Zamunda – Still Hungry Lyrics

Every morning mi get up
Mi drag to mi sit up
Caw mi haffi keep up
Mi naw follow some bwoy weh a drop off a riddim an kiss up

So mi a sing till mi host cause mi mother still hungry
Mi daddy still hungry
Mi brother an mi sister dem
So mi haffi set away fi mi pickiny dem
Mi need every dub money
Every show money
Count until mi no know money
Stock an pile no low money
But mi naw go the way funny

(Verse 1)
Wayne wi naw follow some bwoy weh a flass Hennessy inna dance
An dem family still have miz an wants
That’s why mi a work so hard
Mi no waan none a dem fi beg
So life mi sister cyaa go a hoer house
Mi father cyaa go a pore house
Sing from mi heart, mi soul mi a pure out
everywhere wi go sold out

Before mi pass an gone
Mi haffi meck mi family dem live a good life
Mi naw sit pon corner everyday
Every night a chill out under street light

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tell mi if this right
Saturday mi work whole night
Sunday morning go home a mi yard
Cyaa cook likkle red rice
More time dem deal wid the thing a way
An mi mash up the place an sing away
Dem fi show money everywhere
Mi a wonder where is the singer pay
So everything mi work fa mi waan
A whole heap a mouth deh fi chew
Mi tell mama don’t fret
Daddy take yo hand from yo jaw

(Repeat Chorus)