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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Gruesome Details Of Lizard Murder Played In Court

Vybz Kartel high profile murder trial have been taking shape in the Home Circuit court over the last couple of days.

The prosecution started playing audio evidence last week Friday. According to former Cybercrime unit head, Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton, the data was extracted from several smartphones belong to Vybz Kartel and the other accused men.

DETAILS: VYBZ KARTEL MURDER TRIAL: More Audio, Photo Evidence In Court

Today the senior police officer presented more audio evidence in court, as well as, video, images and Blackberry Messenger messages.

Kartel and shawn storm

If these BBM messages held up under cross-examination from the defense then the accused men are in serious trouble.

The video August 16, 2011.

Linton played a 2 minutes and 17 seconds long video dated August 16, 2011. The video shows three men, one with an axe.

“Yow hear weh mi a say.. mi want yo hold him with a knife and stab him in a him neck and slow him down…,” the court heard in the video.

Another man said “…hol him dung mek mi cut him throat…”

“Rocky u hear weh mi a say no, this can kill the man?” the man with the axe asked.

“You affi swing it hard and no mek it ketch mi,” another man respond.

Someone also told the man with the axe, “swing hard and nuh mek it ketch me.”

“Yow hear wa me a say, hold him down and cut him throat. Yo have a ratchet?” one man in the video asked.

“No mi no have no knife, yo have a gun?” another man respond.

“Weh wee deh? Cuz wee fi know weh a gwaan to,” one man said before the video ended.

BBM dated August 14, 2011

“Yow call dem [expletive] deh n tell dem sey me want me shoes by 8 O’clock innuh badma, cause dawg haffi deal wid dem wicked innuh. 5710021.”

BBM dated August 14, 2011

“Member say a me name WORLDBOSS. So a me dem a go send fa. But only Wee or Shawn can sink we. So we haffi watch if police go fi dem.”

BBM dated August 19, 2011

“Between me n u, a chap Wi chap up di bwoy Lizard fine, fine n dash him weh enuh. As long as u live dem can neva find him”

“Yeah man a mince meat dat.”

“as long as you live Lizard will never be found.”

“Well me tell Shawn say him affi buy dem back. A want tell u say me still gi him a 45 fi watch him head and tell him sey any man missin di same treatment.”

BBM dated August 22, 2011

“Forensic and crime scene deh a Havendale. A look fi blood sample and dna.”

“Dont do nuh talkin pon di phone.”

BBM dated August 23, 2011

“Dawg a bare [expletives]. Me a go tek weh me self.”

“Pon a boat r sumn. It look serious as [expletives]!!”

“From u a do crime. u ever see forensic get involve like this?”

“Dawg better me have u n leng roun me dawg. And some man jus gwaan play wide receiver star. Me feel better da way deh.”

“If me haffi lef di island faaas. u can assist me?

“U have a link tht can mek me lef di island faaas.”

“Which part the boat a go?”

“Fly go cuba from where?”

“Which boat u can get me pon. bahamas if nuttn?”

“Me nu waant wait till it too hot inuh.”

Vybz Kartel’s lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson objected to the multimedia evidence saying the phone was being used while in the police possession. However, Justice Lennox Campbell ruled to have the data admitted into evidence.

Tavares-Finson accused police officers of using the Blackberry Torch 9800 with PIN #234BAE6D while the phone was in their custody.

Vybz Kartel Havendale house

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, long with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The prosecution says Lizard was beaten to death on August 16, 2011 at Kartel’s house on Swallowfield Rd, in Havendale. Cops say he was killed over two missing firearms.

His body has not been found.


  1. Him guilty and Gaza guh down same way–nuttin. Great entertainment but worlboss finish.

    • Mi vex about Vibz kartels murdered case
      Jah will set we free
      One life, nuh have tek next man life
      Only Father God can handle ths

  2. Shut the hell up kartel is is guilty Shawn strom is dead beat as well look how long him inna gaza and dnt av 3 song that play on radio becuz kartel a feed him good thing ryno lef

  3. How they know he was beaten to death if his body was never found

  4. music aside, him a murderer


  6. Dah case here long still… but if di man commit di crime might as well lock him up. Cah hide di fact seh him wrong.

  7. I love how the police do their work on this case. What puzzling me is why can’t they do the same for all cases. I hope this set an example for the other entertainers who committed murder and think Jamaica don’t have the technology to investigate, this shows that the justice system I full of corruption.

  8. all me know the gaza man dem a bawl like baby and all the fans dem still inna denial wipe unnu tears a so it go aother wicked ago a hell a no daso him seh him wan go LOL

  9. Guh sell yr pu–y round a back road it look like wen u did a go school if u go school u was a wh–e u dnt sound like u have any common sense hear you with yr big pu–y self talking abt if the bleacher go jail dancehall go jail no u wrong becuz 1990s DH was way better than now and daddy devil is intelligent lol devil is also a religion u point less dum bi..h you need to go back to school and tis time try a learn somthing dnt f..k everybody

  10. How dem ah say the phone was use inna police custody…..what kind of fukery this now….uno free the world boss man.

  11. Lawd of mercy de man all video tape murdah!!!!! Blooooooood Claaaaaaaaaaut!!!!!!!!!! Kartel Done!!!! Kill dem all and done!!!!!

    • I saw him in a “Kartel speak his mind episode”, the man said while speaking of himself in the 3rd person, “Kartel, is infallible” he is incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

  12. “When shotta go a jail, him nuh empty no sh– pale…. pure lobster tail”.

  13. Yow GAZA MI SEH f_#k all who have personal issues wid d man….bad minded f_#kaz….hating a.. just like officer linton who deh pon fb a rejoice ana post peer cu#t bout d f_#kn granny use to say all unfair Haffi play twice: @ burn Gaza n to whoelse it may concern…..Batty mouth f_–er yuh

  14. Kartel is not that stupid, to record himself. Police corruption…don’t trust what you hear…… Technology now a days can make anyone sound like anyone or anything. Why this coming out now??? Their desperate! The evidence is tainted and should be thrown out!

  15. All the idiot Gaza fans dem shut up now. unnu no have nutten fi say

  16. For some reason I’m failing to believe thoes msgs came from kartel as smart as he is why wud he incriminate himself like saying worldboss me name all the money he’s got he wudnt get anybody else to deal with this for him no???? Fabrications

  17. Kartell dem think they are above the law..and no body would testify against them..and again they didn’t believe in forensic…..lock him upand dash way the key…any music him mek a prison the victim family should get it all of the earning.

  18. a him kill the man

    Yo the artist a gwan good n youth fi a look up to dem as artist but me noh know a wa do dem man ya …dat could have be me or u u u or u him fi dead a prison. …maybe if ryno never leff a dat would a reach him

  19. Jus so u knw if u delete pics, videos etc. frm ur fone it can be recovered. Nothing is ever truly deleted…a forensic team or hackers can use techniques to do that easily…so u ppl who are more concerned abt kartel nd disregard loss of life…u Shuda b ashamed of uselves! If it were ur family dat was murdered wud u b so protective of this man then?! Wen will ppl stop settling for crap n call a spade a spade. He does music and? So the laws don’t apply to him? A unu same one bawl wen police murda unu family unjustly…unu nuh fi seh Ntn cz unu uphold di slackness wah kartel gwaan wid! Hypocrites!

    • So u waan tell me say even tho me Tek out me SD card out me phn d bwoy dem can still retrieve info?

      • Oh yes they can.

      • Certainly.. I can see you no have much sense about technology.

      • So king fish a WEH u a try do,diss me?..I might nothave much sence bout tech. But me kno WEH me a come from tho…questions are made to ask..seems like u kno every thing….like a u build the ark?(Noah)….ghetto me from me kno deh suh like d bac a me palm….come down deh come try skool me

      • Suh nuh dat him and my self a do is to teach you becuz u are talking garbage most of yr comment is madness

      • Youte mi tell you something, no diss ting, know the ghetto alone not wise at all, you fi try and know everywhere. Example( you can only hype in the ghetto while I hype in all areas). Don’t limit you knowledge to the ghetto alone mi youte..

      • Watever lol…I say sh– when I’m heated…me nuh too care who waan judge me caz of my post caz in real life yuh nuh know me….I’m good bruh trust me

      • Come hype in nyc?

    • Jah knw,100

    • Yes mi love wah you a sah agree with u. Teach the dutty gaza fans dem

    • A chat fukry them Hav all info.back up an that infow is not in Jamaica u know .bbm hq the main server. info only rim research in motion themsef can erase data.

    • U mite wanna check for updates,and not be so quick to believe what u want. hypocrite!

  20. Kartel an him fren Dem will walk free,cause dem Babylon Dem a mek di fabrication look to blatant…di justic system ah yard jus fu– up..

    • Yuh waan kno wha a puzzle me, when was d last time u ever see babylon so desperate fi serve justice fi a garrison youth who’s known fo breaking d law(fire arm possession) etc?Yuh nuh see say that a sum personal a gwan differently……

      • Murder cannot go unpunished regardless of where one comes from.

      • I kno what u mean but leave all judgement to jah not nuh Hiii society bwoy who has d sins of a 1000 criminals on their shoulders,who dun jail n murder so much innocent youths n a gwan like dem most righteous n just…feel me

      • U kno what ur right I’m dun…me a carry feelings lol

      • U mus shut up yr mouth listen to yr self talking abt leave all judgement to god lol lizard should av been yr son or brother husband ect would u say the same thing ?

      • U a gyal or Wha..WEH u a follow me suh fah,my name is Q not Twitter….low me nuh Batty mouth

      • U can’t ansa d question suh u go around d thing dwl pu$$y under yuh and it look like is a big one

      • Dead doesnt mean innocent. If dead pedofile was ur son, wat den?

      • I know what you mean but without policing and judicial systems which were put in place in every country in world, then this world would be lawless. For example if your family member is killed by someone you know would you tell the police and courts to set him free because his judgement will come from Jah.

      • Stp talking to dat fool fool gyal deh she nuh av any common sense

      • Really? Guess u neva heard of zimmerman n OJ

      • Suck ur muma lock up daddy devil same way

      • Ur girl wud still love him over u 🙂

  21. go jail for what?disciplining you foot soldier?? Free world boss!
    No body no prison ..lizard for all we know could be in the bahamas..

    • Officer linton dun win over d judge n d jury as far as me can see.THE DA Haffi real good fo mek him nuh get a big sentence yah now.yuh c d (extracting data from phn scene) me nuh blame addi fi that caz ne man woulda talk pon him phn still but all the other stuff like pics n videos that’s Str8 carelessness n pappyshow,then again dem say d phn was being used while in d Batty bwoy dem possession….JAH KNO STARR ME FEEL IT FO DEM INNER CITY YOUTHS DEH:-( #HOPE N PRAY#

    • Audio said thwy choped him up fine like minced meat lol how the fu– u have a man a record that ???? Who the fu– is so stupid to record such an act or even send a text of what they gonna do? Lol im a gaza fan a killa we know that but u neva heae details how 1 man can be so stupid???? Smh

    • hear dis fu—n clone bout lizard da a bahamas right now jailboss wish he was in bahamas DWLDWLDWL

  22. Boy me think was wiser than that from listening to him speak n his song dem turns out he’s just an intelligent artist but he not a smart man…how u fi kill man n record it pon yuh fone n have it saved inna yuh fone smh…..thought better of u world boss

    • Oh plz none of yr comment nuh make sense tis bleacher break too much ghetto laws him nuh intelligent a tall him dnt belive inna god bt belive inna devil wat intelligent abt dat? Him say him nt a roll model for the yutes them lol wen mi listen to his interview he his talking fu—ry 100%..yes the case is a pappy show thing fi real that’s the only thing u say that’s make sense

      • U big stink pu$$y…d man never say him nuh believe inna god,him say say him nuh believe inna religion caz dat a division:yuh Mumma must be sorry she nuh abort yuh ass…seems like yuh only can read but u can’t comprehend

      • Say anything u want to say dog sh.t yr comment is fu—ry and point less him big up the devil how many degree him reach in devil work and yr are dunce becuz devil work his religion vodo that is a region Dum bi-@h if anybody should get an abortion his kartel becuz he is a public figure and nt setting any example

      • Listen to “oil up all Mi guns dem” by shabba …see if him nuh say d same thing pu–y….n he is lengendary n respected …every body seems to forget that line by the great shabba oh or u didn’t kno that caz u a dancehall dunce……go sidung nuh likkle bwoy

      • D tune name “shine & criss’ by shabba….him say he reach d 10 stages of evil

      • Kartel nt only sing bout devil him also believe inna devil his moniker his daddy devil

      • Again point less it’s a sin fi beat a dum animal shabba ranks real dancehall king,him win back to back Grammy mi nuh have to listen to dat song becuz every D J , dj abt guns ect I can give u a lot a line from kartel weh him a dj abt rubbish he is the only dj that break the ghetto law by taking pills and never can tell wat else him a take becuz I dnt knw were him get that homo sexual laugh from only woman fi sound suh dwl . Even thou mi want him guh jail becuz him av somthing fi do with the killing that’s a fact bt I wouldn’t be supprise if dem say not guilty becuz tis case a pappy show thing

      • U dunce till u can’t dunce anymore vodo is a region so wen him say daddy devil a devil him a worship ,

  23. even though him go to prison,him still remain the greatest of all time.. him music to the worldddddd!!!!!!

    • Guh suck yr muma bout greatest of all time . He his a dunce head teacher . Tis come like mi a watch days of our life to Rass dwl why dem taking so long to say guilty or not guilty .

    • greatest me bloodcloth him dunce like bat look what him get him self inna now him ago turn a man gal fi life

  24. real talk me boss him get fu–

  25. Life imprisonment for Vybz Kartel and him goons dem. Cold blooded murderer the. Yes him make good music but if you take someone life cold blood you should go to prison and all the idiot Gaza fans them can go chuck off.