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Gays Protest Against Queen Ifrica In New York

Queen Ifrica is the latest reggae artist to suffer from a fallout with the gay community.

Last weekend 200-strong members of the gay community held a protest in New York against Ifrica who was slated to perform at the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens.

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The protest was lead by openly gay City Councilman Daniel Dromm, forcing organizer John Rios to axed Queen Ifrica from the concert’s roster.

“We’re not prejudiced against anyone,” Rios said. “I welcome the gay community and we get along with everybody.”

Queen Ifrica’s fallout with the gay community started last year where she explicitly condemn homosexuality during her performance at the Independence Grand Gala in August.

She was later removed from the lineup of Rastafest in Canada following widespread protest from gays in that country.

Queen Ifrica has since release a single titled “Freedom Of Speech” where she shot back at the backlash from gays.


  1. cingleplayer .

    ifrica need fi low the people dem and gweh

  2. I’m a very strong believer in freedom of speech. Why is that if you simply say you don’t agree with homosexuality and lesbianism you’re crucified. Not everybody is going to agree with that life lifestyle or any other lifestyle. Every time somebody says I don’t think homosexuality is right they’re quick to protest you and boycott you. It’s not fair. Soon they’ll be protesting and boycotting churches and pastors

  3. Lol How am I being ignorant when you started acting like a pmsing biatch.Your reaction was that of a homophobe. What you said didn’t even make sense. How am I ignorant when I know what the hell I’m talking about as I lived in the faqing city.

    • The crap you came at me with you’d think I was one of these homophobes. I think we had a miscommunication. Roflmao

  4. if a gays was born that way, the killer, rapist, jealous, haters, sin they where born that way? all organ has a purpose anus God creates for the human to get rid waste waste matter and gas after we eat. human want to change the purpose and function of the creator creation. abusing nature, hates God creation, that cause because of satan desire flesh and filty nasty thinking.ttime god will take care of the planet god give to human to live.

  5. They still around because of people like u

  6. Gloria Thompson

    Nycone would u mind saying if u hate your family member that’s gay? I am not asking about who have HIV because ANYONE can get HIV…

    • It funny you see he should be the one here speaking out against this ignorant. His voice would’ve resonate the most because he lives in a place that is the Mecca for LGBT people. He also have family members who are LGBT. Yet he chooses to side with this nonsense.

      • Gloria Thompson

        It’s a Jamaican Man thing…against gays. And oral sex until you catch them in the act…salena

      • Giving or receiving?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Giving, they will say me na SP. Years ago I knew this guy from JA that I knew for sure was doing it behind closed doors. But in the company of his male friends when they were talking against it he was right there talking too.

      • Roflmao No wonder Nyammy Lee told Bounty Killer he must su*k pu**y fi the devil. Roflmao

      • Roflmao. No wonder I heard someone on here tell another dude how “you su*k so much blank your mouth stink” ! I didn’t really get it but now I do.

  7. I see you can’t handle the truth.

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  9. Man fi man that’s wrong……

    • What about women fi women?

      • woman fi woman wrong too if yuh believe inna di bible, it wrong too. Leviticus 20 Verse 13. Di bible seh man, but it mean mankind. Jah know.

      • Yes, Pastor! Please interpret the Bible for us heathens!

        You fool. Jah knows only what you want Jah to know. Jah only exists in your bigoted head.

      • Mi nah no pastor ziggyfagfag, duss read. Ongle heathen round yah so is you. Chattin f***ry is a sin too, Santana 1 Verse f**k you. Shut yuh coochiehole mout…

      • How smart would one have to be to tell another poster to shut up in cyberspace??! Could it be one who believes he’s a Don, but he’s really a Dunce, maybe??!

        What say you, Dunce?

      • Mi nuh know, yuh have a vivid imagination, so dweet. Shut yuh mout, yuh mind, yuh yeyes. Drop a sleep man…

      • Unbelievable! LOL!

        Dear Satan/and/no1, for all that to happen, you would have to put a bullet in my head. fo real.


        Since you are incapable of seeing things for what they are, please allow me to point out a couple of things which has escaped your infinite wisdom. First thing, a Jedi is a fictional character from the Star Wars Universe. Jedi mindtricks don’t really work in real life. Second thing, you have no imagination whatsoever. The last original thought ever to cross your mind, was when your boyfriend whispered it in your ear while you were biting the pillow.

      • Bredda yah straight sodomite, mi sorry fi yuh. All yah chat bout is man bite pillow and man f**k backside, and boyfriend dis and dat. Sorry fi yuh mi seh..

      • Sorry, Don Dunce. I promised my girl I would not tell anybody about what we do on my deck, in the shower, on the kitchen floor, the stairs, and bedroom.
        All you will ever get out of me is that which you fear the most. I pick up this gayness stick, shake it in your face a couple of times, and laugh as you chit your pants over it.

      • U can’t follow up people like that cause them is the devil them don’t even believe in god

      • …and there you have it! A new Bible verse written in 2014 by the one known as Satan/and/no1. LOL!
        All this time I was thinking that was the only book in existence which couldn’t be updated. Will wonders never cease?

  10. all human should see the true that human own nothing and human dying for hungry, disease, homeless, medical and certain human being not sharing the wealth the creator put on the earth so we can live and not be hungry. what cause this desire of the flesh of satan, sin sin, no human should be hungry but satan allow certain human to be confused and think they own the wealth of the creator.

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    • You’re right only the Creator can restrict someone from making money. It’s funny how the Creator doesn’t intervene when people commit murder. Don’t even bother blaming it on ‘Satan’ either.

  12. I know this post was coming! Lol I’ll tell you right now. You not gon go to America and talk about gays etc and expect them to allow you to make money. Watch how they did Shabba etc. Especially not in an open-minded, gay friendly city like NYC.

    • So to answer anybody question there is ‘freedom of speech’ and also ‘consequences for said speech’.

      • True, so why dem no run up inna di church when Pastor and Priest and Rabbi a bun dem every Satday and sunday? Dat day will soon come when dem dare, but according to di bible, di fiyah a wait fi dem….

      • Why the pastor a fuq the little boys and dem? And you guys expect me to take this bible thing seriously? Don’t blame Satan either because the Pastor should have the most experience with this.

      • Mi neva hear bout no pastor. but mi did a hear about priests, dem di ones weh cyaan marry. weh a priest a do a him own ting, dat a battyman too, so him muss bun inna hell fiyah. Read di bible fi yuhself, doh expect others fi read it fi yuh and live it fi yuh. Ah di good book dat, you waan live a righteous good life, follow di guidelines. Mi nah no religious person, mi dus read di good book.

      • I’m not religious I’m spiritual. I used to go to church as a child. How many of the people condemning homosexuality really living by the rules of the bible? Don’t just pick and choose and say oh I hate homosexuals meanwhile you out here committing sins especially fornication.

      • Mi spiritual too, mi did a go a church too, and mi stop go cause too much hypocrisy. I’m a married man, doh apply to I. Mi doh hate dem, mi duss doh agree, and doh like when dem force dem lifestyle inna yuh face. Di one ting mi no like is Ziggyfagfag a run him mout, like an intanet activist. Tell di one Ziggyfagfag gwaan tek on di streets and preach him views like di one Fidel Castro. To rass…

      • Doh dweet ziggyfagfag, doh get irate, be irie. lmao

      • Sorry, Dunce! I meant go F#ck your man! He’s waiting for you…he got his weave all done up, nails done, wearing that sexy g-string you bought him for Christmas. Don’t keep him waiting, or outlaw might just step in and take your place.

      • LMAO!!!! Yowwww! bredda yah gone too far. Yuh have a vivid imagination, ah so mi know weh yuh like. Figgyfagfag, mi did a know from yuh so irate wit di subject.

      • Irate?!?! Ok! If you say so, but know this…I’m not the one face-down in a pillow bawling like a lil’ gurl as your man rips shot after shot after shot into your backside.

      • Fagfag, mi know yuh irate from yuh express yuhself with bare exclamation points inna yuh sentence. lmao

      • Uh huh! That makes sense! Being irate leads to using excalmation marks. Just like defending the rights of gays leads to homosexuality. Yup! That makes perfect sense, DonDunce!
        I wonder if the same standards could be applied to you? Your obsessive use of the word fag, may mean you’re a closet homosexual who is simply looking for a way to come out.

      • Gloria Thompson


      • Wha you mean? Some of them go a church? Some of them dey in church.

    • It seemed that the event was attended mostly by gays, she was pinpointed and kicked off the list. This is Amazura though not MSG, her career can still prosper. I judge people by their character, it’s the best way to live. Gay or no gay, they need to lighten up and face the fact, rastafarian culture will not succum to their cause.

      • So where was the people supporting her cause? Give me an example of any foreign artist who made gay bashing music and went to the U.S. and wasn’t blackballed. Remember when Shabba made his comments on a show in the U.K at the height of his success.
        He saw the consequences of his comments and what happened he started to back pedal then apologize.

      • It only takes 1 to cry fowl and the media outlets feed into it. Gays are quickly heard oppose to the people who don’t mind the artist. This all can be avoided by not adding wood to the fire, make music.. let people bawl out in the privacy of their own home.

      • What do you mean by bawl out in the privacy of their own home?

      • That maybe to graphic lol.

      • You trying to be funny lol.

      • Graphic u talking about gay sex sh-t dam
        ni–az not right

      • He know what he mean that what be happing to him in is home tweley is gay as f##k

      • You seem insecure I can joke on the matter because these gays don’t affect my life. I find humor in all of this because they contribute nothing to the human race with their cause. The act should never take place, but some people are willing to endure.

      • Gosh don’t start back pedaling now. You sounded like you were a lot less ignorant than some of the other dudes.

      • Then again I’m Jamaican so the temper may sway.

      • Gloria Thompson

        U so dam funny tweley…dam

      • No diss but thought that yard man don’t run gay jokes but I see what u saying but still man that sh:t nasty

      • They nasty but you can’t do anything about it All you can do is b**ch but at the end of the day they gon still be around.

      • They nasty but you can’t do anything about it All you can do is bytch but at the end of the day they gon still be around. They na bull me so why I must care for?

      • U not god to judge nobody any man that support gay is gay. is u a Jamaican cause no real Jamaican would talk like that.the only thing u say is true is about Rasta.they will never support gay

      • He not God to judge anybody? So how you a judge people so? You just contradicted yourself so wheel and come again.

      • I don’t have any problems with gays.


      • Be with a gay person how? You mean date a bi sexual dude?

      • I mean sleep with one

      • How in a threesome ? Is he still gay or is it in his past?

      • Yes! You, your man, and a tranny! You are one freaky deaky guy.
        fo real

      • who me? I’m a chick.

      • Prove it!

      • Lol how? You guys are so crazy. roflmao How on Fb etc?

      • So you can’t prove your gender in cyberspace? Yet you expect me to do it??! How is that even fair?

        Sure FB…what name should I place in my search bar?

      • I’m not giving my fb name on here so I have a better idea i think I could follow u on this disquis crap and we exchange fb? So why am I the only one you want to verify gender etc. lol

      • I was just being facetious. I really don’t care what your gender is. If I made a mistake with your gender, I apologize. Can we just continue berating each other like nothing happened?

      • I’ll take that as a yes!

      • I know u was a freaky so u like 3 some.I do with 2 girls not with another man.& I didn’t mean that I mean would u have one as a man in ur life that’s what am asking you

      • Lol no I’m not freaky never had one. So in your two girl scenario do these girls ever touch? If not what would be the purpose of the other girl watching? I would never date a man who I know to be a homosexual or possible homosexual. If he’s gay I probably won’t be able to satisfy him.I also don’t think he’ll be able to give me what I need. Roflmao 🙂

        The reason why I don’t have a problem with gays, lesbians aliens, etc. Is because I lived among them in NYC although I’m Caribbean.I also don’t have a problem talking about sex etc.I also don’t think by me being a female talking about sex makes me unrefined.I’m only responsible for my actions.Even if I hated a particular group of people. I would never want to see them come to harm.

        Let’s say you crashed your car into a tree and it’s burning.You can’t get out and the only person that is able to help you is from a particular group you didn’t like would you take the help? If you could say that you would rather die than take the help then we really have nothing further to discuss.

      • Gloria Thompson

        As I see it, some of these JA men hate gays so much, that they shouldn’t want the help and BURN the HELL up…that’s me

      • I’m not saying they should love gays, lesbians etc. I’m just saying if and when they do decide to leave their country.Know that you’re going to come into contact with different kinds of people. I remember when I first moved to the U.S. I asked a good friend of mine who happened to be white. If ‘white people smell like wet dog when they get wet” because I was condition to feel this way.

      • Ask the racist white pig if while on his death bed would he accept the black mans kidney.

      • Yes touch it a 3 some. & yes I would of taken there help just like I do the same 4 anybody

      • So the chicks in your 3some kiss etc? So doesn’t that make them lesbians? If I had a 3som with 2 dudes I think it would be safe to assume that one of them would be a possible homosexual. What is the point of being in the presence of a naked person of the same sex?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Thug life, don’t understand u hate gay men so much, but you would take their help to save your life. I don’t believe u would help save a gay man life. And it seems u have no problem with lesbians…

      • Stop sleeping with them, then!
        BTW…do you pitch, or catch when you’re sleeping with your man?

      • First u talking sh-t to a female now u want to diss me 4 what.what did I say that upset u

      • That’s true! You’re right. I was talking chit to salena. I apologized for my ignorance. Everything is good.
        To answer your asinine question, I cite this phrase coming off your keyboard. “U not god to judge nobody any man that support gay is gay.”

      • I wasn’t judging nobody

      • Silly thug! when you say, “any man that support gay is gay,” you’re making a judgement. In your World, Jamaica’s former PM Patterson is gay.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, I didn’t know that. I could just imagine how scared he was to come out in JA


      • U must be gay u not Jamaican no Jamaican talk like that I got a lot of Jamaican friends & they don’t play that sh-t

      • Seriously???! Did you just say there’s no gays in Jamaica?!

      • I never said that I said I got a lot of Jamaican friends & they don’t play that way

      • Here’s a story that’s not about gays, but shows the folly of your ways.
        I used to study with these two Yardies from England a couple of years ago. They were here studying electrical engineering. One time the conversation led to oral sex, and I asked them if they ever partook in such a practice. They both adamantly denied that they ever yam pum pum. Me being who I am, then went behind their backs and asked their girlfriends. One said in plain concise English, that she wouldn’t be with no man if he didn’t yam, and yam well. The other one just looked at me as if I were crazy and said, F#ck yeah!

        My point is, you don’t really know what happens in the bedroom. Don’t assume!

      • Gloria Thompson

        I just replied to salena with a story like that…so true that’s yard man style. Talk against things that they do behind CLOSED DOORS…

      • Hence, the designation…hypocrite!

        Why lie?! I mean they don’t have to go advertising it, but seriously, why lie about it?!

      • Gloria Thompson

        Lie so they can appear tough and bad like our friend…lol

      • its crazy but its true what you saying cause you never know who doing what all am saying is the yard man them am around I know them all my life I be around them & there wife & kids & they be around me & mines & I know for a fact they don’t play that way am not Jamaican & I don’t eat p###y r f##k nobody up the ass that all I was saying man. My Jamaican friends don’t play that

      • Rrrrrrright…because you’re glued to their headboard watching each and every move they make. I know!
        Never once would you ever think you were being lied to.

      • how I been lie 2 when u lying u cant tell me that when u is a gay ur self

      • Like I said, time and time again…I have no problems with gays. I am heterosexual. I love women like a fat kids loves McDonald’s and soda pop.
        No matter how many times you call me gay, I will never wrap up with a man. I think it would be better if you were to attack my argument instead.

      • Is that really u dam dog now I know why u defend gay people I would of smoke myself if I were u ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

      • You’re not even making any sense, thug. I suppose that’s why you followed-up your post with a maniacal laugh!

      • Gloria Thompson

        You know there’s married family men that’s gay and keep it undercover. Don’t u

      • I know that undercover like ziggy

      • Gloria Thompson

        U never know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

      • Which part is he hinting that he was a possible homosexual? Go reread what he said.

      • I’m 100% Jamaican, but not blind to the fact that this lifestyle is growing less taboo. You digging for beef lol, with a name like thug life, I’d consider you suspect number 1. Stop pree man.

      • I don’t watch man u is the suspect u the one that go in to detail gayley

      • Bawling is details lol, yea crawl from under a rock. I’m not afraid of them or afraid to speak my mind or poke fun of the matter. This tough guy image will have you braiding hair in prison.

      • You just made me spit a mouthful of beer all over my screen. Could you warn me the next time you rip into that Santana moron?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Or have him BAWLING in prison…lmfao

  13. Ninja man says I am all about his money he business with no gay . I agree with him 100 percent .

    • Well move back to your country then.What are you doing in a city populated with gays then? Let me guess you’ve realised that resources are very scarce in your country. So you choose to live among gays in a gay friendly city like NYC.

      • You don’t know where am from either u dumb ass .

      • No you the dumb scunt! Well go live in a homophobic country then! I know you vex when the ‘Gay Pride Parade’ come around and you have to plan your commute accordingly. Yet you still choose to live among them.

      • You trying to sound like these dude but you come across as a frigging jackass. You choose to live in a gay friendly city where it’s forced down your throat. A city that was pivotal to the gay rights movements. A city where you walk down Chelsea the West Village etc and you see gays,lesbians, trannys etc. So keep riding the train at rush hour while your pressed up against some dude.
        Then come back here and tell these dudes how much you hate gays.

  14. och me artist but GOD na sleep dem only can win the battle but never the war

    • Oh please!!! Where was God when a nine-year old child was being brutally murdered in St. James last week? They found him tied up in bushes with multiple stab wounds. Where was God when eight-year-old Selena Edmund was being raped and murdered in February of this year? This little girl died in the most horrific way with a slashed throat.

      Yeah, God may never sleep, but he also never lends a hand to those who most need him either.

      • Is it me or is Ziggyzagzag one angry bredda? Mi did a think him was just a Kartel hater, but…. Di youte hate everyting inna dis BBC! lmao Ongle ting him no hate a chichi man…. Hmmmm Ziggyfagfag fit betta lmao

      • Chichi man nah fuq him so why he must hate them so?

      • Why must he love dem here? gwaan chat da f***ry somewhere else. Done.

      • He don’t love them and he don’t hate them. He’s like me whatever. So it’s fine for people who don’t agree with you to listen to your fukry?

      • It’s not fine for me to come inna urban islandz and buck up inna him f***ry, dat me know.

      • I don’t know about you but you can’t learn anything from ignorant people. They usually don’t want to see another perspective different from their own. There’s certain kinds of people I detest but you won’t hear me wish harm nor injury on them. I’m only responsible for myself.

      • Well spoken my queen. Well, respect my views as well, Ziggyfagfag is an intelligent idiot. Doh know how him manage fi accomplish both….

      • Did this f#ckwitted clown just claim that I’m an oxymoron?!


      • Mi doh know bout di oxy part, but a moron yuh are. Intelligent yet an idiot, rasssss ziggyfagfag, doh get angry…

      • ox·y·mo·ron
        a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”

        “Laughing Silently In My Head Because It’s Not Funny Enough To Laugh Out Loud”

        Consider yourself schooled! Kindly pay the lady at the front desk on your way out. We take Cash, Visa, Master Card, Debit, and American Express.

      • Yah nerd man, fi real, chuck off yuh ego and land inna yuh face, yuh woulda disintegrate from how tall it is…

      • A nerd?! Mmmmmmmkay!
        I don’t know about you, but I need my ego to work in conjunction with my swagger. It shows available females that I have confidence. Apparently, it’s more of a turn on than running off at the mouth about what a wonderful woman your mother is.

      • Yah man a nerd. Yuh sound like BBC Steve Urkle bredda, lol. Yuh nuh embarrased fi yuhself? Cause jah know mi embarrased fi yuh. If yuh tun a gyal on she mussi blow up doll wid battery powered pum pum. To rass….

      • First thing, jah don’t know jack chit. This jah of yours is merely a figment of your puerile imagination. You were brainwashed into believing in things unseen, and non-existent. You are a slave fitted with collar and chain.

        Interesting you should compare me with a fictional TV character played by Jaleel White. Strangely enough I don’t take that as an insult. Jaleel played an über-intelligent, caring, forgiving, and kind Black teenager who had no hatred in his heart for anybody. If you see those attributes as character flaws; it could only mean education is not important to you, kindness is a form of weakness, you wear your hatred like do your favorite cap…you never leave home without it, and forgiveness is something you only see from your fictional jah in the sky.

      • Like I said, I have no problem with gays. They have a right to their happiness, just like you and I have the right to ours. Some of these people who post here are completely lost. It’s not homosexuality which is destroying the Black family. No! It’s absentee fathers, out of wedlock births, domestic violence, inter-generational welfare, and the big one…wait for it…crime!
        If they really want to help the African Diaspora, they should focus on those things first. I do!

      • They acting like it’s not in the realm of possibility. That someone they care about will finally reveal themselves to be homosexual. So until that happens they’ll carry on being homophobes.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Or they’ll kill them. Wow

      • Gloria Thompson

        For Real Ziggy…

      • Gloria Thompson

        Hello!!! Thought this is about Queen Ifrica and Gays??!!

      • You fool. I’m merely defending people’s rights and fighting against you ignorant Bible-thumping cretins whose belief in invisible deities cause men to kill other men, and women because of sex.
        Now, all of a sudden I’m the bad guy because some bronze-aged goat herders claimed God told them same sex liaisons were forbidden??! WTF?!
        Do you know what we do to people nowadays who claim they talk to God? That’s correct. We commit them to psychiatric institutions and pump them full of exotic drugs

        Let me break it down to you like this…there was a time when gays had to stay in the closet because of ignorant fools such as yourself. Today, it’s ignorant fools like you who have to stay in the closet and keep your homophobia to yourself. Anytime you do decide to step out of the closet and open your idiotic mouths in public, you will be fired, sued, jailed, or like this Ifrica gal, run tha f#ck out of town.

        BTW…ZiggyFagFag sounds like a schoolyard taunt! Are you in elementary school? You write like a 3rd grader!

      • lmao, yuh mad to rassclaat, cool off man… Doh let me press yuh buttons. Mi know yah homoerectus. A homo weh like erections. bomboooooooo

      • Press buttons??! Satan/and/no1 can’t press any of my buttons, you are partially brain dead, you lack common sense, your thought processes prevents you from seeing the World as it really is. For all intents and purposes, you are living in a dream world. Time for you to wake the f#ck up!
        I’ll give you this…you’re right about one thing! I love erections, my erections…as it mines for gold, drills for oil, and keeps the women cumming back for more. A word of advice, Satan/and/no1; get one before you become too old to care!

      • Gloria Thompson

        Love it…wicked response

      • Yoooooow, di way mi see it, mi did a press yuh buttons, cause jah know mi reply couple characters, and yuh reply an essay. lmao

      • Hold on a f#cking’ second…is this the Twitter Universe where I can only use 140 characters, or less??! Don Dunce, don’t blame me if your intellect is so shallow that it can’t generate a couple a paragraphs. Communication is key in this information age; if you lack those skills we will leave your kind behind without a thought of looking back.
        I couldn’t help but notice how you’ve attacked the messenger, yet failed pathetically at attacking the message. Could it be due to the fact that you have the attention span of a child? Should I dumb-down my posts so your truncated intellect can catch up? Would you prefer if I used more monosyllabic words in my retorts?
        On second thought forget it! I solved that crab in the bucket syndrome which affects so many of us a long time ago. I’m not going back there, even if you cry, beg, and plead with me to do so.

      • LMAO

      • Mi dun wid unnu, go pon di post weh seh “Gay activist Bebe murdered in Jamaica”. Dis outdated, mi nah go response no nerd man, yuh obviously not gay, but a nerd still….

      • Gloria Thompson

        Now u get it, ziggy isn’t gay but believe that homosexual should have the same rights as heterosexual does. And that’s the same way I feel, and I am not gay too. I also understand your feelings. Zeen

      • Yeah! I know you’re done. You have no argument, yet remain argumentative. You’re weak, homophobic, ignorant, and you will not survive the next decade.

  15. battyman fi get gunshot fron now till a evenlin GOD never mek no battyman a man turn battyman so GOD no like unnu straight i which i could kill dem all no apology

    • True talk kill dem all & done

      • Rolls eyes wat dat mean a girl a lone mi know that roll there eyes

      • Just to show you how deep that pit of ignorance you’re standing in is…I just have to find one man who rolling his eyes to prove you wrong.

        I give you this man!

      • yow me link da basket ball ya sound like a wha fish tell him if he is i will murderer him i dont like no batty man GOD seh mre fi kill unnu

      • You’re an idiot! First thing…I love women too much to find a man’s hairy a s s attractive in any way. Second thing, and the most important…you would have to be mentally deficient to give up your freedom because of what goes on between two consenting adults.
        If you’re not too busy killing batty men, could you tell me about the last time you talked to your God? I’d really like to know the how, and the why a conversation with your God gravitated towards murdering homosexuals?!!

      • P###y a u a batty man ni##a even if u was a pantie u could never get more p###y dan mi bate

      • Yuh figget fi click yuh tongue Ziggyfagfag whappen?

      • Hahahahaha! You’re about as bright the tittle above this i.

      • Gloria Thompson

        And what happen after u kill them all outlaw…just asking

      • The earth will be clean den.people like dat need to live some where else cause they f##king up the girls & boys thinking & the way of life batty business bring disease any doctor well tell u if u f##k batty u gonna get some kind of std r disease mi know u know the truth.but the world we living 2 day is not the same as when I was young.back den them can’t walk nuh weh a in the world. & when I say kill dem all & done I mean dem already dead cause dem see p###y & go sex batty den how the f##k the baby born.p###y mi seh can I ask u something would u let a batty man f##k u r be around ur kids no disrespect am just asking tell mi the god truth Gloria

      • Gloria Thompson

        Well first a gay man wouldn’t want me I am a woman, a woman who all my life been straight I love men. Next I don’t mind my kids being around gay people they aren’t followers they are leaders well educated people that are capable of making their own choices without someone influencing them…

      • Gloria Thompson

        I am glad times r changing for gays, I remember seeing a gay man being beaten in the area I used to live in JA. He got such a buss ass he almost died and when the police came they didn’t even care who did it.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Also I believe some gays were born that way, who would want to be that way knowing all the HATE that’s in store for them…and still make that choice. Then some is from being molested. That’s what I believe.

      • Yea dem days deh fi come back they need to put dem some where else no matter what nobody say a duty people dem

      • You fool. Progress moves forward with increasing momentum. We’re never going back to when the Earth was flat, and the Sun revolved around this big blue marble.
        It’s your kind, your ilk who will be deleted from the gene pool. You are a dinosaur who hasn’t yet realized that your extinction in an inevitability.

    • Hypocrite! Please explain how two men having sex in the privacy of their own home affects you. I’ll wait for your answer, but I won’t be holding my breath!

      • You dumb bastard, by virtue of the fact that you want people to recognize your sexuality takes it out of the bedroom and is shoved into people’s faces. You know there’s a reason why you filthy shyt-eaters are so dumb,and damaged.

      • Sorry, dude! you’re definitely barking up the wrong tree…there’s nothing I love more than a good woman. I’m just the type of man who believes if you infringe on the rights of the one, you also infringe on the rights of the many. What’s next…you’re going to tell me I can only hit it in the missionary position, and only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays??!
        Look fool! The same rights I enjoy should be extended to everyone regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

        Holla back when you rejoin civilization!

      • Gloria Thompson

        Ha ha very well said…

      • Once again I don’t care about those people they all going to hell god not gonna show dem no mercy

      • See how your invisible God works?? No?! Maybe this famous quote will help you catch a clue.
        “Man created God in his own image”

      • So u don’t believe in god. Only the devil would say something like that

      • No. outlaw! I don’t believe in things I can not see, touch, hear, feel, smell, taste, or quantify. I won’t even mention how quick some of you are to forget that Christianity was at the very root of the African Slave trade. Who are you to take on the religion of your colonial masters?! Need help trying to figure that one out? One word…conquered!

        Here is a small list of of those who refused to be conquered by Christianity, and according to you, I am in good company.

        Neil Tyson DeGrasse, Langston Hughes, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, W.E.B. DuBois, Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tyler the Creator, John Legend, and Charlie Parker.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Thought God was a merciful and loving God ??!!

      • Yes u right but not 2 gays r suicider & petafiles

      • battyman if a know where u live i swear u would never live it that house again because i would bomb it up fu**in battyman GOD hate unnu

      • Well take your rass to San Francisco then. If you really want to exterminate a large population of gays. See what gon happen.

      • Gloria Thompson

        You just made me LMFAO…

      • Gloria Thompson

        He’ll get fame on the news, for sure. And probably don’t make it to be booked…

      • Whoa! By your own twisted logic, if I defend the rights of women…I’m female. If I defend the rights of children…I’m a child. If I defend the rights of the elderly…I’m in my old age.

        You’re too stupid to breathe my air. Please stop!

      • Gloria Thompson

        If u defend the rights of gays u r gay…wow unbelievable

      • Yeah! I know! Kind of like if killa would defend the Earth he would be dirt.

        Oh wait…

      • Gloria Thompson

        U r on a mission, what do u think would happen after.

      • Gloria Thompson

        U r really serious, that’s going overboard. U r really riled up mind u don’t get a heart attack…

      • Witness the effect I have on these dolts! I can make them do all kinds of stupid pet tricks with just a couple of keystrokes.

      • wharever the truth hurts battyman fi dead thats what the BIBLE seh

      • The Bible also says those who work on the Sabbath must be put to death. It appears you have a lot of killing to do. Go do your God’s work and stay the f#ck out of here.

      • your a fag or what answer that before me continue this conversation

      • I regret to have to inform you that I am a heterosexual. Please note* One’s sexual orientation has no bearing on the validity of their statements. Not every heterosexual is right, and not every homosexual is wrong.

        Please continue…

      • Gloria Thompson

        Killa talk, answer this question. So what’s your mission, is it to go out and kill all the gay men? And what about the lesbians. Also would it make u a better person? In your posts u never mentioned lesbians.

      • u tink a batty u daddy did f**k and get u tink bout that

      • LOL! Another homophobic hypocrite chimes in! You think bustin’ in your gal’s mouth will get her preggie? Why do you do it, then??!

  16. black african all over facing discrimination every sec of the day, hungry, raping ,killing, human where is the love for nature.

    • …and this concerns you how, whiteboy???!

      • Ziggy how u a deal wit di white man so lol

      • Because I don’t fear them like you do. Their Eurocentric programming hasn’t crippled me intellectually like how it did you.

        It was many years ago this quote from MLK was first brought to my attention. I have not forgotten its lesson.

        “Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at ne**oes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.”

      • Is only white people u got strent 4 u might sound like a man but u a b-t-h in ur heart

      • Gloria Thompson

        Outlaw u asking for trouble from ziggy.

      • Gloria the harder they come the harder they fall one & all a talk him a talk a WALTHAM mi come from & we live fi badness we don’t talk we dweet it

      • That’s Mrs. Thompson to you, you dumb thug! Badness is easily defeated by stealth.

        Think of three baseball players in ski masks and cleats, each holding aluminium bats standing over your bed in the middle of the night. After you stop wondering how we got into your place without making a sound, the first swing will shut your stupid mouth; the other fifty will leave you a bloodied broken mess resembling three day old Arizona roadkill!

        Ya feel me, dred?

      • Baaaa baaaaaa that all u saying u a sheep

      • Like i said nobody in this world not bad like that fi try that with nah pree badness right now that the past I don’t live in the past. I don’t live 4 badness I live 4 my kids I got a business 2 run it can’t run itself. life & money I pree.mi can defend myself. & even though am a change man am still the Same old bad man

      • I’ve already told you, I’m not a badman, outlaw. It was you who first brought violence to me, and not the other way around. I’m the type that if you test me, I will ring your bell on the ruse that I’m delivering a pizza. Ignorant you will answer the door to cuss me out to tell me you never did order no pizza. When you see the pizza box hit the floor and the blade of my SOG 7.5 inch Bowie knife penetrate your chest, neck, rib cage, and groin area multiple times…you’ll realize I’m not a badman…I’m just a man.

        Care to post your address again?
        Yeah I thought so!

      • Gloria Thompson

        Really don’t think outlaw would post his address again, that was posted in the heat of the night last time…lol

      • it there nobody did sh-t all ya’ll was talking about is police like snitches my address is still the Same so when ever any body feel fi dead BBC come & see who get the last laugh

      • Gloria Thompson

        I take back the comment I made to u before…u don’t deserve it…by the way it seems to me u might be BIPOLAR

      • Bipolar is American thing not real yard man never heard of that word in Jamaica only American


      • Gloria Thompson

        REALLY OUTLAW, don’t go there I envy no one. I am not going to come on here putting my address or the state I live in. Forget my ASSETS that’s no ones business. Don’t care if u think I have nothing. I agree when ziggy say what I agree with.

      • Gloria Thompson

        And by the way I am not a Jamaican that keep going every year. I travel to other places. Hawaii is my next stop. CARE TO COME ALONG U CAN STAY IN MY HOME THERE…

      • Gloria Thompson

        OUTLAW u r the ONLY one here saying what u have. NO ONE CARES…STOP

      • U do so why talk about Hawaii. I got sh-t & am proud of it that why mi bosi 2 bbc

      • I love throwing in broke people face am rich B..H

      • Gloria Thompson

        I think u need to take a break from your computer. It’s messing with your already F@@@ed up head. HOMEY

      • Gloria Thompson

        I don’t give a f@@k what no one have, and I am not trying to impress no one. U r the only one on here doing this. Stop it it’s stupid and make u seem frighten…like NEVER SEE COME SEE.

      • Gloria Thompson

        U asked when I been to JA and since u have physic powers u know I have nothing here or in JA…that’s why Hawaii came up. Also u do show signs of Bipolar MOOD SWINGS…get it. BYE BYE

      • Gloria Thompson

        U r the only one on here telling people to s–k their madda. And disrespecting females. Doesn’t matter what u say u r a GULLY and GUTTER DUTTY DOG. Nothing u say will matter to me from now on. I see u commenting on a site I have no response for u. U LIE WITH DOGS U LIE WITH FLEAS. And me no want fleas

      • Mi nuh dog & mi nuh duty mi cleaners dan yuh & everybody weh yuh know trust mi

      • Gloria Thompson



      • Hawaii every body bin there f##k every where else I bin every where that what I got money for I don’t stay at people home I got my own.I don’t fi get where I come from. my house in Jamaican in the hills so big u need I tour

      • Hawaii is nothing big I bin there I bin 2 France-italy-germany I bin all over the only place I own sh-t is over here & in Jamaica my house on the hills so I don’t need 2 stay at ur mi nuh linga

      • I never say u have nothing.I didn’t mean it like that its no disrespect to u Gloria

      • Gloria Thompson

        Told u fri–ing BIPOLAR…B–CH

      • everything yuh seh yuh talking about yuh self

      • Finally, your subconscious writes something that we all knew to be true about you. Read me well, dred. Your subconscious is trying to communicate with your conscious mind. Try not to ignore it this time, dred. The life you save could be your own.

      • Sure thing, dred! I can tell…you’re definitely stress free!


      • All di time…snicker your mother

      • Either you’re a liar, high, or dead…which is it, dred?

      • You see Mrs. Thompson? You’ve underestimated stupid!

      • Gloria Thompson

        So right, surely did.

      • Did u look that up u know the address u still didn’t do sh-t sheman

      • U not gonna do sh-t all u gonna do is call the police fag

      • No, outlaw! The police are too kind and gentle for someone as dangerous, and as bad as you. I’m thinking S.W.A.T. or Homeland Security.

        They don’t take too kindly to immigrants building home-made bombs, and threatening to blow up government buildings on American soil, you know!

      • That u all the way not mi only coward threatening people life not mi that u all u do is send threat but still don’t do sh-t u f##king TERRORIST

      • Whoa! You f#ckin’ lying coward! You have written in many a post that a batty man fi dead. Are you living under the delusion that if you kill a gay person because they’re gay, the courts will excuse you and drop the charges because the Bible says so?!
        Yes! I am a f#ckin’ terrorist. Did you not see what I did to your last profile??!

      • Gloria Thompson

        I don’t understand outlaw, he make comments then next thing he say he didn’t or that’s not what he means. I just don’t get it.

      • He’s so damn confused. I expect him to be that way after sparing with the likes of me. I told you, I can make these fools do all sorts of stupid pet tricks using only my keyboard. Do you believe me now?

      • Gloria Thompson

        LMFAO. I seriously believe he is BIPOLAR or some other mental illness.

      • Gloria Thompson

        LMFAO. I believe he is BIPOLAR that’s what I believe or some other mental illness. He haven’t been to either of our houses or know us in person but he knows what we have and don’t have. And let me tell u he is serious it’s in his SICK head that’s outlaw.

      • What do you think? Is it time to apply more pressure? He’s on the edge now, and one swift kick in his backside might be just enough to send him plummeting into the abyss.

      • Who me?! No!

      • Yes u r a sheman ur whole life u was like that sheman fagbag

      • If only life worked like that, outlaw. Could you imagine what this World would be like if you could turn a straight guy gay just by calling him gay? Yup! Us straight guys would be in the minority, and that you can take to the bank, dred!
        You’re such a f#ckin’ idiotic fool.
        …still LMFAO!!

      • No fagbag mi own it she devil. What u own sh-t dem soon repo ur truck & evict u fagbag a weh u a go live.u can tell u is a b-t-h ass ni##a stocking a man batty boy don’t stock me cause mi nuh love man a woman mi love. Go s##k ur mother batty boy

      • LOL! So does this she devil you own live with you, or do you run down to the corner and entice it back home with you with a bag of crack every time you get lonely?

      • U cant talk about anybody this is a picture of u & ur family back in the day its amazing what people can do with only ur email address I know the truth about u when last u go back & visit ur birth place u a shame of ur country ziggy fagbag

      • SMFH

        Somehow you find shame in living like an African?!
        Here’s a trick even you can do, outlaw…right click on the picture, in the drop-down tab his “search Google for this image,” Burundi is a long, long, long way away from Canada.
        BTW…if you have my email addy, please post it so your readership will know you’re not just blowing smoke out your A S S again, dred!

      • Don’t denied it u know that’s u & ur family I run the file & u know tell the people dem the truth

      • Whateva tha f#ck eva, outlaw. Knowledge is power! Get some before they plant you in some woebegone cemetery for all eternity!


      • You are terminally stupid, dred. It’s a wonder you’ve lasted this long on Earth, as the world is not kind to stupid.
        I guess that rabbit’s foot stuck way up in your rass’ole must be working miracles, eh?

      • u love to talk

      • Nope! I love crushing your thick ignorant, misogynistic skull using nothing more than these tiny Black letters. Talking involves lips, mouth, tongue, and lungs to produce a series of sounds so when they reach your ear, you can come to an understanding.
        As you can plainly see by pressing your ear up to your screen, these tiny Black letters are silent. The only voice you’re hearing is the one in your head. If you ever heard me TALK you would chit your pink frilly panties!

      • funny man talk bout funny man u must is a funny man

      • So glad I can make you giggle and squirm like a lil’ gurl, outlaw! For my next trick , I will make your panties wet.

        Are you ready?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Looooool I can’t too much. Lmfao

      • U a nuh Jamaican u don’t know what funny man mean Gloria u is a fool fool woman

      • Gloria Thompson

        U can’t take me been born in JA from me…And it takes a fool to know a fool. I ain’t taking u serious u can’t help the way u r.

      • I can’t take Jamaica from nuh body.all mi did a seh is u turn ur back on yuh birth home a nuff Jamaican come over here and fi get weh dem come from a nuh mi dat never

      • Careful, dred. Show a little respect to the lady, or I will destroy you.

      • Go s##k ur sour mumma rotten p###y

      • Interesting how your religion says it’s OK to tell a next man to have an incestuous relationship with their own mother, yet calls for the death of two men who love each other.
        Something is definitely not right about that…I just can’t put my finger on it??!

        I won’t even mention your obsessive fixation on the vajayjay of woman you know nothing about.

      • When mi seh funny man I mean u is a batty man fool u not Jamaican u don’t understand sh-t sheman


      • How could you be broke?! Keep doing what you’re doing and the fives and tens will keep coming. Now do that little kicking thing with your leg when you spin around. I like how your frilly skirt flutters when you do it fast.

      • Mi nuh sell drug fool & u need serious help all u talk about it gay sh-t mi bun dem ting deh

      • Oh, so you’re a drug dealer now?! Who would’ve thunk it?!
        I can talk all the gay chit I want to…and you lap it up as if it were your last meal. It’s what homophobic f#cktards like you were born to do!

      • SHEMAN u born a SHEMAN ur whole family is shedevil & u & ur family that all ya’ll eat each other nasty people

      • No…we’re not cannibals, outlaw. We eat real food bought at the super market, not each other, you stinking rahtid fool.

      • U don’t know what real food is where u was born they don’t know about food

      • You fool. Real food is not the flesh of other human beings. Get a grip on reality before your mind permanently abandons it.

      • .my mind is totally perfect.


      • Go wash you A S S.

      • Mi nuh wear panti u a tell everybody weh u wear u f##king queer

      • Look B I T C H, put this in your f#cking mouth and stop making so much noise.

      • U & ur mother is the b-t-h sheman


      • Roflmao

      • Gloria Thompson


    • Gloria Thompson

      STFU stop the rambling and come off the illegal DRUGS u r taking…

  17. it Queen Ifrica freedom of speech and free choice to dis like two men having sex in waste matter and fouly smell gas with e-coli. her free choice and god gave her and must be respect. if you believe two men dumping sperm a soul to creates babies into fouly smell anus and disrespect nature that your free choice and your freedom of speech.

    • Which is worst…dumping sperm into foul smelling anus, or dumping sperm into five different woman, creating eight different souls and not providing the necessities of life for any of them?

      Like I said, you homophobics are a bunch of hypocrites. Your only concern seems to be about sex between two men. The sex that goes on between two women doesn’t appear to bother any of you in the least! Why is that??!

    • So just like how u say its queen ifrica’s choice for freedom of speech. Why can’t yall allow people the CHOICE to freely love who they want?

  18. human, animal, plants, trees, fruit, vegetables and every thing produce. unnatural do not produce it own kind. two men to gether sexually intercourse produce nothing but diseases.have fun abusing nature the creator has a time plan for all human that abuse nature trying to change nature to feel satisfied in the satan desire flesh. God only care for the soul . the worms will eat the satan flesh. soul live in the body. and any human that disrespect the creator organs is a big loser. need to respect the free choice God gave to human. you can stop sinning, gays, raping, killers, jealous, envy, haters of nature, haters of god. the creator still love you because you are breathing, walking, talking, brain functioning, legs to walk, anus to use and pass waste matter and gas, heart beating, kidneyfunctioning, all because of god mercy upon human to make change.

    • Take your make-belief God and cram him up your anus! Everything you see, touch, hear, smell, and taste has nothing to do with some fictional sky-dwelling fairy who lives in your head. One thing about the natural world, it has no use for a God!

      Just to show you how hypocritical you religious nutbars are…sin is the breaking of the laws set forth by God. The Bible specifically forbids work on the sabbath. The penalty is death. Yet, you people totally ignore that law because you want to purchase goods on the sabbath, or ride a bus, a plane, get you hair done/cut, patch up your gunshot wounds, order a big meal at a restaurant and such. Shouldn’t all those shop owners, police, restaurateurs, EMT’s, pilots and doctors be put to death for working on the sabbath??! Why adhere to some of God’s laws and not all?

      • And you take your daddy and cram his up yours. You filthy shyt-eaters need to get some therapy, because what you do does not propagate life, that is why you’ll always be hated.

      • LOL! So you hate heterosexuals as much as you hate homosexuals?! WTF are you exactly?

        One day I will stop using condoms, and maybe then I will father a child. Until that time comes around, I will bring no unwanted children into this World. Plus, I’m having too much fun being single and free.
        The only therapy I need I find while wrapped up with my girl. Where do you get yours from…the Bible??!

    • You sound bloody ignorant. What diseases can two men produce? What about two women? Come back with actual facts to support your comments. Try not to force your religious rambilings down my throat.

  19. if the planet does not produce , their will be no oxygen to breathe, no trees for oxygen, no food for human. the earth regulate on time. the creator see what human interfering with nature and the creator has a time human will be punish to abusing nature. God time. any thing that sweet will become sour. time, free choice will end .

    • WTF!?! So your God is into punishing us lowly humans for crimes committed against nature! I see…
      So Big Oil is being punished by God for raping the environment as it extracts oil and gas from deep within the Earth in order to fuel our economy by bestowing upon them hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.
      Nice work there, God!

    • This is just America, no real identity.. A country built on tradition and culture such as Russia and Jamaica will not fold into social causes because other countries deem it suitable.

      What I’m saying is, it’s not the end of the world… @ all your posts*

  20. how many boys being rape? two men dumping sperm in the anus full of fouly smell waste matter and gas , e-coli. all human creates from a drop of sperm that attach to the egg in the uterus to bring a conscious soul into this planet. all organ, all human, every living thing produce to maintain the earth.two men can not produce a soul, stop lying to the youth. God will take your free choice back. human are a big loser. the creator of the planet will call back the soul. i

    • Again, you’re on that two men thing! What about two women??! How come you don’t speak about the other side of the gay coin? I know why! If you saw two women kissing in the park, your kind would watch with hopes of joining in. If it’s two men kissing, you would want to take their life.
      You’re an ignorant bigoted hypocrite who needs to be removed from the human gene pool.

  21. BattyBwoy, Bloodclaating animals better step off! These gays have no place in reggae.

    • and no place on earth either dem need fi move and go to HEEL now

    • That’s the problem with you “head-buried-in-the-sand” types. You’re blinded by your own ignorance.
      Read the f#cking story…it’s gays saying there’s no place for homophobic reggae artists in this world. Catch a clue!

      • And what you Damaged Ne’er do wells don’t understand is that no one wants to be forced to recognized people’s sexuality which should be left in private. You Inbreds suffer from this arrogance that will soon drive you back into the closet!! And I read the story, you idiot. You or they cannot dictate how people feel and you push too much pretty soon people will push back, you’re not impervious to pain!!!

      • Seriously…IDGAF what you think! All that matters to me is the law. I know you’re not above the law, so when you see a gay person try not to kill them, or else you’ll find yourself kneeling like a good bwoy sucking hood in prison for a living.

      • Gloria Thompson

        LMFAO so true…

  22. Bun dem out ifrica

    • real talk me link we na sell we moral like certain ppl GOD we seh

    • Ahhhh! The complete opposite is happening, you just refuse to open your eyes. Ifrica was run out of New York by gays, and not the opposite way around.

      • Lol you right! Her career done internationally.

      • Yup! She’s done like dinner!

      • Ur p—y done

      • She didn’t run.that why di earth is f##k up people like u & dem mi nuh support gay might as well call ur self the devil.god will so no mercy 2 dem they gonna melt like butter 2 sun fire bun

      • *YAWN*

        It’s not so much that I’m supporting their gay lifestyle as I’m supporting their right to be whoever they choose to be. For far too long rights have been denied to Black people. Many have fought, shed blood, and died so I can voice my opinions, live my life as a free man, and walk with my head up. Please allow me to reiterate…denying the rights of the one, you deny the rights of the many.

        I don’t believe in your God. Hence, there is no Devil. Yes! Fire does burn, but human rights shall prevail. We are no longer chained to that old book written by much of the same sort of people who treat my African brethren with such disdain and hatred in their precious holy land.

        Youtube and watch this vid…you just might learn something new.

        Racist Israeli zionists threaten African refugees – Truthloader

      • Gloria Thompson

        For real…

    • Thats why jamaica nah guh better. Isnt there other things to sing about? Look how many artist are being kick off shows and losing money because of it. Dont you think its best to leave them alone and let then live their lives? Yall are so stupid!!!! Low di ppl dem

      • Well that there problem all I was saying is dem life style deh fi get bun out am not a artist so they not stopping my money

      • Gloria Thompson

        A that me a say to Nick. Them don’t bother you why bother them. Live your life and let them live theirs.

    • Gloria Thompson

      As you see its her concerts appearance a go bun now. I say don’t get involved in their lifestyle it have nothing to do with you. Same thing happen to other reggae stars who get caught up in that.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Its not your thing fine but you dont have to go hating.

      • I never hate no human I don’t like there ways

      • Gloria Thompson

        Ok outlaw, I get it.

      • What a load of BS. You have already admitted you would kill gays. What’s all that about if you only hate their ways??!

      • Who was even talking to u diss is between one Jamaican 2 another

      • Maybe you don’t quite understand this internet thingy! You write something…and anyone can comment on it. That’s the way it goes in cyberspace. If you have a problem with me, or it, might I suggest you stick the business end of a Glock 18 in your toothless mouth and pull the trigger!

        That being said, I’ve called you on your BS. Made you out to be the hypocritical liar that you were born to be. Now what, fool??

      • Gloria Thompson

        U make me lmfao…

      • The only thing that can make me cry is being broke & am not broke god never turn is back on me when I pray to him people like u don’t like 2 see nobody living better than u that why u mad cause I got sh-t & u don’t. I can give u a job with good pay & benefit

      • Gloria Thompson

        Don’t think he needs it, you can tell he is a educated man. Just saying outlaw…

      • Gloria Thompson

        You know the saying “silver and gold will vanish away but a good EDUCATION will never DECAY…

      • Mind can never vanish Gloria am 2 smart for that 2 happen. & education don’t got 2 do with being rich r broke a nuff people me know that got education & don’t even got a pot 2 piss in I got education 2 but the defiant between me & him is I got money & he don’t

      • It doesn’t make sense to have education & don’t make use of it I make use of mine & my life is beautiful & fine every morning I wake up with a smile on my face I don’t got no worries

      • No worries?! You must be dead, or high. Which is it, dred??

      • SHEMAN AM NOT A DRED R RASTA. so if am dead how come u replying 2 a dead man

      • not a Dred r a Rasta just a outlaw

      • Really!? So I can murder you and no one will be looking to lock me up?!
        Excellent, outlaw! Thanks for the info.

      • Still trying to be a man well u not u is a SHEMAN go back into ur cave

      • I’m in my man cave, outlaw. I built it myself. Comes equipped with a beer fridge, a 52″ Sony flat screen, surround sound leather sofas, hardwood flooring…and this computer!

      • U watching some body else on tv living like that not u the only thing u own is nothing that’s ur mother computer

      • LMFAO! Mom barely knows how to turn on her own TV.

      • Wat tv a box with antenna

      • A LIE U A TELL.everybody this is the real
        ziggy bbc SHEMAN

      • LOL! Yeah…that’s why so many of us are clamoring to get into Universities, and colleges. LOL!

        Yes, you’re right I am broke! I still have four months of payments on my truck, rent is due Saturday, I just dropped $240 on Bruno Mars tickets for me and my girl, bought a couple of pairs of pants, a belt, three shirts, and groceries yesterday…I’m broke, no doubt about that. It’s a good thing I get paid weekly, dred.

        BTW…were you serious about a job offer? I make $42.75 an hour…can you beat that?

      • I don’t got dem problem my bills pay & always a head


      • Dred, stop with the BS. You don’t own nothing but the clothes on your back. You may work in a restaurant, but I don’t see how you can be on here when the lunch rush hits.

      • Come work for me a see then u know what I would have u doing cleaning the members shoes SHEMAN

      • LOL! You already said you can’t afford to pay me! Do you honestly believe I’m as stupid as you??!

      • I wouldn’t give a SHEMAN a job

      • That’s a good thing, outlaw! I have a job. It’s paying my way through university so one day I can proudly say that I have a career. Keep your stinking crappy J-O-B. I’m shooting for something greater than that!

      • Keep dreaming in this world is 2 kind of people winners & losers i was born a winner

      • You spelled whiner incorrectly!
        Nice talking to you, outlaw. Got to go…my girl wants me to pick her up from work. I’m broke and she’ll probably want to go out to eat. It’s incredible the things us men will do for a lil’ vajayjay!!

      • Same meaning

      • Fagbag fi dead

      • No, outlaw! Don’t kill yourself. Suicides are barred from getting into heaven, and I know you want to get into heaven and live for all eternity on your knees.

      • U mad cause now every body knows what u really r ur email address give away all ur information SHEMAN now the world knows

      • Gloria Thompson

        Lmfao wooooo

      • u is stupid & dum

      • The thing you fear the most in this World, is hanging between the next man’s legs!

      • SHEMAN u fi dead

      • no SHEMAN a u dat I fear to live in dat by the way that u live in dam

      • It looks like an elaborate mud hut built by the Togolese, proud inhabitants of the West African nation of Togo. Why do you ask??!

      • I ask cause I feel sorry 4 u to be living like that what happened ya’ll didn’t have no cement blocks

      • Gloria Thompson

        Oh no, ziggy 😉

      • NEVER lie SHEMAN that u I don’t pay rent I got my own house SHEMAN all I got to do is pay utilitie bills so run weh I.D.L.E.R.S…..GO..S.U.C.K.Y.U.H.M.A.D.D.A….D.U.T.T.Y..S.H.E.D.E.V.I.L.

      • There you go again with your fixation on my mom’s vajayjay. What is it about you and old woman’s vag?! Young fowl taste much better than old fowl, did you know that?

      • I don’t got nothing against old woman but ur mother is not a woman is a man that they found u in the trash

      • Whatever you say, dred. You know so much about everything. You are a man of infinite wisdom. I can’t argue with you.
        I do have a question though…I was having an argument with a friend of mine, and she believes the Earth is only 6000 year old. I tried to tell her it’s a lot older than that. I was wondering if you could reach into that wellspring of knowledge you call your brain and tell me how old is the Earth?

      • If I remember good I think it was 4.54 billion years old I think

      • Yeah, that’s what I was taught in school. For some strange reason she thinks just because the Bible makes that claim, it has to be true. Much like how you think gays must be put to death because some old book says so.

      • Not because a book say so its not normal its wrong god never make Adam & Steve he make Adam& eve

      • Again with the fairy tales, dred?! Science has proven that we are all hominids. Humans and apes share a common ancestor dating back millions of years. We weren’t created by any sky-dwelling deity. What you see of us today happened through the process known as evolution. Need proof? Try teaching creationism in our public schools and see what happens!

      • I don’t know that maybe u do seem like u know him in person

      • Gloria Thompson

        Don’t know him, but I can tell…glad u r doing good. Blessings

      • Gloria Thompson

        Want to see u cool out and don’t take some of these comments so serious. I know we Jcans r hot headed but try.

      • I don’t but when a man is taking prison & death to another man life its no joke I take my life serious a lot of my friends r dead am bless 2 be alive. Am not treating u r his life so when pree. Bad thing for me that all am saying

      • So…this God of yours…he pays your rent, buys your ganja, puts food on your table, keeps your lights on, provides heat in the winter months, keeps your five, six, eight kids clothed, fed, puts gas in your car, pays for your internet…and all you have to do for this is pray??!


        I don’t see how you can say you’re living better than me?! You posted your addy, I Google mapped it. I saw the run-down tenament you lay your lazy head in. I can confidently say that your god is short-changing you! There’s a whole wide world of better out there. I have to warn you, though! It takes hard work, commitment, and a certain degree of ambition to wean yourself of your God’s teat and provide for your own self, and your own family.

      • Take that! …and that! Steady yourself, dred! Stop your crying! It’ll all be over before you know it. You’ll see!

      • Am not a Dred sheman that how dum u r cry fi wah u is nobody sheman

      • If I’m a sheman, as you claim, then why can’t you be a dred whose A S S is spread wide open waiting for the next man to fill it?
        Then again, are you dumb enough to have a nobody like me make you more nervous than a virgin on a porn set?

      • all u keep talking about is ass hole come on dog be real all am calling u is sheman u saying some other sh-t. NEVER NERVOUS BAD TILL MI DEAD ALL WHEN MI DEAD MI STILL BAD

      • You’re a clown, a buffoon, a fool, a liar, and a craven coward! Real badmen have no time to sit at their computer posting nonsense when there’s money to be made! You can fool yourself with that BS, but you’re not fooling anyone else.

      • U still talk SHEMAN mi bad & mines got money p###y & am not home on no computer fool am always on the road making money something u know nothing about sucka I never lie dum f##k

      • Your lies are so transparent, dred. Give it up! No one believes a damn thing you have to say.
        You’re more pathetic than I first thought.

      • That’s pathetic where u was born & come from gaybag

      • You lose again, dred. I’m not from Kibera slums of Nairobi.
        BTW…nice of you to make sport of Africans who are less fortunate than you. The white man really did a number on you, eh?

      • No a u the white man did a number on you a
        Shame of your home WHERE u was born

      • U can’t get big & gone bad u got 2 born bad.real bad man don’t talk about what they gonna do they just do it.gun clown

      • There’s no way I could ever be bad like you, outlaw. I was brought up by two very decent people who taught me the value of a human life. So I treat every day like a gift, and if you find fault in that, it could only mean one thing…you’re praying to the Devil.

      • Decent bbc

      • Whoa!
        It’s not too wise to be calling BIG BLACK C O C K decent on a story about gays. You being so homophobic and all…

      • Now everybody knows how yuh look SHEMAN. batty boy fi dead

      • So take your toothless mouth off my BBC and go murder your own self, outlaw! You have my blessings.

      • Gloria Thompson

        What’s BBC?

      • Round these parts it mean Bombocl**t, but coming from Fagfag mout it mean Big Black C**k, di man obsessed wid it.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Donone you aren’t easy. Wow

      • LOL! This is cyberspace, you dolt. It means whatever I say it means.

      • bbc

        Big Black C o c k. Usually found on African-American males. Also found inside slutty white girls.

        Dee pounded Laura with the BBC last night.

        Urban Dictionary dot com


      • Gloria Thompson

        LMFAO…Y on African American males only, y not other black males worldwide

      • …because it’s written for Americans by Americans. You know they think they’re at the center of the universe. What else would you expect from them?

      • Gloria Thompson

        For real.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Your so right.

      • See what I mean, outlaw?? I’ve got you looking at gay porn sites now. How did I do this, you ask? Simple. I turned you!
        “right click”—>”Search Google for this image”
        ladydude . com/pictures/black-shemales/

        Yeah…btw…we don’t upvote our own posts. It makes the poster appear more pathetic than they look!

      • U the liar first u say u is a man den u say u is a gal now u is a man again.& u the only one that get mad when I talk about gay people why cause u gay u can’t talk 2 me u nobody u born with nothing u gonna die with nothing bum

      • Stop! Please post the comment where I said I was a woman! Failure to do so within a reasonable amount of time will prove once again you are indeed a liar, and a craven coward.

      • I didn’t say it u said a month back so am going of what u say go back & read ur post b-t-h is a dog & dog lick p###y I don’t lick p###y so I can never be a b-t-h b-t-h

      • Your exact words were: “U the liar first u say u is a man den u say u is a gal now u is a man again.”

        Stop lying you f#ckin’ coward! You yam vag, you just su*k at it.

      • The sh-t u post 10 minutes ago never did & never will a puppy & dog do that sheman

      • You’re mumbling incoherently again, dred. Take a deep breath, remove the D I C K from your mouth, and try to type something intelligent!

      • That why every body knows that u r a SHEMAN cause all u keep talking about is d##ks & ass W..T..F..S.H.E.M.A.N

      • U probably delete it crosses she devil

      • There’s two things I don’t do when posting…one is click on those up/down arrows, and the other is to delete my posts. I leave deletion to the moderators, outlaw.
        A case in point is my exchange with salena a couple of days ago. I totally embarrassed myself thinking she was someone else. That post is still there for everyone to read and laugh at.
        So once again…f#ck you and your BS!

      • Your time is up! You failed to post where I said I was a woman. You are now, and forever will be my B I T C H!
        Act accordingly.

      • b-t-h never me should I call u he r she which one u be remember seh u born with a p###y & a buddy a so yuh madda tell me

      • Errr!? You knew the deal. I put it in plain English so even a lying illiterate coward like you could understand. You were given ample time respond, and you completely and utterly failed to produce one sentence where I identified my gender as being female.
        I set in stone the consequences that would befall you if you were to come back here holding nothing but your own minuscule limp D I C K in your hand talking some chit about “p###y & a buddy,” dred!

        This is your last warning! Correct yourself!

      • there u go talking that dum gay sh-t SHEMAN mi nah stop seh u is a SHEMAN

      • BBC ziggyfagfag, so first yuh a man, den gyal, den man again? sound like confused transvestite to me. mi did a wonda why you get irate when homesexuals are talked about. lmao.

      • U see it a batty boy that

      • P###y a fi kill mi all when mi dead & turn duppy mi still a f##k p###y

      • Gloria Thompson

        Woof woof outlaw…u real bad

      • LMAO!!!

      • Hahahahahahaha! First you talk about your imaginary sky-dwelling fairy God, now you wanna talk about ghosts??! WTF!?? Is there any part of your psyche that is grounded in reality?

      • You’re an idiot, dred! …and an illiterate one at that! Read me and read me well, long-haired boy! Gays, whether they be male or female deserve the same basic human rights that we all take for granted. To say otherwise is an egregiously hateful mindset more befitting the 15th century Spanish Inquisition than in modern-day America!

      • Gloria Thompson

        Totally agree. Well said ziggy

      • how illiterate do u know what that word means fool dum sheman

      • I looked up the word after I read your first post. To my surprise your avatar was right next to it. What are the odds on that??

      • SHEMAN u nuh mek scene stop smoking crack crack head

      • !?!?!
        Sorry about that, dred! I don’t do drugs! I don’t even smoke tobacco, much less crack cocaine. I need my mind to remain firmly grounded in reality for the duration of my lifetime.
        Do you know what I’m talking about, or are you still high??

      • I know weh u a seh but being high don’t mek nobody dum weed never kill no body

      • If smoking weed made people smart, everybody would be doing it, dred. The fact is weed makes you slow, it chips away at your ambition, leaves many a user in a state of perpetual stupidity. Need proof? look in the mirror, fool!

      • The odds is u a SHEMAN

      • If you were a betting man, you would lose your shirt, your house, and your life!

      • never & why my life is a treat to u am not dum mi a do diss fi year I will never fall even when mi dead on gone my business still will goes on & on business is booming & legal am smarter than u think


      • Build your strawman. I don’t care…I’ll set fire to it just the same.
        Yes! You create strawman arguments when you have no other valid arguments to bring against me. That is the fault-ridden attribute of a weak mind.
        I understand I’m dealing with hypocritical homophobic functional illiterates who can’t even spell the word, homosexuals…but seriously, get real! What the f#ck is a homesexuals??!

      • Gloria Thompson

        I guess those who have sex at home, or those who f-ck at home…lol ziggy

      • Hilarious!

      • What is a homosexual? Ah you…. Yuh done know

      • Gloria Thompson

        Ziggy, noticed name change and some comments deleted…how big and bad are they…

      • Obviously dem a sensor we, but me no matta dat, Urban Islandz delete my post, but dem cyaan delete Figgyfagfag’s gayness. Delete dat too now.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Mr Don, it seems u also have physic powers. Would love to know what kind of disrespect u were coming with, since I don’t recall replying to you. Also u seem to still be using the same moniker…ZEEN

      • No disrespect my queen. From yuh name Gloria, yuh mussi glorious looking. Mi duss have a problem wid di one name Figgyfagfag. Zeen though. Some of my posts have been deleted though. Bless.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Don1, don’t understand y u fighting with ziggy, I find him to b very knowledgeable, and a very smart man. We actually don’t have the same views on gays as u see if u read my posts. But I commend u on your respect for females. Some of these males posting is disgusting their disrespect for us as if they don’t have mothers, sisters or daughters.

      • Gloria Thompson

        One Love….

      • Hahahahaha! LMAO!!!

        Why should they delete my posts?! I’m not calling for the death of people based solely on their sexual orientation. Look, Dunce boy…a lot of what you have written here could be construed as hate speech. In my country, you would be dragged in front of a judge and made to explain yourself. Freedom is not about giving rights to some and not others. Freedom is mostly about giving rights to each and every citizen regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

        Learn that fundamental lesson and I will allow you to exist. Fail at it, and I will utterly destroy you.

      • Bredda yuh sound like yuh come straight offa harry potter movies. yuh ago utterly destroy me? Wid spell and magic potions? lmao. Yah nerd tr8…

      • Stop talking about your fantasy world! I dare you to bring a valid argument to me. You and it will resemble ground zero the day after planes flew into the twin towers.

      • Mi nuh talk bout u. MY posts been deleted. Obviously dem like faggotry.

      • Mi nuh delete nothing r change name mi email address get frozen so mi a fi create another one & mi still bad always & fi ever Gloria

      • Gloria Thompson


      • There comes a time when good folks get tired of the hatred that you spew, and will take matters into their own hands. You are to be on your best behavior from here on out, or else I will destroy this latest incarnation of yours just like I did the last one.

        ya si mi, dred?

      • the only thing u a do is type batty boy

      • I type, and you unravel psychologically. I type, and your head gets dizzy. I type, and you bow and kiss the ring on my right hand. I type, and you become my B I T C H.

      • Yes I did! Someone had to show these fools that hate speech is not a protected right. *wink*

      • Shut the f##k up u really is a SHEMAN

      • Sure, thing lil’ gurl! Just as soon as they lower me into the ground and throw some dirt on my coffin. It could be as long as fifty-five years, or as short as tomorrow. Are you willing to wait?
        Until then, I’m going to say whatever the f#ck I want to say, and no homophobic cretin like you is going to stop me.

      • Gay or straight every body have to answer when them time come.only God can judge. Make that money just leave the ppl them outta it.the artist them know where there heart is.

      • Gloria Thompson

        You’r right we all have to answer to the JUDGE…

    • Gloria Thompson

      Outlaw, have a question for u. U said u have your own business if a gay man come in your business for service would u serve him or tell him to get out.

      • If him come dressing like a girl he won’t get service from me.but business is business never personal just like a drug dealer will sell 2 anybody cause it just business

      • U still didn’t Answer the question I ask u

      • Gloria Thompson

        Didn’t see your ??

      • I did I say business is business not personal

      • I did.. business is business not personal cause if u turn down a customer that bad 4 business u know what am saying long as they don’t come in my place of business dressing like gays. like I said business is never personal…..but still I don’t like dem no matter what that’s dutty life

      • Gloria Thompson

        U are entitled to your feelings on that I know how we Jamaicans are with that. I felt the same way as a teenager in JA but becoming a adult I change my views on that…living in the good old USA also changed my views.

      • Yea but not because we live in the us don’t mean we of 2 live r believe in the same thing as them cause the end of the day we still Jamaicans & we never was raise like that

      • Gloria Thompson

        Answer u below…

  23. These artists have to make music that doesn’t address the lifestyle of others, it’s adding wood to the fire. The gay community feeds off of this and reggae is an easy target because they know the homophobia is strong.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Totally agree. Its their life to live how they want to

      • Gloria Thompson

        As long as it has nothing to do with you why get caught up in it. Like they say fire bun a no u a go bun.

    • Yes but artist should be allowed to make music about what ever they want. For example death metal. They sing about death and all kinds of things and nobody bothers them

      • You can do whatever as an artist , but it’s like spreading hate vs talking about death. Once the public view you as spreading hate, in these politically correct times. You pretty much have to change and conduct yourself in a way to avoid public backlash.

      • saying you don’t agree with something is not spreading hate. It’s just disagreeing. Talking about death can be viewed as spreading hate towards your life and self if you you want to go there

      • The majority always overrule what you may deem right. So in this case, gays out numbers her support and she was left screwed. I’m just getting straight to the point and it can be viewed as spreading hate because she is condemning the act, she should just avoid adding wood to the fire.

        You won’t catch dead people protesting or people on suicide watch marching.

      • I understand what you’re saying but at the end of the day we live in countries were we have freedom of speech whether its America or Jamaica so we should be able to say what ever we want. If that’s the case why not march outside religious places because most religions condemn it. Anything to say about that?

      • Would you be taking the same stance if you had a son that was gay? people always change their mouths when they are in the situation

      • I don’t believe in what ifs, I don’t know how I’ll act or if I’ll be around. I just live life. We can say what ever we want, but people need to use their brain and stop giving these groups ammunition to come after reggae.

        It’s not a personal argument on my part, just business. Some artist get banned from countries over a few protests from people who aren’t even reggae fans.

      • I can agree with you on the part with people coming after reggae

  24. Did a 5th grader write this?