Rihanna Ex-Accountant Files Counter Lawsuit, Blames Her For Financial Woes

The legal battle between Rihanna and her ex-accountant is far from over.

Rihanna is suing her former accountant to recover 9 million dollars she lost during 2009 that almost left her broke.

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According to TMZ, accountant Peter Gounis just filed legal documents responding to Rihanna’s lawsuit.

Gounis claims that Rihanna hired him to manage her finances and not to give her financial advice about spending.

The accountant says that Rihanna blew through millions of dollars in a few months by going on shopping sprees, buying rooms full of expensive designer outfits and jewelries, throwing and expensive parties and buying a run down mansion. He insist that he never advice Rihanna to buy the leaky house that ended up costing her millions in losses.

Gounis also claimed that Rihanna opted to film Battleship rather than touring which would make her a lot more money.

“Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money for things you will end up with the things, and not the money?” Gounis said.

Earlier this year news surfaced that the accountant and Rihanna could be reaching an out of court settlement.

Perhaps the accountant has a change of mind.