Gay Political Activist “Bebe” Murdered In Jamaica

Popular Montego Bay-based gay political activist Kenrick “Bebe” Stephenson was murdered outside his home earlier this week.

According to reports, Stephenson was shot several times by armed thugs at the entrance to his home in Coral Gardens on Sunday night.

Kenrick Stephenson, popularly known as Bebe, was a openly gay activist for the ruling Peoples National Party, PNP.

“People might say a lot of things about him, but he was a loyal and dependable person,” said Michael Troupe, who is Montego Bay Deputy Mayor. “He will be sadly missed.”


Police officers told Urban Islandz that a motive for his murder is not yet known. But rumors are circulating claiming that Stephenson is a key player in the lottery scam epidemic in Montego Bay.

In May 2012 officers from the Anti-Lottery Scam Task Force took Stephenson and several others into custody for breaches of the lottery scam act.

Those charges were eventually dropped.


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  12. detective constable

    honestly i hope the media don’t make it look like he was killed because he was gay,Jamaica is under too much pressure already about violence against homosexuals lets get this clear we dnt hate them or want to harm them,we just don’t like their life style,but as far as i can see he was mixed up in criminal activities so maybe he was killed for scamming the wrong person.. but u spread ur bed u lay in it..RIP

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    • Double-R strikes back

      Honestly, there is a lot of violence (and threat of violence) in Jamaica against gay people. The victim being gay means that the police will not spend much time investigating the crime, so don’t expect any convictions. It’s common in Jamaica that when a gay person is killed, people tend to blame the victim for his own murder. Really bizarre culture.

      • detective constable

        Well (Double-R strikes back) i totally disagree with some of what you stated reason being the police force is a professional organization that doesn’t discriminate against anyone despite their sexual preference and the level of threat against gays in Jamaica has been reduce significantly over the past years the generation now is more tolerant of gays than the past generation i see gays,cross dresser in Jamaica on the street walking freely nobody not harassing them,ppl only steer at them and that’s it,what cause a issue sometimes is that the gays behave badly in public and perform sexual acts in public places which lead to ppl getting disgruntle and who always come to their rescue the POLICE…

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