Mavado – It Aint easy Lyrics

Take everything to Jah In prayer

Yea it ain’t easy, hear mi?
When I see the penitentiary I wanna stay free

It ain’t easy hear mi?
When I see the penitentiary I wanna stay free

(Verse 1)
Dem a try bring mi down an dem a ask mi how mi feel inside
MI born poor so mother fu*kers cyaa kill mi pride
Dem seh allot of things after mi gone
Caw dem fear mi inna physical form
First dem set mi up, fi wet mi up, murder mi friend
Now mi inna the court house trial again
An mi hear the things weh dem spoken
Waan fi come up after me when the clouds open
Now sometimes mi member pon the gully when nothing naw gwaan
Mi an mi dogs dem usto hang out like clothe paw stan
Back inna the gully inna the past time
Man usto buy a slice a bread wid dem last dine
Mi get the gift fi sing some song an everybody know mi
The media all up in my buss an act as if dem grow mi
The path mi chad it rough an yes yo know it ruggy
But right now a God alone can judge mi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
Mi have a message fi the haters dem
And another message fi the traitors dem
Gwaan like dem real but a fakers dem
Gully God shoot fi 3 like the Lakers dem
Hate by many, love by most
Life is a cycle, life is a coast
Longest livers yes a dem tell the most
Dem cyaa stop mi wid dem demon spouse

(Repeat Chorus 4X)