Chris Brown Vows To Stay Out Of Jail And Cut People Off

Chris Brown is feeling like Tupac when he just got out of jail.

The “Loyal” singer was released from a Los Angeles jail last week and vows to never go back.

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Brown spent a total of 108 days behind bars, much less than the 1-year sentenced he initially received.

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that Chris Brown made a pledge to stay out of jail and is doing some house cleaning to prevent that.

Breezy says he will be staying away from drugs and bad people.

But Chris Brown legal troubles are far from over. The singer will be facing trial for his Washington D.C. case and could get some jail time if found guilty.


  1. We’ll see … Hope he sticks with what he says…hasn’t so far…

  2. God will help you even more now chris and i will always support your music you are really talented and good at what you do.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Well said, same here. Pray Chris and walk with God let him lead you. You can overcome. Blessings

  3. pray for this bredda

    • He is an icon something like that wont happen only our prayers and love be firm for you breezy!i believe your words be abstain from such and look good all times.Wishing you safe trail with good luck

      • ikno but the system wan to see thie bredda fail .Look how them treat the yute all the time is nah right .