Xyclone – Woiii Lyrics

Show mi the wine weh yo use keep di man
Show mi di wine weh dem cyaa understand
Show mi di wine weh yo used get di house
And di car, and di ring, and di money inna di bank
Tic, toc, my girls, tic, toc
Tic, toc, when yuh a ride pon di c–k
Tic, toc, vibrate, tic, toc
Go down pon it slot and please don’t stop

Yo pu–y good, mi haffi bwal out woiii
Dip inna mi pocket and go bwal out woiii
Do da thing deh please meck mi bwal out dresser
Bed, floor, f mi all bout

Mi haffi rally back, yo f sort out
Cyaa go work mi haffi call out
Dresser, floor, bed, window, setee, bathroom
F–k mi all bout

(Verse 1)
Sexy no f, yuh a haunt mi
Mi no care if a next gyal no waan mi
Mi a rev out a brand new Bugatti
Caw mi upgrade from bed punanny
Anytime yuh need mi, just call mi
Mi seet inna yo eyes dem yo waan mi
Yo fling it up, mi jack it up, have mercy
Woiii, gyal have mercy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Set good, put yo foot deh so, brace it
6:30, tie yo lace quick
Da f yah name pop out yo lace wig
Get freaky if yo want and haha
Behave yo self, stop move up
Stop run from it, hey tek f
When yuh a get f, seh this a di best f–K
No so yo like it? No so yo want it?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)