Deep Jahi – Harsh Reality Lyrics

As yo slipped yo dead
Shot no miss yo head
Police hate rasta but the force still dread
Politics a folitricks, pure misled
Ghetto statistic is the same Jamaica

A no play thing right in a Ochi heart
Don’t think lion heart soft
St. Mary no play king, over Flanka Mobay
Mi tek yo Norwood and a the same thing

Kingston a no play thing, in a Portmore heart
Don’t trust shadow after dark
St. Mary no play king, over Clarindon mi tell yo
Yark town dem a the same thing

(Verse 1)
Busy did already tell yo these are the days
Some real grimy days when shatters grease all the K’s
If yuh no vigilant dem left yo diciest or decay
In the suffering time when dem decrease all wi wage
Wi grow up like a gorilla, wi no fear no fella
Ready fi elevate just like a captor wid a popular
Youths weh go a street college, wa yo think dem study fah?
Fi buss it and meck money pon the corrida

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo cyaa be no soft soap in a this
Nuff marrow fly without passport and visa in a split
Second, know weh yo deh pon when yo walk road in a this
Hey no pass code fi navis
Jamaica full a more cell that the body when war start
Blood stream out run the cabby
More poastmarting that post office naturally
A no fool dem a shrub out pon the black chally

(Repeat Chorus)