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Jay Z Shuts Down Kanye West For Best Man

Jay Z will not be going to Kanye West wedding and that could drive a wedge through their friendship.

Kanye West asked Jay Z to be his best man at his upcoming wedding with Kim Kardashian.

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But not only did Jay Z told Yeezus no, he also hinted that he might not even be going to the wedding, and the reason is valid.

According to the UK Daily Star, Jay Z told his longtime friend that he will only attend the wedding if it will not be filmed or appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Jay agreed initially but had one condition – under no circumstances can there be any reality TV shows filming him, his wife Beyoncé or daughter Blue Ivy during the ceremony,” a source told the tabloid.

“The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyoncé,” the source said. “She purposefully keeps herself away from trashy TV and isn’t prepared to lower her standards for anyone, or any occasion.”

Sources also say E! wants to buy the exclusive rights to film the wedding and broadcast it on the station.

A deal could be worth millions for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

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    Will will will what the fu– is this
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