I-Octane – Fly Away Lyrics

Get blessings from the most high
Mi no fraid a no guy
Mi and evil have no ties
Mi a tell yo this no ties

So if I get wings, I would fly away from foes
Fly away from crows
Fly away from evil people things like those

Fly downs Fly away from friends
Fly away from them
Because them want my life it fi end

(Verse 1)
Jamie, them come a smile in a mi face
Waan poison my slice a the cake
Them dash oil a mi gate
Pon mi mouth waan put the sticky side a the tape
Jah bring mi showers a rain fi wash away the evil
Shelter me in a the arms a the angel
A place them cyaa reach to

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Them waan kill mi
Yes mi know fi a fact
Know fi a fact
But them never build mi
Yes them phoney allot, phoney allot
So mi go chant nia bingy
And them wont be a flop, wont be a flop
Warriors a kinky, so how them fi hold wi a back

(Repeat Chorus 2X)