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Dancehall Artists Accusing Vybz Kartel Of Saturating Airwaves [Exclusive]

Is Vybz Kartel flooding the airwaves with junk music?

Since he started serving his life sentence in April of this year, Vybz Kartel has released an album and a slew of new music.

This abundance of new material is keeping the deejay relevant while behind bars. But some artists and industry personalities are not happy and are accusing the self-proclaim Worl’Boss of saturating the airwaves to remain relevant.

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One producer who produced songs for Vybz Kartel in the past, told Urban Islandz that the flood of new music seems deliberate.

“Nuff man a say Kartel a saturate the airwaves with new music but he has been doing that long before him go prison,” the producer told us requesting to remain anonymous.

“If you look back from 09 back to 2011 the airwaves was saturated with Kartel music because he is a hard worker, but is it good for the music? no it’s not because while you have some big hits, majority are junk under produced songs,” the popular producer added.

Listen Vybz Kartel latest single “Pretty Face.”

A veteran deejay also expressed similar views telling us that most of the new influx of Vybz Kartel songs are under produced and is just watering down the music.

“A lot of the so called new songs I am hearing everyday from the deejay is just junk, like somebody just trying to make a money and a put out some songs that not suppose to leave the studio,” he told us.

Since his arrest in 2011, Vybz Kartel manages to remain relevant in dancehall with a consistent supply of new music.

Vybz Kartel two sons Little Addi and Little Vybz have also launched their careers in dancehall to carry on the deejay’s lagacy. So far the duo have released two singles.

Do you agree with some artists that Vybz Kartel is saturating the airwaves with junk music? Or do you think other artists need to hit the studio more often?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. Is it Kartel who is doing these music or someone just trying to make quick money on kartel’s name.

  2. Bitter bad mind jealous deejays a nuff bawl. Shut yur BLOODCLOT lips! U mek good music ppl a pree

  3. Yo bad mind will always be he has been singing the same stuff since back in d days.pum pum gun and kuffing man . D man is d hardest so f u haters dan for life kartel


  5. justicizms2099

    lol, what artist does not have songs that are not up 2 par with the hits that we love? Yet still, majority of Kartels songs r good so stop di f–kry! Free di Gaza 4, Worl Boss 4ever!

  6. While some of his recent songs may be on the junk side, he’s had a lot of great songs in the past year – many of them now among my all-time favourites by Kartel. To name a few recent classics that are not junk but art: Rambo Kanambo, Crashing Head On, Without Money, Happy Pum Pum, Turn Back Way, Downtown Kingston, Mother’s Love and the sublime Miami Vice Episode. Keep em comin Addi 🙂

  7. dog most of Vybz Kartel songs much better than most of the f–kry some artist a release

  8. Ross Margarette

    Artist need to follow people like 2pac and kartel

  9. Kartel is the only artist that make politicians lose sleep and when them feel like them livelihood is being threatened they had to act and deal with that problem period. No dread, no baldhead, no scamma, no one hit wonders. The fact of the matter is no matter what he sings about he have the listener’s ears and to upper jamaican society thats an issue. Have you ever really listen to kartel singing songs about jamaican policies?….Emergency and life sweet just to name a few is two well written and put together songs But the man is a musical genius he write songs for everyone in jamaica except for politicians and Christians. He write alot of songs to be relevant and his versatility in the business is un matched by any before him and present. Years from now you will see that his stamp on this business only enhanced it and not damage it.

  10. I’m a huge fan of Kartel and honestly these songs sound like a new artist just trying to get get shine these don’t sound like the kartel i fall in love with (BEG U A F****, VIRGINITY, FOOT PON SHOULDER,EXCHANGE AIN’T NO ROBBERY,) Just to name a few thats the real world boss songs

  11. I heard a Kartel song I did not like it some thing did not add up . Kartel is way more talented that . The song sounded like garbage .

  12. Learn how to spell properly,dimwits.Vybz Kartel is just as stupid as you,people listening to his music and that’s why he will never leave the prison. Clever criminal gets away with it.

    • Kartel a di BOSS of Dancehall music, but the voice notes and video footage WAS a dumb move from him tho, but it don’t take away that he still is the boss of dancehall.

  13. Haters! nothing else! Kartel may release some JUNK songs, BUT BUT BUT, within the JUNK there are few masterpieces like “make di star shine”, “pretty position” and many others!

  14. if people are listening to the poor quality,umastered kartel’s songs more than the mastered good quality of artists who are on road,who have got the privilege to direct how their song should sound,it look bad on artists on road. So imagine if he was out,kartel is the dancehall champion either you like it or not. it will take more than a decade to find artists to replace his space. If his appeal do go well and he comes out,he will be in full control more and if it no go well,he will now ask for recording privilege while inside,that will be bad for artists on road. cause all he will be doing is writing in hi cell and straight voicing,no playtime,and with his workaholic and talent,some artist will just resign……true say

  15. Why does it bother them, I dont get it? Its being played and some people r enjoying it, so they should worry about their projects and dont b intimidated by “junk” music so they call it

  16. The airwaves are flooded only because of the disc jocks who want to try hold a hype of the fans to say they are playing the latest ones. The producers cant do anything without the disc jocks because if they dont play them on the airwaves it wont be saturated

  17. who cares about these other artists – we need to hear him, the world needs him – keep the music coming – they talking about quality of music and they out in the free world and singing crap – we need Kartel, underproduced or not!!! WORLD BOSS IN OR OUT OF JAIL!

  18. Ya some of his songs he is putting out are not making any sense at all but i really like the song one and yellow yellow the others are all a bag a garbage and him is a man that chat way too much about him sex business

    • I agree. A couple I heard are wack but hes away for a long time so y not release all the songs? They are just mad they didnt work as hard as he did

  19. Dancehall artists need to make better hit songs.

    • Some a dem a dem food so they just sing any foolishness that some people want fi wine to

  20. Dem man deh irate cause dem cyaan come up wid tunes to match up weh Kartel release. Seriously it sad me dat these artists dats out right now cyaan match up to Kartel’s garbage. If him woulda dehyah road, him woulda still run tings, nobody woulda relevant. Big up Bugle, Chronixx, and Konshens. Dem a di only Deejay weh a hol it dung. It’s like Kartel haffi be a road so these Deejays can work hard. When Kartel was out di deejay dem was duss replying and counteracting to Kartel f***ry. Come on bredda… I do agree that dem song weh dem release is not up to par, duss tunes weh him bill and decide fi neva release cause dem wasn’t good enough. But still some of di tunes weh dem release betta than most of di f***ry weh these artists release.

    • This is true if he wasn’t in jail it would be nicer but the fact remains he has some serious accusations against him and has even been convicted. So we do not need to hear about what and what he do from no do with woman.

      • Lol ah true, still mi like di chune Yellow Yellow and Sick Inna Mi Head and Blackberry, dem chune deh hard.

      • listen to “one” its good

      • “Reggae Love Songs and Other Things” was a good album, but songs released after that was just alright, except fa a few… “One” was a good one fa true… “Blackberry” I liked that one… “Road to Paradise”… I like dat one… “Rambo Kanambo” wasn’t bad neither… there was some hits, then there were some alright songs.

    • i fully agree, who vex loss – admit the man is the boss and get over it – it’s not his fault that they don’t have no talent and have to wait for a man to write a good tune for them – LEAVE WORLD BOSS MUSIC ALONE – only Kartel music makes you feel to brukk out in a dance!!!

  21. If it’s junk it mean seh dats the best junk coz it’s better than other artist music out there, big up Chronixx, big up I octane, Big up popcaan, big up WORL boss, big up Russian
    Some dancehall artist can’t just stand da fact dat WORL boss still running things while being incarcerated, dem fi stop hate and step up to the challenge,

    • 100% right! Big up kartel for keeping the fire blazing! 15 years me a follow him and yes, some garbage/junk among his music, BUT which artist doesnt? REAL FANS should be happy to get songs while he is in jail!

  22. I really don’t see what the problem is here. Kartel’s fans are part of the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates, and they are known to consume garbage. I mean who knows better than Kartel what his fans can digest??!

    • Agreed

    • Smh. I see YOU are insulting me again. Tell me at least one song, it doesnt matter how old it is, tell me a song you like of his

      • Ok, ok, ok!!! Just move the gun away from my head, girl. Give me a minute to think…don’t shoot me!

        I would have to go with…Sweet To Di Belly. Only because I love how you wine to the riddim.

      • U see?!! Ur able to enjoy a song that he made. So dont b so negative or I will come there and wine to that song for u lol

      • Wait a second…all I have to do to see you wine to that song is say something negative about Kartel??!

        OK! It’s a deal!

        The best of the best ideas Kartel ever had, he lost after he wiped his A S S and flushed the toilet.

      • Lmaoooooooo!!! Ur cute. …… but bk to the article lol, some of the songs do sound like they haven’t been completely mastered in the studio, but who cares really? He might never get out so whats the point in spending the money to edit them? People gonna enjoy it anyway and they know that so they dont bother. Kartel has said in one interview, he records about 3 songs a day. Thats a lot of fukn songs!

      • …I got a real problem with that. Why is an incarcerated murderer doing a life sentence allowed to carry on making a living?! If you, or I were handed a life sentence, no way any penitentiary would allow us to make money while behind bars.
        I know a lot of Kartel’s fans thinks he’s innocent and has been given a raw deal, but AFAIK Kartel is the only prisoner who can make $$$ from inside a jail cell. If that ain’t special treatment, I don’t know what is.

      • They have to ban his music…….Which wont happen cuz no one would listen to that lol… and the money is going to his family. He cant do much with it where he is

      • Can’t do nothing with the money because of where he is??! Honestly, do you think it’s Kartel’s 6’5″, 240lbs frame keeping him from being raped on the daily, or is it his money?
        I’ll tell you this much, as soon as his money runs outs, the wolves will be at his cell door looking for Addi to “wine pon c0cky.”

      • Ziggy, u r so damn crazy. LOL

      • TheAgentOfTruth

        Without Money – June 2014

  23. Free di world boss cuz wi want more music. let the fans decide if its junk music.

  24. Free World Boss

    Am a big fan of Vybz Kartel music but sad to say I agree with this producer. I’ve been hearing a lot of junk garbage of late. These folks are killing Kartel legacy. stop releasing these trash and get them properly mastered.

    • the thing kartel would be the one to produce his own music to the way he likes it but other wont understand how he wants it so they will do it a certain way release it and allow the songs to be like crap. I am a mavado fan but i use to listen kartel and i stop because the current songs are crap thats not the kartel i know.

    • Ya too much about him sex life

    • Tru word! Addi just start do some song weh mi nuh rate. His latest music says nothing genius about it. All his songs before 2010 are all carefully worded and delivered. His music started to water down after that. He has good songs after that, dont get me wrong. But teacha music drop offa shape big time.

    • dextersaintjocke

      That might very well be, but these folks are talking a lot of sh!t now that Vybz is in the jail house though; good or bad I don’t remember the people having so much negative things to say about his music getting lots of air play.

    • yup totally agree enuh, some of his songs jus not up to level but because he is kartel gaza fans will force themselves to like it and selectors will play it to receive a good response as long as it have kartel in its name, if a song sounds good play it not give it 2 spins and move on to a better song