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Vybz Kartel Appeal Could Take Five Years

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel is currently channeling his focusing on his appeal.

The self proclaim Worl’Boss, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, Andre St John are all serving a life sentences in a maximum security prison after being convicted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams on March 13.

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Kartel and his three co-convicts have since filed paperwork appealing the conviction on the grounds that they received an unfair trial.

But law enforcement sources told Urban Islandz that the appeal process in Jamaica could take up to five years due to a huge backlog of cases.

“Currently the Appeal Court is seeing cases that were filed up to five or more years ago,” the source said. “So it could be a number of years before Vybz Kartel get a decision on his appeal. In the meantime he will continue to serve his sentencing until such time arrive.”

Vybz Kartel will become eligible for parole in 35 years when he is 73 years old.

Kartel says he will not be making music behind bars despite a plea from his fans to continue to record.

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  1. Free addi

  2. When this first started, they said every jamaican has the right to bail, they didnt give that to him, so they broke their own laws. They are going to take forever on an appeal on purpose.

  3. Yes a gud thing the bobylon a do paint out that waste man jail boss , hope dem rape kartel inna jail

  4. Not recording behind bars
    Means we will never hear another new kartel song.
    I’m not surprised because he feel bitter and angry
    for underestimating the detectives the evidence from his blackberry and his stupidity for saving messages to the device that became his undoing.
    God has his way to silence us ;
    Marley Ali Malcolm Martin sorry Addijah
    But you left ur mark.

  5. Just in time for the change of Government 5 years a cowboy holiday just hold the faith sometimes people must die for a lot of people to live if those guns they said you order a man to be killed for were used in the wrong way it would be a different story .

  6. They framed kartel but God decide the future not man.

    • And since he in jail guess God decide that where he belongs. After all God more powerful than man so no amount of framing could have put him there if God didn’t wish it so. Yes God works in mysterious ways but sometimes he is straight to the point…you break mans laws you face their judgement. How we all remember God is omnipotent when we down but when he was up celebrating his Worl’ boss status no God he wid a say…hmmm

  7. He order lizard killing and must pay for his involvement

  8. No matter how long it takes…keep ya head up addi & shawn

  9. Wow…that’s okay…hopefully it goes through..

    • Why ? Just intrigued as to why you say that… never into an innocent person here in going to jail, but with so much stacked up against Kartel- can we really say he is innocent ?

      • Nothing is wrong with her saying that yes ” he is framed for murder” but what about lizard who was he going to shoot or kill need I mind you its Addi gun him tek so clearly he wasn’t a innocent man either .I hope it does go through too like @amanda86 at the end of every day god is the only judge .#justsayin

      • You just plain stupid. Two wrongs don’t make a right. How you know what happen to the guns? He was given them to secure and what ever happened to them nobody knows only Kartel and his psychic who claim say some yute dat go country…if the psychic did so smart should have told Kartel what was going to happen to him. As far as saying Lizard take them to kill so Kartel right..what was Kartel doing with guns? You soo dumb it really makes me wonder who type for you. Kartel claim he so smart and surround himself with minions so he more than anyone deserves being made an example. Instead a buy the yute dem chicken he buy dem gun…

      • And you are just as stupid!!!! You ask how they know what happen to the guns but make a stement so how in the fu* do you know?….smh. Just stfu and listen. Everyone even you knows that the JA system is so corrupt but the fact that it’s Kartel all the haters are okay with the system. Just remember the system don’t give a damn about you and anyone else and will fu* you in your a too.

  10. More time for the murderers. They can appeal all they want. They should rot in prison. We should keep going after illegal gunslingers and murderers like them who are responsible for all manner of crimes in our country and bring down the full extent of the law on them. Talent fame and fortune do not put anyone above the law. He, Kartel, was using the money he made from the Jamaican people to buy illegal firearms to arm his followers to make life worse for families. I love his musical talent, but completely hate his and anyone’s decision to promote crime and violence.

    • One thing is clear, the Jamaican government has a focus on cleaning the streets violence. That is never a bad thing

      • TheAgentOfTruth

        They publicized a couple of efforts, but very little if anything will be accomplished in the end.
        They have done nothing really.

    • TheAgentOfTruth

      These men became caught up in a system that is fundamentally broken. Their incarceration changes nothing. The 350+ gangs, the 1000’s of murders over the years; these guys were needles in a haystack…recent events are not going stop the cycle of crime and violence, until there is a major overhaul of the societal structure of JA. And of people’s minds…
      The guns need to be removed from the equation. JA continues to allow guns to enter the country – almost as if they, in truth, WANT the guns there – so they then, with all the gun crime / violence, will have their excuse / reason to heavily fund, grow and militarize the police, as they are doing elsewhere, and in doing so have complete and utter control over a population living in fear of both the criminals and the ‘authorities’…
      I would love to know why the UK cannot provide the technology to monitor air and sea traffic into the country. They can; they just don’t want to…

    • The kartel case is a phone case to me,so why the judge never order the main witness phone details too from degicel

  11. The funniest thing is with all that has been said about kartel and his so called cronies really now tying down to the case there is an errie of doubt but doubt don’t mean innocent and doubt don’t mean guilty but spells unceertainty that is why laymen cannot apply their novice skills to such a touchy case this is a typical example of conviction by personality because any “responsible” elder or parent on that jury deemed it neccesssary to put kartel and his so called cronies away because of his outlandish sadistic and vulgar persona (I sure as hell would want him in a pit if my daugther liked him) Yet I’m a kartel music collector so my question to the Jamician leadership how dafuaq did you employ such an emotionally charged way of judging people by way of a jury system?

  12. This is true because I know someone who is waiting for 6 years now for a hearing on an appeal. The Jamaica injustice system is a joke. Free World Boss

    • It is not uncommon for appeals to take that long. Universally there usually is a wait but how long differs from place to place.

    • I know Jamaica might seem like an developed country, but in reality it’s a developing, and we all know these countries need more time to get things right

    • A real ting yard system fu* up dem slow with everyting except killing poor people

  13. Dear God somebody please reread this article and edit. Are you so hasty to put out the latest Kartel scandal you don’t care how you shame yourself or do you just assume your readers are too stupid to notice?