Agent Sasco – Always Summer Lyrics

A mi seh January first am in a T shirt
Cause in a Jamaica it`s always summer
Yeh, February no sweater no necessary
Cause in a Jamaica its always summer
If a Christmas a summer
If a Easter a summer
Yeh, in a Jamaica its always summer

Somebody burst the hydran dont call no plumber
Cause in a Jamaica its always summer

(Verse 1)
Yow 24 365
All year round is a tropical vibes
So it no matter anytime you a rival
Down inna November convertible drive
It dont mean you living just because you alive
Hear wa find a beach, pool fi go dive
Gyal in a short shorts and a expose the tights
Super future shades got the girls in a mi eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hear wa no Trinidad a the same thing
Trini carnival in a February
A no, no play thing
If a crav over celebrating
In a Barbados yo know seh that a no lay thing
Juvay gyal a wine up in a painting
Water party gyal dem a gwan wid bay thing
Hey the Caribbean vibes amazing
All in a Christmas sun blazing

(Repeat Chorus)