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Demarco Responds To Bounty Killer Statement

During his recent sit down with Winford Williams of OnStage, Bounty Killer condemn Demarco for his recent graphic music video “Ride It.”

Demarco has already released a statement addressing criticism he has been receiving since the video hit YouTube.

PHOTO: Demarco Bun Up Shows Off His Giant Tattoos

But now the “I Love My Life” singjay has also responded to the Bounty Killer criticism via Twitter.

This is what Demarco wrote on Twitter:

“Why oonu love mix up suh … mi just come out a di airport and oonu start the FU—RY Killa a legend and him seh weh him seh so wah (bun up)”

“Mi nuh wah nuh man a call mi BOMBOCL–T!! phone a tell mi nutten bout Bounty Killer, di man a him own big man and free fi talk him mind”

Demarco twitter


  1. LoL uno crazy…….killa ah di boss

  2. Yes Marco tell dem good…mi like Demarco how im drop it..bun up! bun up!! dem too tracy tracy like gyal..dem must be does wear baggy! Freedom of speech wah a man war say im say and dem fi get dem so called facts right Killer never say nun bad bout Marco..dem need fi go rewatch the interview..time them tek fi study these Entertainers dem need fi go mek the paper$$$$$ Demarco shoulda gi them the talk like him say in a him song on First capitol riddim ” If a nuh money me na war hear di topic” bun up bun up!!

  3. David Matthew Headly

    Sound like a full punk