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6 Rare Photos Of Vybz Kartel Before Going To Prison

Vybz Kartel received a lot of bashing from dancehall fans in 2010 after bleaching his skin. Some fans even express that he looked better with dark skin, but Vybz Kartel could care less.

The incarcerated dancehall star ha Dominate dancehall for the greater part of the last decade with lyrical prowess. But he also lost a portion of his fan based over his skin bleaching saga.

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Sources close to the self-proclaim Worl’Boss sent Urban Islandz some rare photos of the deejay back in the early days of his career when he was dark skin.

Check them out on next pages.

Vybz Kartel black 1

Vybz Kartel black

Vybz Kartel Dark Skin 2

Vybz Kartel dark skin 3

Vybz Kartel Dark Skin 4

Vybz Kartel dark skin 5


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  3. Ross Margarette

    I will say this one time who cares if someone is bleaching there skin its 2014 if he music is good thats all that matters people hate on kartel because he bleached his skin it ain’t your skin dude wants to show off his tattoos I say do whatever makes you happy

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    • It’s bigger than just bleached skin, Ross. It has more to do with self-hatred…hatred of Black skin is the stumbling block placed in front of so many us, a stumbling block created by Europeans for Black people.
      Are we as a people so stigmatized by our lack of whiteness that we are willing to put caustic chemicals on our bodies in order to emulate our former colonial masters? Not this darkie! I was born with Black skin, and I will die in my Black skin. No amount of Eurocentric programming is going to ever change that.

      Kartel is a sell-out, plain and simple. Those who can’t/won’t see that are just as brainwashed as he is. Look around this town we live in…plenty of dark-skinned folks with tats, correct? Any of them bleaching their skin to show their tats?? I haven’t seen, nor heard of any. Have you?

      • Ross Margarette

        First kartel ain’t first person to bleach it seems to a problem with black people only its his choice to bleach if people want to follow him cool if people don’t cool the boy has skill behind the mic I don’t care if you are white or black what another man or woman dose with their skin has nothing to do with me I’m full of tats and I could care less of what people think you have black women who straighten their hair everyday dose that mean they want to be white no it doesn’t

      • His skills behind the mic does not negate his complicity in the murder of Clive ‘Lizzard’ Williams. Neither will those skills shield him from the long arm of the law.
        His skin bleaching has nothing to do with his tats, it’s the hook, line, and sinker he gave to his fan base to swallow. Anyone who bleaches their skin has a problem, and that problem takes on the form of self-hatred. It’s a clear cut incontrovertible premise. He was not happy with the skin he was in, so he changed it. Peel away the layers of BS surrounding his skin lightening and you will find a lost soul who has turned his back on his own Blackness.

        I guess you don’t know…some Black women are born with straight hair. They sure as f#ck don’t want to be white. Many straighten their hair, or wear weaves. One can make the argument about those who do wear weaves and straighten their naturally curly hair have succumbed to the European standard of beauty. Then again, women do all kinds of things to feel beautiful, and I will not wrong them for that.

      • Ross Margarette

        Well I work in a bisness where black girls do bleach their skin and straighten their hair they might not bleach as much as kartel but they still bleach also you believe he is guilty of murder I don’t so let’s not go there dude has a lot of tattoos he likes to show them off and he likes to bleach there are more people that bleach then you know trust me they just don’t bleach as much as kartel

      • Using your same logic, a lot of people smoke crack, so it’s ok to smoke crack? A lot of people drive drunk, so it’s ok to drive drunk? WTF, dude?!
        Just because everybody is doing stupid things doesn’t make stupid things the right thing to do. There comes a time when you have to ask yourself why they’re doing what they do, as well as the motivation behind it. The “I do it so may tats can show” excuse has got to be is the lamest one ever spoken.

        It’s not my belief that Kartel is guilty, he was found guilty in a Jamaican court of law. Once that happens I can do one of two things…I can accept the verdict, or not. I choose to accept the verdict of the court.

      • Ross Margarette

        Listen what other people do ain’t our bizz and I don’t think its wrong to bleach if that makes him or her feel good cool people who have a problem with what other people do usually have problems with them selfs people need to worry about them selfs instead of worrying about others

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  10. These photos bee floating around the internet since Daddy Devil had a visa…

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        But dont let that stop u from ur debt 🙂

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        Your take on education and degrees not having much in common are sophomoric at best, and jaw-droppingly ignorant at its worst. The lifetime earnings of a non-degree holder is over a million dollars less than one who holds a degree. That which you call debt, I call an investment. It’s a small price to pay for my future economic security.
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        Still talking about my mother, eh? Don’t be jealous just because she lives a good life. It took her many years and a lot of hard work to acquire the things she has. You too could have these things if only you had the good sense to get an education.
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        You got schooled and schooled hard on the lethal range of different .50 cal firearms. What else did you learn?
        Rifles shoot further than handguns -Check
        Guns are not toys -Check
        Illegal guns will have the police at your door -Check
        Poorly made guns will blow your face off -Check
        My mother is more of a lady than you’ll ever be -Check
        You lack ambition -Check
        You are a slave to ignorance -Check
        You live a miserable existence -Check
        You are a mental midget -Check

        Did I miss anything?!

      • Just ur short yellow bus. Run,pookie,run

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        So, the next time a grown man talks to you, do the right thing and mind your manners. After this, your spankings will be of a much more brutal nature.

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      • Ross Margarette

        She turns me on when she rips into people

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      • Gloria Thompson

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      • Gloria Thompson

        Know it’s a old term, that’s the reason I found it funny. By the way still living on planet earth. Don’t find ziggy to be a stalker at all.

      • 45.5000° N, 73.5667° W is where you can find me. I’m not sure which term you’re talking about that no one uses anymore, boops?!

        Please note* This is a thread in the comment section of urbanislandz(dot)com. A real funny thing occurs in these threads…replies to my posts generates an email alert and is sent striaght to my inbox. Once there, I can choose to ignore it, or reply to it.

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      • She is one horrid creature, that’s for sure. I wonder what’s up with this P money poster?! I’ve been known to heap so much scorn and ridicule upon lame posters that they inevitably create other profiles, which I call sockpuppets, to defend the profile that I have beat near to death.
        There’s a couple of tests I can run to determine if I am dealing with ratchet gal’s sockpuppet.

        Stay tuned for updates.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Def from another PLANET it sure ain’t EARTH. I have nothing to say to her, him or it. DONE

      • Dwl ddddwwwwlllll!

      • Ross Margarette


      • Gloria Thompson

        Word of advise you are WASTING your time.

      • My n___ , im in tears!!

      • Ross Margarette

        Yo you just dead all of them

      • Gloria Thompson

        Alive and kicking, doesn’t make sense arguing with someone who think its a waste of time to get a degree and pursue a profession. How do you think we have doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers and professors ect….

      • Gloria Thompson

        Repeat we can’t all be artists, and business owners. And for someone to think we can, that’s DUMB…

      • Ross Margarette

        All I’m say is education isn’t everything and its not for everyone

      • Gloria Thompson

        Yes, I agree it’s not for everyone. Also I think some people are doomed without it. Having to resort to minimum wage.

      • Ross Margarette

        A job is job I don’t judge

      • How can a dead horse kill anything, Ross? This ratchet gal’s intellect rivals that of a squashed bug on my windshield. Please stay within the realms of reality. The gal has no argument, no insight, nothing substantial to bring to the argument. She is exactly what she appears to be…a bitter, self-centered, unloved, poverty-stricken, uneducated, terminally ignorant ratchet gal.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Well said ziggy. I have two sons that are college grads and a daughter a senior in college. I would have it no other way. Not everyone are gonna be artists or business owners. It is a investment in your future for sure.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Also don’t want my daughter to be up to the mercy of no dam man. She must be able to support herself.

      • Absolutely, Mrs Thompson. No woman should be at the mercy of a man. Conversely, no man should be at the mercy of a woman. More importantly, Blacks should never again be at the mercy of whites.
        It’s true that the playing field is tilted in their favor; it just so happens that education remains the great equalizer. Let’s not forget the instrumental role education played placing a Black man in the White House.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I agree, well she seems to think education is a waste. And all humans should work hard to be artists and business owners. In her world there would be no doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, nurses ect. And forget the lowly office workers. People like that I have no time for. Plus she seems arrogant to me.

      • I find her untenable ignorance to be most fascinating. I mean, this is 2014, a time when there’s more Black doctors, lawyers, teachers and business professionals than at any other time in history of the World.
        How was this accomplished? Surely not by believing education is a total waste of time! Who thinks like that except for those who have been brainwashed by white society? Brainwashed into believing academic excellence and ambition are the sole property of European descendants.
        It’s people like her who think Black people should burden themselves with illiteracy, poverty, crime, and ignorance. She disgusts me in more ways than I can comment on right now.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Me too, don’t have nothing else to say to her. It’s like reasoning with a dam brick wall. But I know u ain’t finished. Lol

      • Gloria Thompson

        In her world, it would only be artists and business people. What kind of world would that be. She is ignorant, would love to know where she’s from thou. Ziggy Gloria is ok for u. Lol

      • That’s alright, Mrs Thompson. I’m a virtual wrecking ball, and I can reason with brick walls very well. Did you see what I did to that other brick wall who goes by the name, outlaw?

        By the time I was done with him, his homophobic A S S was looking at gay porn sites.

        You are correct about that too…I’m not done with her. I’m waiting for this ratchet gal to poke her head out of the hovel she lives in so I can lop it off!

      • Gloria Thompson


      • pssst….hey, you know ‘she’ can see you, right?
        real quick tho, ‘she’ said ‘education and degrees very often have lil to nothing in common’
        are you educated ENOUGH to comprehend that or you preffer talking to the brick wall?

      • I once ask my Dad why my education was so important to him. Who told me to ask him that?? I expected a short sweet answer consisting of twenty words, or less. He started reciting the history of Blacks in the Americas and how at one time reading and writing was a punishable offense.
        It was then that I received my first primer on Brown Vs The Board of Education. After a full hour of listening to my Dad, I could see the tears well up in his eyes when he spoke of my Grandmother and how her years of work as a domestic servant had paid for his university degree.
        In a nutshell, he showed me that my generation owes the last generation a huge debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they made. I will never forget that lesson. I’m willing to bet that your kids won’t forget it either.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Bless your dad. Education is the key to life…

      • Ross Margarette

        Not for everyone I didn’t finish my high school but yet I own 3 clubs I educated myself and been very successful

      • Gloria Thompson

        Blessings, I still say we can’t all be club owners, artists and business owners. What kind of world would that be. And other professions need degrees. Happy to know u r successful Ross.

      • Ok! I’m going to have to call you on that piece of fiction.
        Since we live in the same town, give me the addresses of the 3 clubs you own. It’s time to see what you’re really made of.
        Please don’t disappoint.

      • You are supporting skin bleaching and talking about masters – how lost are you huh? Google maps couldn’t help you find your way again….

      • I see girl cant comment on her artist pic without entire gay parade throwin a fit huh?interesting.
        Actually,its was ur dumba– who mentioned masters n anything about bleaching,you are not very bright are u?
        Ooh no she said bright she must be racist!
        Foh u simpleminded lil bi-

      • The whole article is about bleaching you dumb wh–e – You the one talking about gays – that your obsession you dutty fagHag.

      • Gloria Thompson

        So right,LMFAO

      • Ross Margarette

        It not for you or anyone to support What another person does with his body is not our business

      • Ross Margarette

        I ain’t telling anyone to anything but I could care less if someone bleached their skin not my business and who is talking about black history yo my man if you are looking for a friend keep looking big man cause I ain’t your friend

      • Friend? f–k-off dickhead!

      • Ross Margarette

        Get em

      • Ross Margarette

        You sound stupid

      • IDGAF how I sound to a dumb prick like you.

      • Ross Margarette

        You know what I am a prick you still sound stupid

      • Yeah – to a dumb rick – GAF….Guy just called himself a rick

    • Picture on the left makes him look like a human being…the picture on the right makes him look like an extra in AMC’s the Walking Dead. I had no idea J’cans were into zombification!

      • I neva knew i was jamaican!

        How many more males are gonna argue w me over another dudes look?

      • Whoa, lil’ gurl! I never called you a Jamaican. I was referring to Kartel. He is still Jamaican, correct? He looks like a zombie, correct? Take it easy on me. I’m not here to argue with you…unless that’s what you want me to do.

      • A beautiful*zombie,scuze u.

        Take it from someone who has a uterus, he could be green, we’d LOVE him the same.

        K, queer eye for a straight guy?

      • Nice retort! Just a couple of questions before I move on from here…did you give birth to him? How many Black men do you know with green skin?

        Not sure what you meant by queer eye for the straight guy. I was under the impression that you’re a female..!

      • Thanx.
        I meant stop making me notice ur a type of man whos into straight men.
        As a straight female, id like not to think of u as a competiton.

      • What do you mean into straight men??! If you think I can’t comment on a guy’s looks because I’m a guy, then there’s something wrong with you, and you should definitely get out more often. AFAIK, Kartel is one ugly muddafakka! I guess you have your standards, which by the way, are much lower than most of the girls I know. To each their own.

      • You sound stupid AF….talking that gay sh–.

      • Yeah of course – you ratchet chicks never had a pops so you lknot know about what a real dude is…do you my dear.

      • Ross Margarette

        Now that’s crazy you are into your pops like something is wrong with you

      • Ross Margarette

        Well thats true my pops is a loser but I think you love pops to much did touch you when you were little?

      • Ross Margarette

        You are so cool with your pictures little man

      • Ross Margarette

        I think people should do whatever makes them happy his music is tight I could care less that he like to bleach I see weird white and blacks everyday so I don’t judge dude is proud of his ink and want to show it off I say go for it it ain’t my skin white people sit in the sun all day and some pay for a tan they look like raisin nobody says anything about them kartel is the baddest DJ bottom line no matter if his skin is black or bleached

      • I can respect that. I just don’t understand why you would throw your support behind a convicted murderer?! Are criminals who commit the most heinous of crimes now exempt from public scorn and derision because they were once entertainers?
        It’s a good thing the courts don’t share your affinity for Kartel’s skills as a DJ. Murderers belong in prison away from the general public, and not high up on some pedestal to be worshiped and adored.


  12. up 2 di time

  13. Jah dash a fyia pon d bleacher dem .

  14. Mek him stay inna prison and throw away the key. him must stay in there until him get back black.