Blak Diamon – Jah Love Lyrics

Music is life
Life it was made for love
Jah love it when we unite together

More time mi waan free up
Enjoy mi self and live up
Mi no si nothing fi stray my soul away
A Jah mi seh

(Verse 1)
More time mi inna mi house and still mi cyaa sleep
Food inna the kitchen and still mi naw eat
Mi girl a seh shi love mi and still mi cyaa seet
A wonder if mi mad fi real, fi real, fi real
Steppi di step paw mi pay mi no drop
Mi have the heart of a lion, but mi braver than cat
Naw laugh wid no pagan wear yo cap
Caw mi naw stop try

Jah work over time
All when mi a sleep him a protect mi life
Jah working over time
So never mine the hating left that behind
Situations cyaa be so bad
Fi left my meds pon the ground
Mi rather light a spliff and enjoy mi self
And work till mi booth rub down

(Verse 2)
Well it so crucial
And from mi likkle bit Jah bless mi the throne
Uncouth while mi skip through dem skulls and bone
Mi si many a come but tell dem few are choose
Tell dem fi elevate dem mind out a the dirt roll
A so mi seet, a so mi talk it
Some sell dem self like tomato down a market
Yo si deh road dem, mi a tell dem don’t walk it
Da unconscious thing no, that naw go make it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)