Mavado – Duh Weh Yuh Waan [New Music]

Mavado says do what you want in his new single “Duh Weh Yuh Waan,” off the Wul Dem Riddim, produced by Yellow Moon Records.

Some dancehall fans are already touting the single as a response to Bounty Killer’s recent diss tracks.

Check out some of the lyrics and peep the track below.

Wi a the baddest out a street
Man real dem counterfeit
Pu–y a chat a mussi true him have mount a teeth
Forty leg, forty wi forty feet
The Gaad no tek defeat
Thunder roll tree drop and block the street
Yeh when yo si mi seh the things yo waan fi speak

FULL: Mavado – Duh Weh Yuh Waan Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. My theory,about this feud,are dancehall,are the roots,bounty killer,one a the tree,the tree grow branches,movado,one a the branch,the branch grow leaves,some blossom,and bloom,some dried,and fade,but its still one foundation,dancehall,so no competition,just keep it real

  2. Khani Spanglah Jones

    Warlord fi life!

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