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Dancehall Artiste Ricky Carty Release Graphic Music Video

Dancehall artiste Ricky Carty outshines Demarco with a new explicit music video.

To be frank, this is not a music video, it is straight porn. The daring music video “Gyal Tek It” shows the deejay having sex with his female co-star.

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In his attempt to explain the graphic music video, Ricky Carty says dancehall is going through a revolution.

“Ricky Carty is an entertainer and my job is to entertain, so that is what I am doing. I sing a song about sex and that is exactly what I was depicting in my video. For those who have a low IQ, I am just making their lives easier by showing them the real images.”

“Some say they don’t like it and some are saying they like the revolution. The naysayers are mostly men, but the women love it.”

The which is now posted on Vimeo, has been deleted twice by YouTube.

The dancehall deejay says the video will be featured on Worldstarhiphop.

We won’t be posting it on Urban Islandz, but you can search Google for the video its called “Gyal Tek It.”


  1. his career is over before it began

  2. That’s not dancehall that’s amateur porn,demarco was ok but u gone too far me youth.stick to porn caz u can’t sing nor Dj…..2 thumbs down

  3. Demarco was ok but this?brejin yuh gone too far.That’s amateur porn me youth.Every man n woman have fantasies I would be lyin if I say I don’t caz believe it or not I do that sh– sumtimes but its for my own personal entertainment n d person who participated.U would never see me nor my female fren dem face on the net not in a million yrs and besides u can’t Dj neither u can’t sing.better yuh go look a 9 to 5 n cool man trust me

  4. Demarco was ok but brejin yuh gone too far.that’s amateur porn,every man have fantasies if I say I don’t I would be lyin. I do that sh– sum times but its fo my own personal entertainment….u would never see my face on the net nor nun of my female fren dem….not in a million yrs