Versatile – Different Thing Lyrics

This year a different thing
Different thing
Money mi a defend king
Defend king
Yeh so when yo si mi out a road
Try no bother wid the pretending

Cause this year a different thing
Different thing
Mi no inna different thing
Different thing
Worst mi son De-many just start school
College mi waan fi send him

(Verse 1)
This year a house an car man a pree
So if yuh no si mi, mi gone pon a spree
Vans or Clark’s Walla bee
Duffel bog stuck paw mi back like the balk pon a tree
Carve the road caw mi waan the money
Haffi build a house pon the lawn fi mummy
My pocket waan the bank inn a it
So if yuh hear somebody wanted a me
Last year mi never dweet
So this year mi haffi drive out the Benz wid the leather seat
Build a house that will never leek
Mi gi mi mother, an mi brother, an mi sister, an mi friend a piece
Dem cyaa poor fi another week
This year call mi pepper fi it
Cause all when led a beat
Mi naw itch up in a bed a sleep
Night an day man a step a street
Yo seet yeh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All a the broke vibes gone wid December
So fi live poor inna life dem mi no member
Last year mi usto barrow an now mi a the lender
Now a my gate dem a enker
Wi no beg friend wi no matter wid gender
Show mi the money anytime yuh si mi enter
Wi carve up the road till the road waan render
Wi meck the asphalt haffi ball an surrender
Haffi meck the money yow, wi haffi meck the paper
Bun badmind wi no care bout the heaters
Si seh dem a try but tell dem seh lata
Up in a the sky wi a look froem the scraper
Nuff a dem no waan wi get pay fi wi labor
Dem waan wi dead so everyday dem a prey fa
Nuff quietism mi get from mi neighbor
But man a pray to the savior

(Repeat Chorus 2X)