Agent Sasco – Nuh Cater Lyrics

How dem a tell wi seh dem wicked
Tell dem wi no cater
Circle dem endz and meck the yellow tape long
Carbon no care a who run the a card
Teflon that a rip dem up like a paper

Mi understand seh dem a trouble maker
So mi send dem go back to dem maker
Mi Assassin a work wid a undertaker
When wi a spen shell everything pay fah

(Verse 1)
No laughing thing, nuh inna ramping
Mi no in a run go up a no station thing
Bwoy disrespect wi no in a the long thing
Wa wi do? Circle dem endz wid a long thing
A no drive by a walk up and camping
Talk bout premeditate plan thing
A no wild shot thing a real precision thing
Wi no in a shoot and miss
And kill old woman thing
A no hype up and a no stunt thing
Real stepper deal wid ridiculous hunting
Wait till him share out the chicken and the dumpling
Then wi just kick off the door confront him
That no mean tracing or mother long tongue thing
When wi seh confront him wi mean black blunt him
A no excitement, no run up and down thing
Some bwoy no know bout real bad man something

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No pet and powder and nursing
And no bad a tracing and badword cursing
A no laugh up, smiling up, and smirking
Wi no talk cause the chigger finger working
Him a send threat but wi first him
Member hallow point drive through reverse him
Cyaa find the bwoy now
Months dem searching

(Listen to other lines)

(Repeat Chorus)