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Illuminati… Dancehall Artist Radijah Pyramid Tattoo On Eye

Here comes the illuminati theorist for this one.

Rising dancehall artiste Radijah is jumping on the shock value bandwagon with this new pyramid tattoo over his right eye.

Perhaps Radijah felt that the eyeball tattoo was too dangerous and opted for something equally controversial but with less risk of loosing his eyes.

Radijah pyramid eye tattoo

Dancehall fans are already questioning if the “Walk Like A Dog” deejay joined the infamous secret society of the illuminati.

We are awaiting a comment from LA Lewis and Bounty Killer on this one.


  1. The people these days are as wicked as the people in the day of Noah. Suddenly satan worship is the new hype. These people are the percent of the 2/3 rds of Israel that will be destroyed with Babylon and cast into a lake of fire forever. The same ones who will take the mark of the beast chip and die with the beast.

  2. secret society nuh want this yah idiot yah who a follow him….yow Jamaican people tun inna puppet show to bloodclaat

  3. Twat….dum raarse…

  4. you a fu– boy illuminate don’t want you shame you fu—d up your face poor misguided fool

  5. Lol – that’s his business. Lost from early. He hasn’t joined anything – all he has done has tattoos a symbol on his face of those who would have him oppressed and killed in an instant. More fool him.

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  7. The 666 hand sign, devil sign, and shhhh, are all in the photo too. Those are signs of the illuminati. No doubt in my mind that he joined a label that is illuminati.

  8. Nonsense, its just some attention seeking at its utmost best.

  9. Why must this acts try so hard.. dancehall really on life support.

  10. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Attention that’s all
    Just sayin

  11. ah who ago follow him dis fool must mad to rass

  12. WTF. This is the same fool that told the women them to walk like a dog in dancehall. smh. these new artists are going insane

  13. Who is this dumb a..

  14. Arbitr^rY^KonST@nT

    JAH knows yardies loosing big time these days…them look a hype from ANYWHERE, the fallen one himself bless dat…this cornball an alkaline should make a song together #bhaphometsown …Jamaica should have banned dude from making music all together when he did “walk like a dog”