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Tommy Lee Sparta Gets Scorpion Face Tattoo [PHOTO]

Tommy Lee Sparta joins the face tattoo club.

The current generation of dancehall artistes continues to push shock value to a whole new level.

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Guzu Musiq deejay Tommy Lee Sparta recently paid a visit to his tattoo artistes and emerged with a scorpion and the word “Gravity” tattooed on the right side of his face.

Tommy Lee Face Tattoo

Tommy Lee fans are already weighing in on the tattoo on social media, with some calling him confused.

Tommy Lee tattoo pic

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  1. Bryan Andrew Bacaicua

    Hate to break it to everyone. I have reason to believe this scorpion tattoo represents a sigil that is in the most famous grimoire there is,”The Key of Solomon”. There is one particular sigil that is a scorpion(facing right) its point is to be able to see and control demons or spirits around you or that you are conjuring. “Gravity” could represent it more by saying basically, may he be able to see demons and/or spirits around him and have control over them……basically may “gravity” along with the sigil keep any demon under his control or from harming him. Stopping bad intentions in their tracks by trapping the demon/spirit with earths gravity, allowing him to not only see but control them.

    From the grimoire on the scorpion symbols meaning…”The Fifth Pentacle of Mars, found in the Key of Solomon. It is said that this particular seal “is terrible unto the Demons, and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee, for they cannot resist its presence.”

    Lets not forget if anyone’s even noticed, that he has 666 tattooed on his arm in what looks like the form of red dice. Also don’t forget he has proven to be knowledgeable on this topic in most of his videos. Which have tons of symbolism. He IS also an Egyptian Rite Freemason so he is of a high level in Freemasonry(along with Vybz Kartel what wasnt mentioned about the leaked “murder video” is the pickaxe and its meaning in Freemasonry. A pickaxe is believed to be what was used to kill Hiram Abiff, Another important person in masonry and a symbol in masonry. I saw no murder in the video BUT the pickaxe in the Kartel video has CLEARLY been used on something or someone as you can see blood stains on the wood near the metal pick. Dont look fresh BUT there IS blood on that pickaxe.) King Solomon is an important part of masonry(even though they say the grimoire came after his death) all masonic temples are built the exact same way ( some are different sizes this is the only exception I know of other then that all are nearly identical, some maybe more elegant then others.) Supposedly modeled after King Solomon’s temple. In the video for “Step Middle Day” the video contains a LOT of occult/satanic symbolism thats hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Some only appear for a split second. The little girl killing a man with another occult masonic symbol a double sided axe. This is a way of brainwashing/grooming a child by traumatizing them, the only part of any Tommy Lee video that i find offensive. Tommy Lee uses the word “Cowan” in the song “enemy”, a masonic term for a fake Freemason, intruder, or any non mason.

    This is what i do on my free time, we are surrounded by ancient symbols used intentionally for a WIDE range of reasons both good and bad. These symbols remain important because they, like tarot cards(each card tells a story and has occult aka hidden symbols that have a purpose) play on your subconscious memory. The symbols are so old and repeatedly used, they are embedded in our DNA causing subconscious reactions to certain occult symbols. So you don’t even need to recognize occult symbols or their purpose for them to have an effect on you. Simple symbols we see everyday DO affect some of us good or bad. He knows all of what i have just said. I may be wrong but taking a look at the BIG picture of Tommy Lee and his teacher Vybz Kartel this is the most logical answer for the tattoo. If it is the scorpio sign putting the word gravity with it is something i don’t know about. I study the occult (or hidden) in all forms, read all religious and ancient texts i can get my hands on, astrology, tarot, Ouija, freemasonry among other things i do not take ANY info from TV or do i even watch TV at all(besides movies IF i got company ????. I take notes to help remember it all and check ALL sources. I am also a fan of both Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel. So that is my theory of this tattoos meaning its in the same pose as the sigil and facing the same direction. (Left, right, up and down facing symbols change the meaning of the symbol.)

    • Bryan Andrew Bacaicua

      All that writing.. to find out he IS A SCORPIO ????. Oh well hopefully someone learns something from my very long post lol. TALK LESS, PREE MORE (im a 100% Cancer in Sun so that is just my natural personality anyway), then you will learn and notice more hidden (supressed) truths about the earth and mankind. Let go of preconceived notions or you will never see mankind for what we really are. Don’t accept what is handed to you from birth by people considered “normal”. Find out as much as you can yourself. Dont accept a religion until you look at each and every one. Then decide for yourself what YOU believe. If it ends up with one of the 3 major world religions, read the books yourself they are for your interpretation, Not a man who chooses a random page to read and gives you HIS OWN INTERPRETATION. Interpret everything yourself and CHOOSE don’t let your beliefs be chosen for you by your environment.

  2. Out of all places on his face smh. I love tattoos, I have 9, one is even on my lady part…. but on the face whyyyyyyyy

  3. He looks so weird…his eyes tells a thousand evil stories…I wonder if he’s gay or trans…just thinking/saying!!!??

  4. He already had face tattoos before this one

  5. mad tattoo #goodlook

  6. Tommy Lee Sparta joins the face tattoo club.
    he had tattoo in his already >_>

  7. Hackeem Williams

    Sick!!!! The New world boss…

  8. Why “gravity” though what does it mean to him

  9. Whatever makes him happy

  10. love it scorpio all the way

  11. Sheals Sweets Smith

    All i care about is the damn tattoo artist that mothaf—a is goood!!

  12. What is there to say? It don’t even make sense to say anything. Money mess up the youths them minds. Some will support it , some don’t care. Just pray for this generation and those to come.

  13. BURRRRRRRRR #UNotGucci

  14. Bwoy Tommy Lee better beat his scamming case .

  15. Monkey see monkey do.