Vybz Kartel Family Living In Fear Over Informer Story

Given the informer culture in Jamaica, it is not surprising that Vybz Kartel’s family says they are living in fear of their lives.

The Sunday Observer published a story stating that Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, gave the police high command information about wanted men and illegal guns in Portmore in an attempt to strike a deal for immunity from the murder case that sent him to prison for life.

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A highly placed source inside the Jamaica Constabulary Force says Vybz Kartel has strong ties to the Klansman gang and gave the police information that lead to the arrest of several wanted men and also the recovery of 17 illegal guns.

Vybz Kartel lawyer has since denied the allegations. But now the “Dancehall Hero” deejay’s family is in fear of their lives.

“This is endangering the lives of Adidja Palmer’s family, his siblings, and his girlfriend, when a news like this come on the radio and we don’t know if it is credible, we don’t know the source… and they don’t think about how it is affecting our lives,” Kartel’s sister, Maureen Nelson-Palmer, said. “Right now I am in fear of my life, ‘Shorty’ (Kartel’s children’s mom) is in fear of her life, the children and all of my brothers and sisters. Everybody is now crying. We thought that when he got sentenced to life in prison it would be over. But that is not the end, it is the beginning.”

Vybz Kartel, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, his close friends Kahira Jones and Andre St John were all convicted an given life sentences for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years but the other three men will be eligible up to 10 years prior.

Clive Williams’ body has still not being found.