Kalado – Today Lyrics

Today a, today a, today a, today a
Bad mind a try stop mi
Bad mind a spy at mi
Seems to mi dem no waan si mi achieve nothing in a hypocry

(Verse 1)
System a fight mi, mi go fight back
System a bite mi, mi no bite back
Caw mi know in a mi self mi haffi fight it
Easy with me like that
And when mi check the grill mit weh dem set fi Bill Gates
Tell mi she this mill rate
Yeh it meck wi kill faith

Colleagues waan fun invasion
Instead a police, money station
God mind over bad mind
Yeh, so mi cyaa market mi self like carination
This funny money coming from a bloody nation
Riches over bi–hes and a so mi stay strong
Weh times mean money s—k norilation
Hustle every muscle a mi obligation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The pound a the broader
Wi round a the order
Wi full up that, no not water
A no sea town a mi harbor
Rich a the thing mi a plan, mi a think mi a one
Wid brinks in a hand
Mi and Chimpy a plan
Payday way yo seh payday
Yow if money meck yo stink wi a one

Like every, every, every day
Like every, every, every day
Free paper or not no meck it get burn
Real paper or not yo better get yearn
Mi waan find the money tree yeh
So ghetto youth cash
Get it and then tek turn
Big house and car like set firm
Next turn only hope it’s the western

(Repeat Chorus 2X)