Chino – Mi Friend Dem Lyrics

Well mi si nough a them a move from camp to camp
From link to link
Mi no waan si them in the link
From table to table, drink to drink
Mi no trust them

So mi big up all mi friend them
Mi real authentic friend them
Mi a talk bout laden
Mi a talk bout bramma
Mi a talk death before dishonor
Big up mi friend them

(Verse 1)
Genius, mi si seh nough a them a things friend
Some watch yo blings friends
Circle yo table fi drinks friend
Well mi pree them from ever since then
No waan yo spread yo wings them
That’s why mi rather wings them
Si them a carry news to wi enemies them
Mi no know them again cause a memories them
Fade like clothe when yo bleach and yo never rinse them

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well I man chat the tug streets
Where the tugs sleep
Some bwoy love likes and love sweets
Well we and them is not the same
Them get caught in a the game
Cause them love fast life and luxuries
Nough a them quick fi snitch
Sing like yammi bolo, fi wear polo
Wi and them a chad from eyes above knees
But them fake

(Repeat Chorus)