Lady Saw – The Book [New Music]

Dancehall star Lady Saw drop a new single “The Book,” off the Razz Attack Riddim, Produced by RazzAttack Muzik.

A me write the book paw wining
And a mi write the book pon climbing
Anywhere mi man deh a me deh beside him
When man a check dem, dem dweet in a hiding
And a mi write the book pon tight
And a mi write the book pon right
Some gyal a talk bout dem a wife
But meck a gyal know seh a me name life

Listen full track below.


  1. Lady who? she look old af

    • Hopefully, as the years progress you will the natural ability to stave off the signs of aging. I know the possibility of aging is too hard for you to fathom at this very moment hopefully, you’ll live long enough to see your first wrinkle, crows feet etc.roflmao

      • c’mon now. she need to put on some clothes. she too old for that. nobody wants to see granny in her drawers

      • So wha granny can’t still have it?! You sey that now but watch when it kicks in(aging) you gon be trying your hardest to prove that you still got it. lol You know that’s why Viagra was invented right?! 🙂

      • I look good. looks like you have a fake pic anyway. that old lady needs to be ashamed of herself. she probably got worms eww

      • The picture you see before you is very real. Only it isn’t a picture of me. What about yours? You seem to be missing a neck and your skin looks to be a bit grey. You may wan’t to have that checked out. How are you walking around without a neck?!
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      • so long have you been 400 lbs?

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      • You know this back-and-forth thing is no longer entertaining.;) Last time I check she was ‘infertile’ (unable to have kids).She lacks the ability to reproduce so how is she a grandma?!She doesn’t have battle scars from child birth and even if she did who gives a syht?!

        You don’t have to ‘wolf whistle’ and ‘pst'(sound of a tire being deflated) at any and everything that walks by, including me at 400ibs.;)

      • Doubt anyone want to see you in, or out a your draws now too.

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    • For your sake, I hope you don’t live to be old. I don’t think you will be able to handle it…