Christopher Martin – Kenya Lyrics

Si them a come in the numbers
Try come beg wi friend
Trick wi once, yuh no trick wi twice
Tell dem don’t do it again

The people waan results
Wi no waan no long chatting
If you come yah wid the long a bag talking
Wi nah chat to dem

(verse 1)
Next thing weh mi waam fi address
Stop judge the character by the address
You ever si a likkle youth wid a gun yet
It pain mi heart how it set

Cause him don’t feel him a pass 16
That’s why him deh a road wid a tall 16
Nobody never know if yuh believe in him
A just the life weh the system give him

On and on again, on and on again
You say your for the people
But the people suffering

On and on again, on and on my friend
Come wid empty promises
And nothing don’t happen

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bigger heads unuh tek wi fi fool
Must a think seh wi never go no school
Wi a smile but nothing don’t cool
Unuh meck the dollar slide and drop in a pool
Crime and tax and slackness a rise
Unuh look in a wi eyes and tell pure lies
The island a sing and the people a cry
But nothing nah change

(Repeat Chorus)