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Viral Dancehall Photo Shows Guy Doing This To A Female

They should name this new dance pee on my crotch.

This dancehall session photo got everyone talking and there were plenty angry response after going viral on social media this week.

By the way its a Heineken bottle.

Caption it in comments below.


  1. an deez peopl hav da nerve to say gay peopl r nsty n talk sh** bout dem?

  2. ????SMFH…

  3. This sh– right here is garbage
    It’s not dance hall . This girl has no class
    That’s why some men disrespect women because they exposed themselves in this manner .

  4. Lol. Alcohol problems.

  5. late nite fun people are intoxicated what unu expect unu talk too much.

  6. Wonder why dancehall is losing ground international?

  7. Wtf nasty

  8. When a young lady has respect for herself this sh– won’t happen .. It is not a good look for a culture edoicslky these two patrons

  9. WTF what happened to wine up and dancehall session when people actually dance. KMT