Jamaica Former PM PJ Patterson Calls For Tolerance Against Gays

Amidst the murder of a gay political activist in Montego Bay earlier this week, former Prime Minister PJ Patterson is calling for more tolerance in for homosexuals in Jamaica.

During his address at the Rotary Club of Spanish Town meeting at the Police Officers’ Club in St Andrew earlier this week, Patterson says both side of the divide should find common ground regarding the country’s notorious buggery law.

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“It’s an issue, I know, where people have very strong positions, but we have to find a way of moving away from polarised positions into one that accepts that differences of race or colour, differences of class, [and] differences even in terms of sexual preferences may have to be addressed in conformity with the prevailing global environment in which we live,” PJ Patterson told the audience.

“Those who wish to have changes must accept the right of persons to speak freely, reflecting their convictions and they can’t expect to have all the say going one way, they must expect others to have contending positions,” Patterson added.

On Sunday night a openly gay political activist, Kenrick “Bebe” Stephenson, was gunned down at the entrance to his home in Montego Bay.

Police did not say if his killing was related to his sexual preference.


  1. O'Neil Passley

    Loose off you Mr. Patterson. Who was it that said,”I’m no Chi Chi man?” This homo thing tun up . Some people want a reduction in earth’s population it seems. Sick!

  2. They need stop making it seem that he was murdered because he was gay. This so called political activist was the leader of a lottery scam, so that could very well be the reason behind his killing


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