Furtyle Brain Ft. Vybz Kartel – 35 To Life (Back To Life G Mix) Lyrics

Back to life, mi waan go
Back to reality
Mi waan go, back to life
Mi waan go, back to reality

Listen, yo cyaa get pum, pum, a prison
A next man have yo gyal when yo missing
Stay far from war that a copper and led
Yo cyaa get head when yo dead

(Verse 1)
The food a sh–, the bed a concrete
Sunday gleaner a mi damn sheet
Yo cyaa sleep dead mi a warn yo
A bay roach and tat a crawl paw yo
When the cage lock you haffi tug it up
In a dem place yah dutty like rubbish truck
Mi just a pree back happy days memories
Wid mi kids and mi wife

Dem place yah meck yo know who a fry eye
Who get rights sell you out caw dem eye dry
Wa you tell the punk? You no have no defensive
Shouldn’t talk when squaddy beat out yo senses
Electric fences and the tall wall
Regular mi si man sit down and start bwal
Because dem a get puff chest and plus
Pu–y scare so mi just a pree seh mi waan go

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw yo lock down behind the steel bras
Everyday yo get up a worry yo feel salt
And yo fake friend weh sell yo out a fi him fault
Warder a guard yo like money in a steel vault
And no weh in a jail no pave wid asphalt
Yo cyaa brake out the rail no that soft
So who deh inform, me fo come a jail
Fi yo get a jam a stop, the medical a wait fi yo
The victim surrender
Warder fed up the offender
So who a the real winner
Long time mi know he’s a real dinner
In yah f up so mi smuggle some rum through the steel window
Just fi get mi appetite happy right
You know prison have a code but zip not you code
Like Mavado mi waan do road
Kartel jail a meck yo white like you soap

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
World Boss yo nah get no blow job so yo head must a hot yo
A no Photogustos prison cell dem got yo
Kartel yo start well dem waan end yo and flop yo
Dem lock yo in a cell and a run go fi baton
Fi use it beat yo til yo sh– up yo self
Dem would a waan fi come beat yo till yo piss up yo self
A good thing you a tug you no grounds man
Like rotten mango weh drop off a brown stem
Some bwoy drop a jail and gone to turn men
And a walla in a shi like dem grow in a cow pen
Mi come a sell black mi no si yo wid no sh– pail
The first thing mi si yo wid is a big head spliff tail
But before I see you what I saw was some big rail
Because yo future bright and dem waan fi meck it pail
Yo wish yo escape disappear like hallow man
And f Shorty in person not by hologram
Because when shi horny photo cyaa cores her
And if shi give weh punanny yo police friend arrest her
Yo seh Furtyle gwaan f some a mi other gyal
While mi a serve time some a dem go f another man