Kiprich – New Gal Lyrics

Everyday mi deh pon di hunt
New York wah mi seh? Mi deh pon di hunt
Jamaican man dem full a stunt
Nuff gyal every month


Me get a new gyal today
How yuh fi waan spar wid a bad a man an mi fi deh weh yuh deh
Me get a new gyal today
A chat bout girls a go mad mi mi no care wah yuh seh
Me get a new gyal today
Fi nothing yuh a call mi? yuh waan fi con mi fi deh weh yuh deh
Me get a new gyal today
Look deh no cuh deh, mi get yuh off di food dash yuh weh

(Verse 1)

Yuh no si a gyal mi gi mi time a the whole a them mi mine
Keep it fi strengthen mi hammer life line
Not a time fi crime si mi in a mi prime
A girls mi a seek everyday a no pine
Girls meck mi hustle pon di crime
Meck mi buy car wid di rims dem shine
Woman mi a impress yes wid every dine
Member mi no partial me look all kind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Me look gyal everyday like how Gleaner look daily news
None mi naw abuse
No gayl cyan request quality time
And me a refuse naw find no excuse
Some bwoy lock up wid dem sister a watch blues
Mi hunt every day yeh walk down mi shoes
Me must get a phone number or get a pin
Caw mi never go road yet an lose

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro 2x)

(Repeat Chorus)