RDX – Good Up Lyrics

Good up good up
Gyal yo good good up

Good up good up
Mi seh yuh good up good up

(Verse 1)
Gyal from yo game a one wine him seh double up
Jack out seh bubble up
Hog that lock yuh in a di bedroom a cuddle up
New book a style way o have there fi open up
Gyal cyan take weh yo man when shi nothing
Some gyal wagga an dem jeans cyan open up
Now waan mash up people life old rubbish truck
Chat up bout yo man light bear supn up
Bout yo love neutral then mi never see no bruking up

Gyal yuh love the man and di man love yuh
Gyal a get di Benz but hi wi never bent yuh
Yuh yuh no cater fi no matey
Tell a mate shi a fi lata
Because a yuh a study neighbor
An if yo lef him cry tears fa

(Verse 2)
How much time yo man threatened yo seh if yo ever lef him
Him woulda follow yuh go Jericho
Him hook paw yo like hams pon a stereo
Baby mi love yo everyday him telling yo
An him would a war any man wa try deh wid yuh
Thank yo mama everyday him inherit yuh
Yo meet him family dem love an cherish yo
Gyal a beg credit but yo man done a credit yuh
That bun some gyal caw dem life miserable so

Gyal yo gud up
Bay thing a happen fi yo man from yo hook up
Five star hotel plane ticket that a book up
Bad mine stew some dutty gyal a try cook up
A yuh in a di car frunt seat put yo foot up
Gyal a look man an dem arm brim bush up
Yo ratings high dem affi see yuh an look up
Wifey push way uh a push up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)