Vybz Kartel – Rambo Kanambo Lyrics

Ghetto youth when yo hustle in the street a no joke thing
Telephone ring, tell the earring a no play thing
A the food thing, a the house thing
A the clothe dem, si the clothe pin

Rambo Kanambo, go fi the cash
Wa do Tango?
Wi no bug shuffle wi a dweet in a one go

Pon mi banana yo cyaa si no mango
Get it? Man go, a no si the thing go
Portmore wi no go low wa do Nimbo
Lean a no our thing, straight wi a sing go

Pon mi banana yo cyaa si no mango
Get it? Mango

(Verse 1)
Never her bout mint
Deh suh the money meck
Watch yah no, hen in a the bank this a wa mi seh
Listen no, listen careful to weh nanny seh
Nanny seh wi a somebody weh love run weh
Drape her no, hey gyal yo nah go no weh
Street money right and wi gone like yesterday
Money gone, mi no bwal
Baller si messy deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big up mister Bruce
Big up to mrs Porta
But a Nova Scotia mi vote fah
Mi a the bank a the money mi report fah
Get a forklift and a crane bring it over
Money magnet paw mi skin
Yo no si the pyramid weh deh near to mi shoulder
August town yeh mi deh a Angola
Money a mi pet, a no tash, a never Lola

(Repeat Chorus 2X)