Vybz Kartel Ft. Denyque – Revenge Lyrics

Who yuh waan fi tell that
Couldn’t me no bother tek mi fi no idiot
Your way all day that just cyaa work

A bet yuh seh yuh hear seh
Mi have another man
Mi have another man
Yuh seh yuh a go mad mi a get a better man

Another man, mi have another man
Anything yuh do turns right back around on yuh
Baby, baby yuh deserve it bwoy
Revenge, revenge, revenge

    You deserve it bwoy, revenge, revenge

(Verse 1)
Any day name day yo give weh the thing
Supn a go happen, supn a go happen then
Mi couldn’t love another gyal it’s just a pu–y thing
So dig a hole fi mi heart meck mi put it in
Mi no know weh shi get yo number from hi no
Touch yo hand yuh a tell mi seh fi let yuh go
Baby, baby, come back in a the bed hi no
Wa meck yuh a gwaan so

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Time fi mi, meck mi tell yo supn
Dem other gyal deh dem no mean nothing
Humble fi mi, listen weh mi seh
Yuh a today and tomorrow dem a yesterday
If yuh look in a mi chest yuh no si no heart
member seh yuh have mi heart from the very start
Baby, baby girl, sorry fi break yo heart
Wa yuh haffi seh

(Repeat Chorus)