Assassin – Still Missing You Lyrics

I drove by the cemetery today and it made me think about
The fact that your not around anymore
Been really missing you

And then the song started to play and it made me think about
The fact that you’re not around anymore
Really missing you

I think about the things that you use to say
And I get sad cause I know I won’t here them anymore

(Verse 1)
Well, eventhough I try to move on, it’s so hard to do with you gone
Cause, all the painfull memories,
And sometimes I feel you still there
Sometimes it’s like I can feel you still care
I swear, sometimes I still hear the sound of your voice in my head
It’s still clear
And I still hear the sound of yuh laughter so I know that
Your up living the life after
Eventhough we’ll never know why you had to go
You see as

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Last saturday I was at the house
Just watching the TV, chillin on the couch
Then your favorite show came on
And it reminded me that you’re gone
Then I left there, I went to the store
First thing I saw when I came through the door was
Somebody in a necklace just like the one that you wore
Oh I can’t take this anymore

(Repeat Chorus)