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J Amsterdam The First Dancehall Artist To Record This Type Of Song

Dancehall artist J Amsterdam, aka The Freak Messiah, released a new song, “Come Wine Inna Face,” about alternative sexual preferences.

Perhaps Ricky Carty has a point when he said dancehall is going through a revolution. But we are still awaiting a response from the veterans in dancehall.

DETAILS: Dancehall Artiste Ricky Carty Release Graphic Music Video

This week Demarco came under harsh criticism from fans about his new explicit music video “Ride.” But a bold move from Ricky Carty stunned dancehall fans even more when he released a music video of himself having sex with a female.

Over the past decade dancehall artists have been deejaying about receiving this type of act from the opposite sex, but none brave enough to release a song stating they have done it, until now.


  1. When did eating pu–y become a bad thing i dont understand eww eating pu–y wtf its pu–y yum yum good for the health not a devil thing or bad thing its pu–y eat it up

  2. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    U know, Shabba was one of the xrated artiste from the early days, in Jamaica, right way…. Kartel come and take it to the next level, but was caution about it. Now don’t for get the ladies who had Hi lighted this from patra to lady saw and from Cecile to macca diamond. With all those artistes who have cemented the way and pave the road for him to fallow, should credited him to be so bold… When bounty did wanna be on the music scene, what he did voice copper shot, when jammings didn’t want to produce it because of its lyrical content, his brother jazward did it and where it take him today is awesome, kartel, lady saw, macca and patra, if not? all of Jamaican entertainers did have to be unique and be created to conquer the world… So with all this… I salute the youth for his braveness and for what he believes can take him far. Maybe he’s dreaming.

    • A fu—ry u a chat mi nuh salute any freak mi nuh av any bullet fi waste zeen keep dat Ina rap music, be unique be dnt come like u want to change up the culture and broke the ghetto laws shabba was xrated bt never did a tell the woman abt any hood Ina mouth ect .we nuh mix pu–y and food weh nyam yuh slice it like bread you aply the jam u mix up the fu—ng and food that wrong . Dancehall wack now becuz of kartel freak out the people dem with him stinking mout hope by Nex week we hear the guilty verdic inna him nasty Rass . Shabba song was not nasty lik kartel

    • You mean kartel come take it to freak level burn dat . Nt telling anybody how to live their life bt nuh bring it Ina dancehall if love wen gyal wine inna yr face or hood in yr mouth keep it to yr self !

  3. Tis his gaza artise under silence him and the one weh tattoo ink up his eye ball .tis boy can’t guh on any stage show now if him love wen gyal wine up were ever jus keep that yr self dnt bring it in dancehall it’s not rap music . Dancehall is rebel music nt devil music kartel a try turn dancehall in go go club that’s why him need fi get some jail time annd guh get back black dj abt crab if anytime av sex him get wat ever suck keep that to yr self nobody need to knw dat . The bleacher break the ghetto law gyal pu$$y goodlike him high grade herbs set gud like the ice inna freezer lava Lisa hype say she nuh eat cocky like chocolate everybody knw she was lying I guess she eat it like cake lol wen kartel guh jail hope we get a back a 1990 dancehall vybz .we nun want nuh devil inna dancehall and devil do all types of nasty things

    • Ok ok this excuse of a artist wont make it in reggae ok we get that, so are you mad some one havent give u head ? Seems like ur a fan cuz ur typing kartel line lol…im not a freak but mi love mi woman to be one. Mi live with my woman and when she deh pon har big red and she know we caa do nothing, she clean mi shot gun without mi even ask har she just do it like nike. Sorry for ur pain lol

      • I dnt overstand u ?any kartel line mi use it sound like him eat the raw meat him a move like a silence bow Kat which pain u a talk bout ? Any man now a days can get head if dem want

  4. In his attempt to make a name for himself , he has to go towards these measures , firtunally this sing will never get much play.

  5. R.I.P. dancehall.

    Now I will have to go back to listen to 1990s dancehall and roots reggae because am not really a rap fan.