly of the beast, and that beast has access to his scrawny ass any time, night or day!

    • Yuh nah lie, Ellington have power, whether or not him still inna di force.

      • I wonder what is Kartel’s endgame?! What does he hope to accomplish by poking a gorilla the size of the Jamaican constabulary with a broken chopstick? Sounds to me like Kartel has gone suicidal.


  8. PR Stunt trying to keep his Name and face in the media good move any media coverage he gets now would only help his already destroyed future can’t get no worse
    WorldBoss is really wise can’t see how he got caught for such a stupid crime #watchdefriendsyuhkeep

  9. Wake me up when it’s all over. Lol

  10. Kartel a idiot … why people don’t get that yet??? Man have him life set and go tek up crime?? Mascot that !!! So now him trying a law suit cause if he wins, then he can add that to his case when him try for a re-trial …. Him just fishing around for a way out and all his attorney’s love it … cause they still getting paid no matter how it goes … real mascot !!!

  11. Free world boss

    • After 35 years with a walking stick.

      • where there a will is always a way

      • There is no will, dash wey de key!

      • people like u a real Eden

      • Why is it when decent people accept the verdict they get called names?
        Trust me, he will never be freed.
        Evidence way too strong!

      • mek up evidence dat by the police of Jamaica so u a seh a police can lock u up fi murder with out a body then two year after bring up evidence know weh u a talk bout every so call evidence dem seh dem have a bs the man never seh nothing about k!!!ing lizard & kartel got tattoo all over is neck no tattoo show in the so call video dem put pon the internet police mek it all up dat why bob Marley left Jamaica the polition & police shot the man cause him talk the truth & wanted to unite the people bob Marley seh all him see is the poor man telling the truth & police beat dem & lock dem up u don’t know nothing about Jamaica yuth

      • Two tings.. Don’t ever compare bob Marley to an eediot like kartel
        An how dem fe find body after lizard get cut up fine fine?
        Seriously outlaw.. All I hear is blah blah blah!

      • idiot yuh madda is not here a must yuh madda p###y yuh a hear a go blah blah blah

      • Big words again! Go back to school lol

      • U need fi go 2 school

      • & mi never did a compare bob with kartel bob is a legend

      • That I will totally agree with, there is no comparison there at all…

      • dat mi a seh

      • Lawd give the strength not to cuss two claats in here today! See what this “Teacha” has done to our children? You all know he did it, you just don’t care because you want to bruk out and get freaky to Kartel crap music. He did it and worse. Gaza stand up and stop tell lie the man lock up now. This is MY community and everybody know he did it and WORSE. The dunce head, prostitutes, toothless crackheads, and gyal pitney want him free so they can keep up the slackness factory. From the moment I hear Kartel say he will have the man mumma “dash wey” I know he is a demon. If you say free kartel you a demon too. You really gonna follow where any man lead you? Mine Kartel don’t lead you into a batty hole.

      • DwL….. boy stop fooling your self

      • how can a man fool dem self idiot people fool people man cah fool dem self go back to school

      • Lol you just can’t accept the fact your so call teacher the idiot not getting out from the jail house.I think you need a better school to attend cause yuh teacher was a dunce that is why he will only see the light after 35 years…Dwrcl @ the gaza idiot and tru yuh mad cause every thing nice pon the gully side.

      • Yow gully funny Alliance Bounty Killer

      • gully a fi dog & duty pad & I been finish school & mi nuh mad about wah u a talk bout mi just a seh it f up how dem do him & the other 3 man dem u don’t know about Jamaica police a nuff innocent man deh a prison & the cemetery cause of police

      • You are fooling your self said and dun

      • if mi a fool den u a idiot

  12. SUE them striaght them take ghetto yute people for joke .

    • Mr Palmer never used his wealth and influence to fight police corruption when he was free. He never set up free legal services for falsely accused ghetto yutes. He does not represent police corruption he represents a dunce head artist with money and talent who still want to run the garrison and bring misery on his own people. He kill just as many people as most police. I despise him just as much. Go wash out your ears, pull up your pants, kiss your mother with a clean heart, and listen to Chronixx. Kartel music is poison. All these 12 year olds bending over and the men bleachin and dressing like a dyam gyal. KMT

  13. Kartel lawsuit is BS

  14. it’s not him it is his legal team trust me they seem greedy but yes I do not understand the point of this lawsuit, his back is certainly up against the wall though

    • He has no way out so his legal team is taking a long shot of suing for police corruption. This does two things; 1. Keeps his name in the media 2. Sets up a case for his appeal later. Kartel knows his fans will get older and less interested in a locked up 40 year old freaky ex-dance hall king, and the younger ones are already falling for the latest demon gimmicks (Alkaline/Tommy Lee) Even if this story is false it was probably still put out by his team to keep his geriatric name in the press.

  15. Finally teacha doesn’t make moves unless he ain’t carefully plan it out let’s go ….

    • Like the plan to kill lizard?

    • Stop calling him teacha lol he is proven to be dunce.

    • Your “Teacha” is a dunce and if he was so intelligent he would have employed ghetto youth in lawful industry instead of perpetuating violence. He is talented but so what? There are lots of talented youth in Jamaica the difference is they all won’t rob, steal, and kill to get rich. If you kill for nothing you will die for nothing. H.I.M. is the real World Boss, got that dunce head?

      • The ignorance in your and the other statement is to real .. Get money don’t worry about him why even comment bad mind is evil buisness

  16. Sad to say I believe Vybz Kartel was involved in a lot of criminal activities but the police force in Jamaica is even worse so I dont see the point of this lawsuit. just wast of the justice system time.