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Alkaline Shot Back At Bounty Killer, “I Care Zero” [VIDEO]

Alkaline recently came under fire not just from some dancehall fans, but also dancehall legend Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer made some scathing remarks about the shock value deejay during a recent show in Mountain View. But Alkaline says he care zer

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“I am not hear to seek acceptance from everybody because at the end of the day I am human and I have feelings too,” Alkaline said during an interview with Nightly Fix.

“A lot of artistes like to say a lot of negative things about me so its just another thing,” Alkaline said.

Alkaline also discuss the controversial “Bratta aka Batty Wash” line in one of his recent singles.

The “Things Mi Love” deejay says it is something he observed himself being done.


  1. Tira Tiffany Kingston

    alkaline i love u burn all haterz alkaline me seh


    analkaline choose u words carfull when u address the warlord and u a freak and a battyman u stole kartel style melody and the man image but be warn dont ever try diss bounty killer killer is the people’s dj and the one artist who a stand up fi dancehall so know what u a talk when u call the general name. U WERE WARNED

  3. No him too ugly to pipe my muma are anybody I knw him pipe yr daddy you were born out of batty hole dog sh–

  4. he is mature and I like the way he dictates the interview and does not allow others to take him for poppy show. He is ambitious and ahead of his years

  5. Let Di bwoy dem do his ting deh
    Nuff badmind want him downfall already
    Killa should make music an stop bashing di Yout dem
    Alkaline has exceptional talent bad bad

  6. I ain’t feeling this dude but he has every right to stand up for himself bounty is a bully

  7. why does his eyes look like that. Something from outside of this world?

  8. alkaline yuh caan try fi diss killa

  9. Alkaline is very talented he needs to just make good music .

  10. Tis boy soon get blind with dunce self a gaza him say bt a play like him jus a do him own thing. Anybody who dis the general bounty killer will fade away jus time will tell take a look at kartel his days are over enuh jail boss that yah now

  11. he looks like a cartoon

    • Some one sponsor him fe look like clown….him soon blind…bout him tattoo him eye, dyam fool…lets watch de fool dem who copy him..all in the game…he is a puppet….

  12. yute yuh talented but the heap ah slacknes n freakiness ah wah we ah bun out so nuh bother diss di general caah him ah mek real sense.batty wash mek yuh mouth stink n who really want stinking mouth gal or man.

  13. Batty bwoy Alkaline yo cyan diss Killa