Gage & Vybz Kartel – Brand New King Lyrics

(Listen Chorus)

(Verse 1)
Hypocrite say what’s ever
Wanna be the next king
No next never
And over the pirates treasure
Disgusting talent, unwanted pleasure
Girls take drastic measure
To ensure they could mite any pleasure
Some things that so endeavor
Dem a loser , liar, big L letter
And less vendetta

Dancehall Chronixx mi stay ten step a
Hustling real gold getter
Crocodile dunde, lone alligator
Dem crock wid dem under pressure
Ridiculous gune and back stabbing fellow
Mongrel when yo si the dog catcher
Futility, brutality, stretcher

Weh the brat dem weh claim seh him deavor
That change career quicker than dether
Female weh fluffy like pillow could a deh yha
Straight like a arrow, nothing funny to da head yah
Kartel no done him live too soon
Rahiem, and Jahiem….two blood brother
No disciple no try bruk da bread yah
Upgrade, elevate, dem a still ladder

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Just when it a cruse like a ship
There come ice burg fi sink titanic
Kiss mi teeth cuh likkle lunatic
Benz type freak but him nah book it
It review wis Jesus crucifix
Public profession, public foolishness
The way wi no care wi no fraid a grafix
The king of New York

(Repeat Chorus)