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Vybz Kartel And Gaza Slim To Go On Trial For Conspiracy

Vybz Kartel legal troubles are not yet over.

The self-proclaim worl’boss and his protege Gaza Slim will be going on trial in August for conspiracy charges.

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Vybz Kartel will already be serving his prison sentence while on trial since he will be sentence by a judge this Thursday in the Home Circuit court in downtown Kingston.

In November 2011, Gaza Slim and Vybz Kartel were both slapped with charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

According to police reports, Gaza Slim, whose real name is Vanessa Saddler, filed police complain at the Constant Spring Police Station on October 29, 2011 claiming that she was held at gun point and robbed by a man name Clive Williams.

Clive “Lizard” Williams is the name of Vybz Kartel’s murder victim.

Detectives say they uncovered text messages in a seized cellphone instructing Gaza Slim to file the police report.

Another man name Andre Henry, aka Pim Pim, was also charged and will be going on trial.

If found guilty the three accused could be sentenced to up to three years in prison.


  1. jackie stephenson

    I believe all those boys got an unfair trial, kartel is guilty yes but I am not convinced if it is murder to me he is just guilty of being foolish and too proud and have bad friend and company around especially the one instigator name problem child he is a set up. What kind of a friend a call up man and a tell man fi dash way a next man it wasnt even any of problem childs business not even his guns and Vybzsis so foolish to bite. As far as Gaza Slim she soon get what the duck get she needs to learn to pay for lying on a dead man if the man is indeed dead I am not so sure about that. For all we know maybe the police kill him cause Jamaican police wicked enough they been killing innocent people also so what can stop them from killing criminals like lizard and pin it on kartel.

  2. When things are bad, we place it in the garbage. Kartel is a bad man, where should we place him?

  3. Prosecute all the murderers. Adams is a murderer, try him. Garza slim involve in murder, try her. Any police, any gal, any man, garza, gully, over deh so, country, town. If them murder people, try them, find them guilty, lock them up, and throw away the key.

  4. See what the hype life brings you.. word to the wise.

  5. Lock dem up for breaking the law! I don’t care who the guy or gal.

  6. You talking rubbish, use commonsense.

    • It is commonsense. Did u follow EVERYTHING or just what u wanted to?

      • I live this, I do this daily.

      • Primo must stop using his fcking emotions here, Torontoluv has a point.

      • Thank u! Lol but really tho, kartel way to smart to kill someone. And how come they still used his phone for evidence. If it was touched by police who knows what else they messed with besides bbm stats. Its a joke to them. And im still stuck on an expert saying the letter to the public defense was written by the same person. They clearly insulted the expert. They had to set this one up nice thats y they kept putting off the trial date. And who are all the people in the video? Y would he not want his head shown but his well known tattoos to b videotapped? Lol I felt like I was reading the script to a low budget film. Sh– is sad. Oh and if a body was beatin to death im sure that would make a mess at some point. Kartel must of been a genius to get rid of any inch of dna. In that house. Think about that

      • People like you put kartel a prison, support him with his foolishness. Leading him to his gangster lifestyle, now you see where him end up. And if you all don’t stop supporting them a lot more will end there also or dead.

  7. shorty have sense don’t get caught in no mans folly but some people a try prove dem self to fartel when he means them no good!!! a set if cretins

  8. lock dem up!! BBC country gal turn fool because of fame that is her punishment…

  9. You too dunce I dnt care who agree or dis agree you his the biggest punk after tis comment I won’t say anything to you becuz u too dunce zeen , go put a hood in yr mounts gaza fags

  10. Police had 2 YEARS TO SET THIS UP. Dont yall see that? A person is not murdered when their body is missing. U are considered a “missing” person even after 20 years if u not found. If they had a real case, there would of been no reason to lose original .c.ds, cops would not b messing with cell phones. That sh– cant slide up here in canada. Cops get dismissed fr the force and charged. Smh. And the witness lol u see someone on the floor dont mean hes dead. U ever see aomeone get punched in the head? They blk out for a couple mins. This is all set up

    • The video was grainy but they say that the Worl’ Boss tattoo is what sold Kartel out even tho the date on the videowafter the murder Love Kartel but hiss tattoos a mess how the hell anyone see worl boss beyond me i cant read sh– on him bleach or no. If u read the observer the transcripts are there its amazing to see on paper. To all the haters- go throw your insults on the Observer page you fit it with all the so called christians so you can judge freely there with your peers

  11. im white and I respect kartel he is the tu pac of dancehall free kartel if they dont prison him they kill him we all know mofrado n popcaan sacrificed kartel for there fame open your eyes

  12. Yardie you are correct . Katel is no world boss . He is world murderer

  13. Haven’t been feeling well but am right here . That moron Kartel is a disgrace to dance hall to put him self in this mess . Let cake soap bleacher go to hell .

  14. Kartel was at the peak of him carea,he was taking dancehall to another level,putin 2getha both talent,business and still staying rellevant n true to the genre,hip hop cats wear rocka wear n bomp to jay z muzik,id love to bomp to dancehall n wear artist brand,dats love n support.give di gheto youth a chance

  15. Kartel jah knw good good dj start well bt you finsh really bad dnt put yr trust In the devil and dnt bite the hands dat feed you bounty killer . Look how u jus go dash weh yr freedom over 2 guns gun clown . Lock up gaza slim one man mi seh and mean it lol dutty gaza it build on dis loyal kartel his the root of did loyal and a run dwn money , work fi di devil then u get a raw deal lock pim pim

    • Al knw mi no hear knw body say condolence to lizard family, people a gone like kartel a God, when a p…y hole that wot kind a world, wold pu—, him send man go kill me friend roach Aswell, him a to pay for that as well. Clown

    • Were you there no so stop chatting you know what’s up you are a fu–in hater your name is burn gaza why what did gaza do to you you know what don’t even answer me cause I don’t give a rats ass

      • Frist thing go put a hood In yr mouth. Second nobody was their everybody have there own opinions I’m sure u was nt there either and all who a say free kartel the case was tamper with, it mus trow out ect those gaza fags and drags wasn’t there so u pointless I’m a fan of dancehall music daddy devil is at home (jail) hope him nuh drop d cake soap with batty man laugh

      • You sound like a real dumb a– go su– yo mamma kartel in innocent and you know he is you just don’t like him you want him gone because he was killing everyone behind the mic

      • Again go put a hood in yr mouth you too dunce mi never tell u say talking to you is like talking to a brick wall kill which mic ? By bleaching his skin like a big pu::y and provoking the people with his devil style killing people and take picture like a real dum ass lol mi knw him guilty him and his yes man dem his 10 mintes of fame are over.

      • You don’t know sh– cause you are a little punk talking tuff calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you a batty man go su– a di– little boy

      • Y shoud we jamaican have to pay our tax to keep vybz Cartoon in prison, they shoud just shot him an say him try fi escape it woud save tax payer money

  16. That doesn’t rub off the fact that dancehall is in jail.Dancehall is in jail.period.

    • And you think you have sense.vybz kartel never start dancehall, yes add to it, but him being in prison won’t stop dancehall. You disrespecting all the artist that work hard to bring dancehall to what it is, so that kartel could mess it up.

    • That’s a slap in the face to all dancehall artist if you are real dancehall head you would know that its not just one man I ain’t gonna lie I like kartel but I also like bounty ninja mavado beenie mad cobra sizzla to name a few mavado and bounty brought the best out of kartel tell me where who he be if it wasn’t for them if you just like kartel and nobody else then you not a dancehall fan

      • Al knw mi don’t hear no body say condolence to lizard family, people a gone like the punk a God, him send man go kill me friend roach as well, people have to pay

      • First of all I have no idea what you are talking about like I said in the past I was not there I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty this was a shady case on both sides but at the same time I don’t believe he had a fair trial wrong or right

      • BRING OUT THE BEST HOW???? FOOLISHNESS!!! Mouth mek to talk say anything…..

      • You can agree to disagree

      • Yo kartel vs bounty kartel vs mavado these were epic battles love it or hate it kartel was big every club plays vybz how many clubs play bounty killer

      • Because bounty had his heyday in the 90’s. That doesn’t mean his music is not still relevant, but vybz kartel is in a different class. There are some good dj’s who can rival kartel such as busy signal and deva bratt.

      • And I would of loved to see those battles

    • Guh su– yr muma the devil in jail nt dance hall

    • vybz cartoon is the worst thing every happen to reggae music

  17. Oh god leave Gaza slim alone

    • Support that

      • Rian I don’t agree with them going after her . Look how tiny she is . They say they have text messages that some one told her to do that . I am sorry but I will not be commenting on Gaza Slim . I feel bad for her . Why Kartel didn’t let is baby mother or family do this mess . These people are all scape goat for Kartel .

      • They are flexing their muscle on everyone who was involved it’s starting to get outta hand if you ask me this Thursday kartel will get hit hard and they will other things to charge him with the they going at him in the papers and news makes even more shady he was found guilty ok leave it alone but its like they are trying to justify it I like kartel’s music and if he is guilty it won’t change the fact that I enjoy his music but but it feels like they are trying to everyone hate everything about kartel guilty or not guilty just get it over with

      • Some one sent the text to her . JA needs to go hunt murderers who beheaded people, rapist and thief . Leave Gaza Slim alone . I am not a Kartel fan . Oh god leave her alone

      • I enjoy dancehall if your music is good it good look people feel like they can’t like someone because they like someone else when biggie and 2pac were beefing I didn’t care cause big and pac were dope I didn’t like ja rule but he had some good songs I can’t stand lil wayne but he sometimes drops tight music music is my passion I listen to music everyday I got kartel ninja bounty bennie super cat mad cobra sizzla buju and more in my ride so I don’t hate on music

      • He was not convicted because people hate him or his music he was convicted for murder.

      • She should pay for her crime she knew what kartel did to lizard and then she conspire with him to cover it up.

    • You say vybz is guilty but he is guilty like you so is gaza slim hey brown don’t support anything this fool says

    • She going to prison, kartel used that, abused that and refuse that. Too bad but she will be going the prison, no pity three years.

      • Leave Gaza slim alone go after the person who send the text to her

      • Rude boy a the law, the law was already in place. It’s not like the law was made after. It’s not every thing that glitters is gold. She have to be street smart, money and fame lead her away. Definitely prison

      • Prison dat a gu…slim fi du time

      • Well said promo. Kartel took advantage of anybody who got close to him, man or woman.

  18. If your an innocent man then why are you trying to pervert the course of justice ?

    Send gaza slim go prison to

    • All the evidence in both cases have been messages that have been “sent” by Vybz Kartel…is it accurate or are they setting this guy up?

      • The man is guilty without doubt, he is a murderer that need to be really punish and stop being pity. I hope give him the 20 / 25 years. Gaza Slim definitely going to prison. Best if she make a plea deal.

      • Kartel fi just find a man in prison an b jamaican next kid Ralph, because that’s his home fr knw on,

      • Where do people like u get your ideas. Here is a clear case with recording of the guy talking about killing and u ask if they set him up. So was it a Gaza slim look alike that went and filed the report. Vibes cartel is not the biggest Jamaican star. They did frame bob marl;ey for murder, neither did they fram sean paul, shaggy, shabba, beenie, bounty, movado,beres hammond,…….and all those big jamaican stars of the past. What is so special about this guy that police would go out of their way to find a guy who talks just like him to record on the phone conversations, then find a gaza slim look alike to file a false report, the go and kill Lizard themselves and say it was kartel . While Jamaican police are currupt, I am sure anyone with half a brain would agree that u have to be insane to believe its a conspiracy. And what is the motive.

    • Agree 100 %