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Vybz Kartel Sentencing Set For Thursday, Fans Plan Major Protest

Vybz Kartel will make his final court appearance this Thursday in the Home Circuit court for his highly anticipated sentencing hearing.

The dancehall star, who was convicted by a 10:1 jury on March 13, is facing a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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Vybz Kartel’s legion of fans are also planning a major protest on Thursday outside the Supreme Court building in Downtown Kingston.

One of Vybz Kartel’s former protege who requested anonymity, told us that she and scores of the deejay’s fans will be taking to the streets on Thursday to call for a retrial.

“The entire case was a sham, because how can you convict a man with fabricated evidence?” she said. “He was found guilty even before he go on trial.”

Police sources told Urban Islandz that the force will be taking extra precautions to prevent what happened on the day the verdict was read.

Kartel fans protest 8

On the final day of the trial, hundreds of Vybz Kartel’s fans clash with members of the security force out the Supreme Court building. Several of the deejay’s fans were arrested and one man was beaten by cops.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were all found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Shane Williams, who was also a co-accused, was acquitted of the murder.

The four convicted men are facing 25 years to life imprisonment for the murder.

Clive “Lizard” Williams’ body has yet to be found.


  1. Burn Gaza when the idiot Kartel comes out he will be over 50 career done . If the corrupt JA system don’t let him free . Kartel born 1976

  2. Why none of Kartel die hard fans not helping this person. They are looking why police beat up this person .

  3. How u get charged with murder when there’s no body and no evidence? ???? Sounds like a set up to me

  4. They’re is no evidence so how the hell would they give him the chair, it would be a Mislead case cause there system isn’t weak this has to do with the way Vybz Kartel behaves I don’t really listen to him but I think it was a unfair trail, they have a right to appeal.

  5. The Uncle black people in the government of Jamaica don’t even acknowledge dancehall as music.

  6. bigblkblazin

    • You can’t convict someone with no witness, no body and fabricated evidence. Unless you were there when the man died then you have no say.

  7. If he is sentenced to 20 how many yearz r those…where i come frm hell be in for ten yearz n thn he cn get a presidential pardon thts if he behaves well in prison

  8. Free world boss

  9. Free wurl boss, fck anti-Gaza mi seh!

  10. hate no man justice for all

    the body was not found so he deserves nothing wat if the ni–a is alive?

  11. Who has the $500,000 and more to bribe the jury? All kartel $ gone from lawyers and paying all the bills when hes locked up and who knows how much it wouldve taken to bribe the rest of the jury this sounds so stupid

  12. this is ridiculous u have no body and no concrete evidence!!!!the crime is the system

  13. carelessboutpeople

    kartel lawyer is very weak, i wondered, where did he went to school? the judge that judge kartel case should have ask to step down; because, interest of bias. meaning because he had lost a son it might cloud his judgement against vybz kartel. This entire case is a joke.. the jury came back in two hours after 65 days of trial, did they even go through the evidence? how many of them were threaten?

  14. 3 Guilty. If they free kartel, they gotta free the rest. What message would that send? There is only one way world boss will be free…and thats if someone steps up and takes the rap for murder. has to be shawn…for it to be believable firstly…now..who sees that happening…Kartels pockets AINT as deep as many of you think…hes never seen a foreign market….how are u a world boss and u cant travel lol…dawg ur done….great music tho thanks!

  15. Idk why so many Anti-Kartel ppl are upset with us, if the evidence was more convincing, i wouldn’t have these questions, doubts, and skepticism’s about the trial or verdict. things just seem odd, and so if it raises a concern to me, naturally I’m going to question it so that i can understand whatever i don’t understand. Like I said time and time again, if kartel is really guilty then he must serve the time, no problem with that, but this trial and conviction should have been more smooth, it was so choppy and drawn out that it was unbelievable. and even if he did beat this murder charge, they had plenty more lined up for him, just like they’re doing with shane. they want him out of the picture and they would have stopped at nothing. remember they said they found “23 bodies” in his yard according to this site, they would have tried him for all of “them” 1 by 1 until they could convict him successfully

    • Here is a man with a head on his shoulders

    • Everyone was hating on kartel be4 this sh– happened because he diss their favorite dancehall artist or because of bleaching the people don’t care about lizard they say they do but really don’t if this gets kartel out of the way then they are cool with supporting the system but if it was a women beater like bounty they would not support the system they would support bounty they talk about right and wrong but yet support a woman beater they don’t care about the women he hurt a lot of people need to get there mind straight just wait and see all the people respond to this post that are anti kartel and some will feel the need to defend them self and bounty killer

  16. Life without parole. The judge need to send a message. pity they would not give him the death penalty. He’s a menace to society.

    • And the police force isn’t right come on before they can even think about cleaning up the society they must clean up the police force what they should do is line the police force against the wall no need to say more

  17. Buay!!..mi a tell you.. everybody wah dash weh di Key eeh..wi wah 7-10yrs.. he out in 5 ..evidence insufficient wid a “licky licky” jury..a jus lock dem did wah lock him..a so unnu hated him other than legal rumblings and fumbles..a weh him do mek pk hate him suh?..to rass..

    • Sum people need fi zip up n lock tlk cuz a dem same one tlk bout lock him up but stil a play kartel nobdy cant tek di boss place danchall only done jus wait in time n c people gonna want him free 2 save danchall but it gonna b 2 late mi tell yuh

      • Bless..a jus forward movements ya..ppl affi think bout whats next cause from weh mi a see. His time is up..we hoping for an appeals but Bobylon can draw out dat all over 5years or more…Bounty killa a my artist..as far as Kartel some say Justice was served..I tend to disagree..

  18. 5-10 years in my opinion

  19. Even if Vybz Kartel kill ya own bro, would u trust in the verdict of the current legal system in Jamaica? If u as an average person could be sway away the corrupt legal system dont one think u ll b victim of the same legsl system that corrupt ya mind coz of ya fake emotions? Jamaica dont need to trust in their reps but in their own demo power. I know u r smarter than that. How many did police n govt kill in their own allies? Did u question that? Did u read an informed article today abiut “is Kartel guilty or to b found guilty? If ya mind is narrowed then u think little. Revise ya bias in thinking . Peace out smart worl citizens

  20. Life for life lock the coon up for life who care about a chimp name vybz kartel

  21. If any of you gaza hating fools was in his situation you yourself would of like to be brought down with real and proper evidence not f—ry i dont get how you can hate a man you done know. If you done like him.stop following his every move and the case.

    • They want him off the street this hole thing is a set up you these little kids saying he is guilty its because they diss like him or their favorite artists dislikes him I red his book voice of the jamaican ghetto I think a few haters on this site need to read would the haters feel the same way if it was buju or bounty no they wouldn’t

      • Its really stupid its kind of like gully vs gaza all over again these people have no common they hate him when he was never done them nothing its very ignorant. Fair trial me seh are free fi man

      • That what I’m saying

      • You should yellow it too. Seriously

      • But he could not want his freedom very much because he did not defend himself..he had his day in court and he did not defend himself..you all are defending him but he did not do it for himself..how do you explain that?

      • He said what he felt he had to say my hands are clean my lord

      • I agree..but from a different perspective..yea Kartel neva value his freedom coulda neva….but chk it..defence against what?..the body they found, the blood..the weapon? They had nothing..but mal intent..and you can’t defend fr that..Kartel was a Boss but it is now apparent he was not thinking as one..Jamaica Govt wasn’t gonna let this opportunity pass..MI JUST READ AWHILE AGO SEH DI SAME JUDGE WHO TRY DI CASE LENNOX FI HIM SON GET STAB UP AND KILLED INA 2007 da judge deh did bias nuh rass..

      • Sensible judge!!!!

      • he could have chosen that route so that he didn’t implicate his cronies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is the one who did it, it could just mean he didnt want to say anything that might rat out a next man, because you done know how them feel bout “informing” that would not look good for him. ijs, but who knows why he really went about it that way

      • All i got 2 seh i would neva buy another cd cuz dem dj yah sing nothin but bulls— kartel tell u wat u want 2 hear so u can feel di vybz a jus kartel me n my girl f— 2 so how dem gonna lock away a man like dat yow star it hurt mi 2 mi soul yow true a man dnt kno

      • I purchased the book and he seems a lot more intelligent than he lets on in his music. Too intelligent to let anyone in the room with video and audio during a murder committed over a robbery of less than $1000. He has children and elder parents. People say that he’s not valid enough for a conspiracy but the gov’t has been involved with him with everything from the Sting (which almost always a setup clash) and the bleaching and Gaza vs Gully. People should separate the artist from the music look at Dr Dre and Ice Cube they are not real gangsters only fictional for the Audience.

      • Yeah that’s the thing people like the bad guy look at movie scarface Tony Montana people love that character and kartel knew this its was all about marketing but we must remember this is a shady case so I will not look at this case as a fan nor as a hater we must all have an open mind

      • You come from Jamaica and acting like you don’t understand Jamaica. Kartel try to mess up the case from the beginning with gaza slim then spend money to clean up his act, police get money to help mess it up also, even to the end he pay to bribe the jurors. When pressure reach him in jail he will start the others then will reveal

      • I never said I was from jamaica and I really don’t know what you are talking about you need to relax if you don’t agree with what I said cool I don’t know why people get upset when someone has a view they disagree with If I disagree with someone I will say it in a respectful way don’t try to change my views believe what you want to believe I really don’t care

      • Primo ny has the wrong rian

      • How did I disrespect you? I thought you were from Jamaica or live there base on you talking about our system. Most of us born and grow in Jamaica, we live it. we know our people. And like you said “I don’t know what you are talking about” well I know what I am talking about. You read and base your opinion on what you read but you don’t the know the real deal. Kartel and his friends are guilty without doubt. So you can stay there with your fragile mind, saying I disrespect you. Paper soldier

      • I still don’t know what you are talking about you must be talking to the other ryan now I’m not from jamaica but I’ve been there and I also have family there are some who believe he is guilty some don’t some even think it was a set up me I don’t know my mind is not fragile I just see both sides people who can’t see both sides have fragile minds they believe everything they read me I’m keeping an open mind with this case so move on to someone else

      • Kartel is hated in his country than the rest of the world. South Africa luvs “Wurl Boss”

      • I don’t hate kartel at all

      • He’s a nasty piece of work that needs to be off the streets

      • I believe you so get off the the street

  22. i would love to know what all was said, presented, and done in the courtroom because from what i understand, Kartel was not even in the house at the time of lizards alleged death so how can he be charged for murder? I think it is more fitting to charge him as an accomplice, but 1st degree murder is not fitting for the circumstances. According to the witness testimony on this same site, kartel was out chasing the witness while lizard was in the house and when both kartel and witness returned inside the house, witness saw lizards body “motionless” did not specify whether certainly dead or not. Any how them give him life mi know seh this case is surely not about lizard, this is a “bring dung” case and mi know seh di judicial system is no doubt corrupt and unjust.

    • The case was about common design that is why the judge explained that even a ‘wink and a nod’ in agreement to kill implicates ..that is how he explained the law and if Kartel directed them to kill then he is very much guilty to the full extent of this law.
      Also if Kartel was really innocent and had a case to present why did he go the route of an unsworn statement instead of giving his own side of the story and facing cross examination. WHy not give his alibi. Look at the current Oscar Pistorious case taking place in South Africa. He fully believes he is innocent so he is willing to testify to that and face the cross examination.

      • Yes, facing cross examination is the only way one can prove themselves in a court of law and justice. Anyone accused of committing a crime but opts not to be cross examined is somehow guilty in their conscience and such an option leads the jurors and the judge to question themselves why.

      • Black beauty i was involved in a major trial were my legal team addressed the jury by saying, evrin is not going to give evidence he dosent want to bored with his cross examination. judge him on the evidence and only the evidence alone, and i was found not guilty, so every case as we know is different, ( but is me and god walk inadi court house them 3 days of the trial.

      • it could simply mean that he didn’t want to say anything incriminating about his cronies and so he took an unsworn statement to protect his associates, not necessarily that he is hiding himself. but everybody knows about “informing,” there are other people involved in this and he probably does not want to be the one to send them down. Maybe if no 1 else were involved then he would testify. who knows? I’m just throwing possibilities out there, because there’s more than one way to look at it, they may sound far-fetched, but they still cant be ruled out until we find out more for sure.

      • Kartel didn’t want to say anything to discriminating none of his cronies, that’s why he didn’t took the stand to defended himself, really! This case was like another O.J Simpson case, Kartel believed he was really going to get off. If he did ever took the stand, the juror wouldn’t be needed anymore for a guilty verdict because he would have hang himself up there after the prosecutor finished with him. Do u know that most murders don’t took the stand because their lawyer advised them not to do so because the lawyers them self knew their clients is guilty, but it’s their job to prove their innocent.

      • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

        I agree with you- I would face the cross examination too to prove that I was innocent

    • Also you said you would love to know what was said and presented in the courtroom. If you go to thecrooksofthematter a blog by Attorney and Journalist Emily Crooks you can read several of her blogs where she gave word for word accounts of what took place in the courtroom.

    • Kartel guilty fi real suh shut the hell up

    • Definitely they convict the youths before the trial start

  23. Let the murder feel the pain trust me where Kartel is that’s a rough prison . He deserve what he got . Big up yuhself Burn Gaza

    • Yea him desever it fi real becuz him wah prove too much kartel put him self Ina jail bt mi hope the judge nuh guh hard you big up yr self too

  24. Jamaica_Jamrock1962

    I’m not saying anything because they didn’t find any evidence if it was up here this would be a mislead trail, it makes no sense this was going on since 2011 and everything they said came out to be fake like having video etc. The text was written too properly like the cops wrote it they basically look like they judged him on his Alter Ego “Vybz Kartel”, if they had evidence I would say yes he deserve everything, cause he took a way someone’s life but the case is corrupted and senseless.

    • I think allowing a video dated after the murder to be used as evidence was not right. The texts were questioned as well but to no avail. If this was presented in the US there would have been a mis trial. If hes guilty prove it without a reasonable doubt! Dont forget he was in jail for another man whose body was also burned. Looks like a one trick pony? Or do you question the evidence. Kartel would have to be insane to set him self and his friends so perfectly. Also- the minimum sentence is 20 years? Thats what i have read.

    • Shut you sh– If he was “up here ” he would face the electric chair

    • It real hurts though they trying really hard to bring all of them down

  25. lol kartel’s former protege , wonder who she cud be… gazaslim

    • A lot of these chicks give them self to artist that’s why it good to have your own career . Gaza Slim hasnt come out with a hit song since Kartel got arrested .

  26. 10 to 15 years kartel mus get lizard was a criminal as well , jail is for poor people and ghetto man is unfornate that kartel trow away the richest over some dum sh– bt him guilty fi tur hope the judge nuh guh too hard it can’t be 50 years that over doing the damn thing

    • So killing another criminal is justification for light senetence or freedom for kartel? I think that the punishment should be harsher for supporting criminality and then murdering a human being in cold blood

      • Talk the things them, yuh dame Right. What if this was ur family Member who got killed? How would u feel about it. Just cause Kartel a Jamaican artist, & Yer We All Big Up World Boss. Justice has to be served regardless

  27. Mi say ten to 15 years kartel mus get

    • its murder he commit not armed robbery..so thats 30-40 years standard!

      • Yute mi say jail is for poor people a lot of people murder a nuh spent nuh jail time for example look George Zimmerman he kill a teenager a nuh get nuh jail time and nt only him a lot more burn jail house worst wen and ghetto yute and have talent

      • Gaza, I agree with you about Jail is for poor ppl. If you dont have money fi get high powered lawyer you spend a better chance in going to jail. But on the other hand, I have seen quite a few rich folks or the well to do goes to jail as well. Gaza, are you saying Zimmerman is rich and Kartell Poor? I thought Zimmerman got off cuz is a black man him kill and some “white America no value a black man life, never thought it was cuz Zimmerman rich.

      • Stinking Zimmerman get away for a lot of reason the yute who him kill was a black yute and a so called stand yr ground law and his father was a judge I think so nt really sure mos of the jury was white, suh you already knw nuh justice base on all those white jury now google tis lady marrisa alexnder she fire a shot in the air becuz she had an abuse husband and she have the stand yr ground law in her corner that wat she think wen she guh trail a 20 years she get , crazy kartel guh jail becuz him dunce and leave too much evidence

      • Kartel goes to jail bkz he’s wicked and fine run out

      • Load of rubbish and poor excuse for disrespect for human life

      • he wasn’t poor. he had one of he best lawyer.

      • So becah Nuff ‘rich’ people murder and Nuh get jail time, so we poor people should also be allowed to murder freely?

    • Mi a predict 25 to 30 and him did about 2 and change already.

  28. A fan of dancehall

    50 years for the prison boss. I don’t care of your a celebrity if you murder people you should go to prison.

    • If anything Kartel is in jail for singing about pu—,nothing else.it’s a wicked system for sure.