Chan Dizzy – Love Of Mi Life Lyrics

Baby yuh a the love a mi life
Love when yo open yo ties
Skin out yo tight punanny fi da tug yah yo like
Back it up paw mi so fi the ride

Mi seh, mi love yo pu–y bad
Love yo pu–y bad

Mi seh, mi love yo pu–y bad
Love yo pu–y bad

Baby mi love yo pu–y bad
Love yo pu–y bad

Mi love yo pu–y bad
Love yo pu–y bad

(Verse 1)
A da thing deh yo clap it and win mi
Mi a Clifton and yuh a Monica Lewinsky
Tic toc it, dip drop it and quint hi
Long love from the bad blunda let yuh win it
Yuh a good girl, still yo kinky
Pleasure weh yo give mi meck mi love yo simply
More time wi gone it caus injury
All when yuh a dead yuh a tell mi everything criss

Everywhere mi go gyal a yuh mi think about
Pree how much time mi text yuh if yuh think a joke
Waan f yo from the day wi get introduced
Listen to the words weh mi sing for yuh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yuh have the thing fi meck the tension decline
Plus yo styles acrobatic not to mention yo wine
Yeh, yo left yo mark fi represent paw mi mind
Plus yo one room small these central design
Yea full a quality finess and refine
Gyal yo best and divine, mi a the special decline
From the day yo get catch paw mi line
A straight hard labor yo sentence fi life

Gyal a bad yo bad, tell dem no bother chat
Pu-y tight caw yo naw f a bag a guy
Do the things and yo naw go apologize
Naw listen things nor follow guys

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


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