Busy Signal – Real Talk Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Singer no fi a war Bounty real talk
Him no member when him broke and when him hungry
Real talk
A beg the bills and the fifty
Real talk
Tell him no be a ungrateful pickney
Real talk
Member money cyaa change wi
Real talk
Wi no frighten fi Benz or Bogatti
Real talk
Member this dawg a Killer did start wi
Real talk
Help nough ghetto youth out a poverty
Real talk
Cut it out, too much controversy
Real talk
Little just come act like dem never si
Real talk
Get frighten fi Cerock and Hennessy
Real talk
Better dem low that cause that a negative energy

Killer a the man weh help people pickney
Buss the youths out a the suffering meck it musically
Now yuh meck it pon yo own a feed yuh family

Hey member weh this thing yah come from
Big Shabba Ranking pave the way fi wi
And Rodney Price could a never be mi energy
Big up Buju, Ninjaman and all the wild Appachi
Unuh memba weh this thing yah come from

(Verse 2)
Fi war wid mi brother could a never pree that
Couple brown bottle cyaa turn mi in a idiot
Some a hype wid couple shillings bout dem have the street lock
How mi sound? how mi sound? Listen the feedback
Slow yo roads likkle youth and mine yo run in a speed trap
Member monkey expose more when dem up in a tree top
Certain place in a the world some bwoy name no speaker
Hey place mash up fi the turf president
And people happy when mi in a the resident
Caw when dem si mi a entertainment
Lock the place like land lord weh no collect any rent

(Repeat Chorus)