Black Ryno – Di Truth Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi a war dem solo
Like the man pon the polo
Bet yo, yo no chat so tough when man hold yo
Rabber grip handle full a control up
One in a yo head top buss out yo molo

Yo tek Tommy Lee fi big pu–y holo
Theft the brother voice and now the brother life cold up
Anyweh the stinger dem roll up
Any bwoy violate deh so the body a get fold up
One gyal s–k off yo bloodclaat c–key
So how yo never tell wi seh yo s–k back the catty
Mi hear seh yo f her in the batty
But anyweh wi buck up a she a go clutch back the matic

Diggi-de flush back the ratchet
Member seh your dead body must block the traffic
Bet seh yo must drop the hatchet
Caw anyweh mi buss it in a people doctor cyaa patch it

Hey mi buss mi own 9
And mi no study badness over phone line

Tell da bwoy deh test mi when a show time
Like Lizard dem wont find

Tell d apunk deh, a no the 3 million buy mi gun dem
Further more yo cyaa buy mi gun dem
Yo no have money fi funs dem

(Verse 2)
Gyal a sit down in a yo face
A piss in a yo ears
A bet seh mi meck yo live in a yo grave
Mi sick in a mi waist, done a clip in a yo face
357 rubber grip in a mi waist
Batty bwoy stop yo lipping and yo chase
Caw da matic yah wi meck yo duppy flick in a the space
In deh, in deh, in deh, in deh
In deh, in deh, till yo go s–k da thing deh
When yo si da thing deh fling yo mouth in deh
Caw that cyaa wash bay jacks and windex
Everybody wanna war mi now
Cause am a man of interest

(Repeat Chorus)

Bruk pocket DJ
Avoid badman when yo si mi to
The gyal weh yo wife up and yo seh shi a gi yo pu–y
Shi a gi mi pu–y to
And shi s–k mi till mi so shine
Till mi one eye snake so blind

(Repeat Chorus)