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Demarco Being Criticized For Explicit Music Video “Ride”

Demarco raised the bar a notch with his new music video “Ride.”

The music video hit YouTube earlier this week and has been creating quite a buzz in dancehall for how graphic it is.

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Dancehall fans have been voicing their opinion on YouTube, mostly condemning the dancehall deejay for going a bit too far.

The video saw Demarco getting a call from his jumpoff telling him to come over. Later in the video, the dancehall star gets completely nude with two other females.

Demarco people released a statement to Urban Islandz addressing the controversy surrounding the music video.

“Amidst all the tattering (which is much ado about nothing), it is important to note that my video is intended for mature audiences only. This is explicitly stated at the beginning of the visuals, which contain nothing most ‘mature’ individuals have not seen or been exposed to in their lifetime. As a further precautionary measure, the video was never released via any of my official outlets (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but unfortunately perpetuated to social media platforms by overzealous individuals.”

“The hypocrisy of our society is so paradoxical; accusing me of lechery, yet here’s the real truth – only weeks earlier I was the good Samaritan saving a woman’s from the clutches of death after she cracked her skull in a severe car accident outside my studio compound. myself and my team rushed her to hospital.”

“Aside from a selected few, no one saw the need to highlight this. I also donated a sizeable contribution in back-to-school supplies to various inner-city children in Kenya and Jamaica, another deed treated with utmost inattention.”

“The focus that is being thrust upon this video should be given to matters such as the disenfranchised youths of this country, the rising rate of unemployment, lack of proper infrastructure for our children to learn, squatting, the crime epidemic, among other social issues.”


  1. Demarco not too solid as I thought he was. Watched an interview of him on youtube recently where they were asking him if Dancehall was in jail and I guess at the end of the interview I was sure I’m not a Demarco fan. Him come across like Popcaan an dem youth deh weh always deny the real foundation to dem success. Wish him all the best still.

  2. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for the dancehall world , but also for the world in general because things that would have never been accepted just a few years ago are now deemed acceptable …. Wether its right or wrong it’s being done and that’s the most astonishing thing … The idea that a person can do something outrageous and shocking and generate huge amounts of cash flow and attention to further his or her business is something we all are responsible for because we somehow indulge just by paying them the attention they need …

  3. talk all you want if the man decide to do a “porn” or adult video its his business, if people are complaining why they dont they also complain against the blue movies that is been made daily!!! but thats just how it is people tend to be selective when they throw words!!

    • People are killing people out there, but that does not mean we should accept killings in our neighbourhoods, cities, towns and countries just because its being done by other people elsewhere.
      Wrong is wrong and it can’t be justified, so dont be a fool.

  4. Demarco should know that there is no justification for evil or immorality and after all that video is a porn flick in its own right. What kind of music is this anyway, no morals whatsoever. First of all that video exploits women and secondly it shows how Demarco functions mentally. If he ever sings a conscious song in future I personally wont have any interest in it because he has showed his disrespectful and immoral side in this video.

    • At the end of the day he is still human I’m sure u have ur dark freaky side too but becaz u don’t publicize it doesn’t mean that ur not morally dispicable also

      • So cant we see wrong and speak about it just because we are all human and doing wrong is just the norm. There is no justification for wrong doings regardless of how much you may try to compare. We all know there is prostitutes and porn out there but will you accept it if your daughter or wife becomes a prostitute or act porn just because at the end we all human and its normal.

      • Watever,killing is not the issue here.its a video of a half naked man n woman in a room whining pon each other no genitals showing no actual sex so u have no point.if one of ur family member decide to do porn u can’t do sh– about it except fo being mad at them caz u nah support dem ting deh and I understand but don’t degrade d man caz of the video.its not that bad but Ricky carty on the other hand,bad mouth him caz that’s jus plain ignorance….bless up

  5. self absorbed fool….your good deeds means nothing when you perpetuate slackness like this video.

  6. Dancehall artist are going too extreme for attention. Thats why 1990s dancehall still dominate dancehall parties outside of Jamaica.

  7. Yes dada sort dem out,I’m wit u all d way